Redevelopment of Khrushchev = kitchen-living room

Redevelopment of Khrushchev = kitchen-living room Redevelopment classic kitchen in Khrushchev

Redevelopment of the Khrushchev into the kitchen-living room is a fairly frequent procedure when carrying out repair work. As a rule, this is typical for all old buildings. As practice has shown, owners often try to expand not only kitchens with an area of ​​6 m 2 , but also 9-12 m 2 . Often people make the decision to redevelop themselves on their own, and this can lead to a number of violations.

We invite you to consider the most relevant options for expanding the kitchen in a small size, we will conduct a full analysis of the nuances that should be taken into account when demolishing walls and other alterations.

Redevelopment of the kitchen space

The kitchen in Khrushchev will forever remain in the memory of a person, because it is distinguished by its small size. At 6 m 2 , the owner has to place a large number of things, and also separately organize a place for cooking. This is one of the most challenging tasks for older apartments.

In order to correctly carry out redevelopment, the following recommendations should be observed.

  1. Redevelopment of Khrushchev = kitchen-living room Demolition of the wall partition.

    As a rule, they try to combine the kitchen with an adjoining room, and here the main task will be to expand the cooking area. This option helps to clearly divide the room into zones, remove unnecessary corridors. But such a redevelopment will need to be agreed upon with the relevant authorities and a number of conditions must be met.

Please note, h if there is a load-bearing wall between the kitchen room and the adjacent room, then you cannot combine the two rooms.

  1. There is a gas pipeline in the kitchen.

    If there is a partition between two rooms, then the combination in theory happens quite conveniently and quickly. But in Russia, such layouts are more typical for gasified houses. For this reason, here you can find restrictions when carrying out redevelopment work. The fact is that according to the housing code, gasified kitchens and other rooms in an apartment cannot be combined, and if you turn off the gas "power supply", you can get permission to combine rooms.

It is worth noting immediately the fact that this is a rather expensive procedure for one apartment from a house that is fully gasified, and quite often it is not feasible due to engineering and structural features.

  1. Studio apartment. A controversial decision is considered by most experts to combine kitchen and living space. Today the studios have become a very fashionable brand. But a couple of years will pass, and this trend will come to naught, and will resemble a village hut, where everything is located in one room, without any partitions. Such apartments are often rented out, because the studio is perfect for single people or students.

    But, if a person has a soul mate and children, then it is better if the kitchen is located separately from all living rooms, because such a division will draw the boundaries between all the main areas of the apartment.

  2. Redevelopment of Khrushchev = kitchen-living room Expansion of space. It can be increased if you follow certain regulations. For example, you can move the partition, but no more than 25% of the living room. It is also forbidden to move the stove and sink, and they must definitely remain within the old limits.

    It is recommended to add a pantry and a kitchen corridor.

Please note, h it is strictly prohibited at the legislative level to enlarge rooms at the expense of the bathroom, as well as expand the sanitary facility at the expense of the smithy.

  1. Combination with a balcony or loggia. This is one of the options for redeveloping the kitchen in Khrushchev. However, in this case, the balcony cannot be added to the living space.

    The fact is that its design is not capable of withstanding insulated weights and walls for winter glazing, but the loggia can be easily turned into an extension of the kitchen, and this will be completely legal.

  2. The old room can be converted into a bedroom, living room or even a nursery. But in the documents, it would be more reasonable to designate the converted space as non-residential, for example, as a dressing room, office or pantry. Regulatory documents prohibit making a cooking zone above living rooms, and if a kitchen is located above the apartment, then this is a gross violation.

Interestingly, that if the owner has no neighbors higher up, then the old room can be called a bedroom and the room can be designed and renovated accordingly.

Increasing the kitchen

Making the room bigger by combining the kitchen and the hall is considered the best option for Khrushchev women. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of such a redevelopment. The modern lifestyle is increasingly criticizing this kind of apartment for small kitchens, too narrow sanitary facilities, aisles and low ceilings.

The main advantages are the following.

  • Increasing the working space - this will give you the opportunity to cook in conditions comfortable for you, the amount of light will become more, and the space will be airy and weightless.

  • Convenience of placement. The combination of the living room and kitchen makes it possible to hold celebrations at home, and the hosts will be able to comfortably communicate with all the guests, while cooking in parallel.
  • Design Variations - demolition of the wall makes it possible to experiment with the design of the apartment.

But it is worth noting that the combination of the kitchen and the hall will lead to certain disadvantages. You should familiarize yourself with them in advance.

  • Smells in the apartment - soot, fumes, aromas of cooking food will spread throughout the living room and kitchen. For this reason, it is worth taking care of buying a good hood in advance.
  • Unpleasant noise. Appliances will make sounds that are not always pleasant to hear in the living room. This is especially true when the family is watching a movie and the sounds of a blender are heard from the kitchen.

  • Spending on renovation work - Redevelopment of premises always requires a lot of money, because the choice of design, textiles, pieces of furniture and even accessories takes a lot of time and money. It is worth preparing in advance for this and be patient.

Further we propose to talk in more detail about such a technique as dividing space into zones.

Correct zoning of space

Kitchens in Khrushchev without redevelopment are extremely inconvenient, and therefore, to create a studio in your own apartment, you should choose the appropriate design of the kitchen-living room.

We suggest you consider several ways for zoning the space so that the interior is stylish and holistic.

  1. P wall surface. If you opt for wallpaper, you can choose different colors and shapes. One of the inexpensive options would be to paint the surface of the walls with paint, and then you can choose one color for the kitchen area, the second for the living room. It should be borne in mind that the decoration must be in harmony with the patterns and colors of the room. In the kitchen, decorative plaster can be used to finish the wall surface, and the hall can be decorated with wall panels.

  2. Floor surface. The coating can also be divided into zones, for example, the floor surface in the living room can be covered with laminate or linoleum, and the floor in the kitchen can be laid with tiled material. A budget option would be to divide the space with a carpet. A modern stylish option would be to create a kitchen on the podium.
  3. The ceiling can also be considered a space divider.

    For example, part of the ceiling will be made of stucco or mirror, and the other will be finished with suspended ceilings.

  4. Furniture items. The bar counter can be considered the best option for separating the living room and kitchen. If space permits, then the dining table should be installed on the border of two zones, and chairs with different upholstery will also look interesting. For example, chairs with light upholstery will be closer to the kitchen and dark ones on the side of the living room.

By the way, curtains and screens fit perfectly into the interior of Khrushchev houses. The main thing is to choose your own interesting option. Now that the whole situation has been analyzed, we can conclude that it is possible to make repairs with our own hands, the main thing is that you adhere to the recommendations of specialists.