Rating of the strongest adhesives

Rating of the strongest adhesives Which glue is the strongest - TOP of the best compositions

There are many adhesives that have proven to be high quality, durable and proven products. They are designed for adhesion of different terrain and material and surfaces.

Good adhesives not only help to quickly repair damage, but also ensure a long service life.

A detailed overview of the compositions

"Super Moment Maxi"

This is the best tool for gluing plastic. It will ideally connect objects with a smooth and embossed surface.

It is used for any kind of gluing - overlap or butt.

Anaerobic adhesive " Loctite "

This product is used for fixing and gluing threaded connections, providing the subsequent possibility of disassembly with the simplest tools. The composition, which is placed in the space between the metal elements that are adjacent to each other, begins to solidify due to the lack of air. It prevents loosening and damage from shock and vibration. Anaerobic agent is intended for items that are made of stainless steel, as well as with galvanized surfaces.

Instant adhesive " Loctite "

In addition to the anaerobic fixative, this type of adhesive is sold for household needs. The second composition is usually made in Ireland, but it is brought to Russia ready-made. Product packaging will contain information in Russian. The product was able to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest glue. It is used in most areas, and also connects not just surfaces, but also threads / bushings.

Experts set up experiments that made it possible to accurately determine that the adhesive composition has super-strong qualities. They glued two cars, the main weight of which was more than five tons, to a metal beam with just 9 drops of composition. Further, the crane lifted the machines to a height, and the connected equipment must be in the air for some time. The product will firmly fix wood, ceramics, metal, rubber and glass. It will combine both the same materials and different (in properties) - ceramics and metal, for example.

Syroflex liquid nails

Rating of the strongest adhesives Such glue in everyday life the composition is just a godsend. Thanks to innovative formulas, it will stand out from all others. The adhesive composition helps to attach any pieces of furniture in the house - mirrors on the surface of walls, shelves and holders. This will eliminate the need for dowels and nails. Among similar products, Siroflex was able to collect the maximum number of positive reviews.

Grо und Нid е Glu e

Very often people who work on wood begin to face the need to connect separate pieces without using a stippler and nails. There are many requirements for adhesive substrates for wooden surfaces:

  • Texture transparency.
  • Durability.
  • Ability to squeeze out a small amount without major loss of residual content.
  • Lack of aroma.

This adhesive composition will meet these criteria, and it was perfectly able to show itself when gluing elements from various wood species.

Моntаgе kit Ex tr e m e Grip

The strongest glue for wood. The product is characterized by a high degree of strength. It can be easily applied, to deal with the nervousness of surfaces. Most builders use it to assemble materials - wood, concrete, stone and metal.

Plates, skirting boards and panels are securely fixed by means of an adhesive composition. Homes can glue decorative plaques, clothes and towel hooks.

Yacht adhesive composition

There is another glue, good enough, and it is used by yachtsmen - RU Max. It is water resistant and dries up within 60 minutes. Subjects will not be afraid of sea salt water and heavy loads.

The composition is suitable for any wood structures, as well as for bonding poorly fitted elements together.

Glue Hard Plastic Glue

Very high quality composition, which is designed for gluing hard plastic ... It is used to bond household synthetic products or acrylic glass.

They are actively used to repair teapots, mobile phones, tablets or keyboards.

Adhesive composition " Bison for textiles"

The product will definitely appeal to girls and women. It will combine textiles, various materials, corduroy, jute or jeans. Fashion elements, patches and rhinestones are easily glued to surfaces. Women also use a tool for edging pieces of furniture, and they also attach upholstery to it.

This is the best composition adored by needlewomen or housewives.

Eyelash adhesive composition "Eye C r ea m "

The products are made according to a special formula, and they will not cause irritation, and even allergies. It does not evaporate, perfectly fixes the eyelashes. They can be applied within 21 days. The adhesive base is harmless to the skin and will not provoke unwanted reactions.

The product will be sold in 12 ml vials. The container will have a convenient applicator for dispensing the adhesive to the work area. The product dries very quickly, and after wearing the eyelashes it will not be difficult to remove them.Store the product in a cool place out of the sun.

Epoxy resin

The substance makes it possible to connect objects for a long period of time.

At the same time, the brand of resin is not important - any one will show decent results. There are hardeners in epoxy that are resistant to various types of attack, even acids.

PVA glue

This adhesive composition should be discussed in more detail

There will be no popular adhesive composition lose its popularity over the course of a decade. Since 1912, the composition has been constantly trying to improve, which makes it possible to find its use for a variety of purposes. The combination of safety and versatility gained popularity.

PVA is an abbreviation for the main component, or rather polyvinyl acetate, which makes up the main part of the adhesive composition. It is obtained by polymerizing vinyl acetate using various methods. The main component will not dissolve in a liquid, and it can also withstand low and high temperatures up to +100 degrees. But he doesn't like temperature changes very much.


This universal composition has the following features:

  • Rating of the strongest adhesives The adhesive capacity is 450 N / n.

  • The shelf life is 6 months.
  • Low consumption (indicated on the packaging for all products).
  • Resistance to frost 4 cycles.
  • Fire safety.
  • Gives off some acetic acid.

  • Discreet on thin paper.
  • At the expiration date it will delaminate.

Household compounds are diluted with water, and after the polymerization process, everything is dissolved with acetone, acid, benzene and other solvents. When dry, it will shrink slightly, begin to glaze, but will not become brittle. It will not bond a surface that is not soaked and not yet wetted.

This adhesive has the following features:

  • Fast drying with little shrinkage.
  • No deformation during polymerization.
  • High-quality filling of gaps and gaps.
  • High resistance to frost - 6 cycles.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

  • Low flow and this will depend on the application.
  • Will not release toxic substances.
  • When working with him, do not wear gloves and ventilate the room.
  • Safe in contact with skin, can be easily washed off with soapy water.
  • Available from any hardware store.

  • Stored up to +50 degrees.
  • Will not change its own properties when linking to different types of surfaces.

Helpful advice!

Building compounds can even replace office glue, and they can glue cardboard, paper, wood parts, etc. Other materials.This strongest plastic adhesive not only has certain disadvantages:

  • Relatively short shelf life of 6 to 12 months, and inhibitors are added to prolong it.

  • Care is required as it may leave white marks on the surface.
  • This is a flammable substance and must be handled with extreme caution.
  • When plasticizers are connected, the adhesive begins to release acetic acid into the air.

Besides polyvinyl acetate, it contains various additives for excellent adhesion and plasticizers. Esters, acetone, tricresyl phosphate, EDOM can be added to it.

Auxiliary substances will make it durable, increase adhesion, and improve resistance to external factors. Stationery adhesive composition will have less toxicity. The homopolymer dispersion contains certain hazardous substances and this composition is used for industrial purposes.


Stationery adhesive composition is widely used for domestic purposes, but other varieties have found their application in various fields. PVA is common in construction, installation, in the glass industry, and also for the creation of building materials.

Scope of various PVA products:

  • For gluing wallpaper.
  • In the porcelain, glass and textile industries.
  • When working with laminate and parquet.
  • For bonding various wood, cardboard, leather surfaces, and it is added to a primer, as well as other building mixtures to improve adhesion.
  • For tiling ceramic floors.

  • In domestic conditions for photographic paper, cardboard, plain paper (only those types that do not emit harmful elements and do not have plasticizers).
  • For a tree.

In addition to the scope stated in the instructions, PVA began to be used in the most unexpected areas. For example, it is mixed with gouache to paint on canvas. It serves as an excellent alternative to expensive oil and acrylic paints.

Adding an adhesive helps the paints stay on the canvas for a long time. Moreover, the result of the work can be easily washed. Women began to use adhesive for manicure. The glue is used as a base for colored varnish, and it is non-toxic and will not affect the health of nails. You can remove it afterwards without using a solvent, but it is better not to practice this method.

When gluing small parts with drying, problems do not arise. It takes no more than 1/4 hour, and when a thick layer of PVA has been applied, it takes about 24 hours to dry 100%. But such a process can be accelerated by knowing certain tricks. For perfect adhesion, the bonding elements can be placed under a press or clamped in a vice while drying.

Please note that adhesives from the Moment and Super series dry out in a few seconds.

This will be a disadvantage, because there is practically no time to adjust the positions of the elements, if necessary.

How to accelerate

To accelerate the drying of the strongest PVA glue, you need:

  • For high-quality and quick drying, you need to use clean materials, and therefore it is necessary to remove debris, dust and lint in advance.
  • Drying is faster at high temperatures, knowing this, you can use an iron, hair dryer or place small parts in the microwave for a few seconds.
  • Compositions will dry out for a long time if it is of high quality, and therefore, when choosing, you should look at the expiration date, and after its expiration, working with glue is problematic.
  • The layer must be uniform.

  • Items to be glued can be pre-treated with alcohol or acetone.

It is interesting that PVA is destroyed at temperatures from +100 degrees (certain types from +170 degrees), and here it should be remembered when heating to accelerate drying. Expose to high temperatures for no longer than 10 seconds.


We examined highly specialized adhesives that are used in a particular area. Such a description will enable the buyer to make the right choice.

If a person loves making wood crafts and needs to collect compositions, then you can safely apply Grоund Нide Glue. Needlewomen will like the Bison adhesive for getting clothes. Regular PVA will glue the wallpaper to the concrete walls.

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