reasons - instructions and methods + Photo and Video

reasons - instructions and methods + Photo and Video Disinfection of the basement: reasons, methods. Any cellar or cellar used for storing vegetables requires good maintenance from the owners. Each time, before placing the grown crop in the storage, you should thoroughly disinfect the basement. It is necessary to clean the storage, rinse, disinfect and air everything. For best results, do this every year.

But if in a private house this can be done at will, then all apartment buildings are made with a basement. One way or another, periodic disinfection of the basement in a residential building is required. So that you understand the importance of this event, let's look at why it is needed.

Why disinfection is needed

While it might seem that basement disinfection is a marketing ploy by companies specializing in this type of work, it is actually important.

Yes, no one has done this before, but in fact, people simply did not use special means.

Our grandparents constantly whitewashed the cellar and basement, but not for reasons of aesthetics, but for disinfection.

In a private house

Often in their home, people use basements to store food, namely crops, and over time in this room may form fungus or mold. If you do not get rid of these "guests" in time, then both the cellar and the products that will be stored in it will suffer, so we want to offer several options.

Options :

  • reasons - instructions and methods + Photo and Video You can disinfect the basement, if you follow the example of the older generation, whitewash the walls. Although this method can be considered outdated, it does not lose its effectiveness after so long, especially if copper sulfate is added to the lime solution, while the ratio should be 1 to 10.

  • Disinfection of the basement of the house can be carried out in another way - slaking lime in this room. With this method, the material consumption will be 3 kg / 10m 3 . It is advisable to repeat this procedure several times a year.
  • Many people still use an open fire, blowtorch or cutter as a disinfectant to burn off mold that has already formed. But keep in mind that the method is recognized as fire hazardous and will give 100% result, since the heating will not be uniform in all places of cauterization.

    For this reason, you will be able to eliminate only part of the pests.

  • There is also a more modern and more effective method in which you can get rid of pests with the help of smoke. Disinfection of the basement from fleas, bedbugs, fungus and mold will be the best result, and if rats and mice live in this room, they will have the opportunity to escape of their own free will. The smoke will be formed when a special smoke bomb is set on fire and will spread throughout the basement, which should be sealed in advance before the event, clogged the ventilation ducts, windows, and then the front door.But this is the basement of an apartment building, we do not recommend using this method, or everyone needs to leave the house for a few days, and then properly ventilate it.

In addition to the procedures described above, the condition of the wood should be observed. For example, drawers, shelves, partitions and other parts that are removable should be taken outside and rinsed well and disinfected with a special solution. When all damaged parts have been removed, the wood should be treated with an impregnation that will help prevent mold and mildew. You can return everything to the cellar only after it has completely dried, but not earlier than you disinfect the basement.

If you are going to install a new shelf, first carry out the impregnation treatment, and after drying, cover it with a layer of drying oil.

Many problems can be avoided if you provide good ventilation.

In an apartment building

But care is required not only in basements in private houses, but also in apartment buildings. Then we will consider under what circumstances the disinfection of an apartment building should be carried out.


Most residents in new buildings do not think about anything other than their apartment. On the one hand, there is no reason for someone to even care about the basement, but on the other hand, it is from there that disease vectors such as lice, fleas, ticks and bugs, as well as other unpleasant animals, can get into your house from there.

For this reason, the basement should be disinfected regularly.

Inside and outside, the house can be magnificent, but not everyone dares to look out the door that leads to the -1 floor, since the picture there is unpleasant, and if you imagine that your beloved cat has been in this basement, it will not by oneself.

Even if your beloved cat does not appear in the basement, since she is walked exclusively on a leash, there is no guarantee that there will be no contacts with stray individuals, from which your pet can catch the infection, which will then bring it all home. Many people are used to underestimating the scale of the flea problem, as they believe that bites are simply unpleasant, and you can get rid of insects with the help of poison.

But there is a danger, and it lies in the fact that these parasites can be carriers of encephalitis, plague, relapsing and typhus fever, anthrax and many other diseases dangerous to human life, and when you take into account the rate of reproduction of parasites, imagine what damage it can cause.

For this reason, try to take care of disinfecting the basement of an apartment building in advance.

Considering the size of the basement, it becomes clear that this task cannot be done alone, and several people without special suits and equipment would rather suffer than get rid of insects. It is best to entrust this to special companies that have received permission to operate and have a license on hand.

And the residents themselves are expected to control the frequency of disinfection and will not wait for fleas to appear in their homes. Please note that processing should not be done once.

During the first session, adults are destroyed, and after a couple of weeks, new parasites, which two weeks ago were ordinary larvae, need to be destroyed.

Also keep in mind that stray dogs can get into the basement, which means that nothing prevents rats from appearing in this place. Since dogs have the ability to bring food closer to their habitat, and then bury the remnants of food, they thereby attract rats who are not averse to eating. It is even more difficult to take out rats, since there is simply to poison them in the basement, they will eventually begin to decompose, and there will be an unpleasant smell. Only qualified professionals can help you.


Even in the basement of multi-storey buildings there are many communications that do not always work as we would like. For example, a sewer pipe may burst, and this will lead to dire consequences. What to do in this case? Wait for everything to dry up and not have any consequences? No, and in this case, disinfection of the basement will be required after a burst of sewage.

First, you need to pump out all the water from the room and sewage, and also eliminate the malfunctions. Be sure to clear any faeces from the basement, as well as the walls, ceiling and floor.

Only after this can the disinfection procedure be carried out using special means that are permissible to use in the basement of an apartment building.


It doesn't matter if the basement belongs to an apartment building or a private one, it should be disinfected from time to time, and sometimes you can do it yourself. If you follow the advice in this article, you will be able to avoid such situations, and you will not have to deal with many serious problems.