Refrigerator built into the hallway - why is it needed and what is the use

Refrigerator built into the hallway - why is it needed and what is the use Refrigerator in the hallway - pros and cons, photo

Small kitchen facilities, specific features interior solutions or even living in a communal-type apartment - such situations are ways to require the placement of a refrigerator in the hallway.

You should definitely not be afraid of such a step, and the main thing is that you calculate the dimensions of the equipment, as well as the space available in the corridor.

In this case, you should not litter the hallway or put refrigeration equipment in the most inconvenient place, because nothing should interfere with the movement of people and the placement of other pieces of furniture, as well as clothes, shoes. It is for this reason that it is worth learning about how to choose the right place for the refrigerator in the hallway.

Location of refrigeration equipment in the apartment

Due to the limited number of places where it is possible to install refrigeration equipment, sometimes situations arise when it is difficult to place this appliance in a room or on kitchen.

For this reason, very often it is necessary to install such a unit in the corridor, and this will bring both negative and positive aspects.

The advantages of this arrangement are as follows:

  • You can free up space in the room or in the kitchen.
  • Say "yes" to non-standard design solutions, and you will also have the opportunity to apply more creative ideas that could not fit into the style of the kitchen if it had a refrigerator.
  • Less contamination of the device due to the fact that food will be cooked far from the refrigerator, and therefore there will be much less stains on it.
  • No need to drag packages with purchased products to the room or kitchen, because it will be possible to lay out everything at the entrance to the apartment.

But there are some disadvantages:

  • The process of cleaning the device will be much more difficult, because you will need water and the required detergents for washing go to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Cooking can be made even more convenient because you first need to move all the food from the refrigerator to the kitchen area, or you need to walk around to pick it up several times.
  • The pile-up in the hallway of technology and your belongings will definitely significantly reduce your free space.

Despite many drawbacks, creativity can help you transform an unusual solution with placing appliances in a hallway into something special and convenient at the same time.

Please note that before proceeding to the embodiment of ideas, you must first familiarize yourself with all possible options for the location in the hallway of refrigeration equipment.

Placement options


So, there are several options:

  1. Refrigerator built into the hallway - why is it needed and what is the use Niche or corridor opening - features of the corridor and ways to become an excellent option for placing there is a refrigerator in it.Also, this can include the placement of cabinets in the hallway, where the unit will fit perfectly.
  2. Pantry is a convenient option in which the refrigerator will definitely not interfere, and the pantry will be used frequently. But there is also a drawback, namely that it will take several doors to open and the time to access the device will increase.
  3. A special custom-made cabinet - it will help protect your equipment from impacts, as well as from unwanted influences, make the device more stylish, and it will also be possible to fit it into any interiors.

  4. In the corner of the hallway - a great option if the refrigerator fits perfectly into that corner.

It's interesting that sometimes in order to put a refrigerator in the hallway in Khrushchev, they buy a narrower model.

Along with a wardrobe and other furniture in the hallway - an option that is more suitable for a spacious hallway. It even looks stylish and is a fairly practical option.

But at the same time, the choice of the location of the refrigerator will largely depend on many factors:

  • Practicality - it should be convenient to use the device itself, and everything the possibility of a hallway, especially when guests often come to you.

  • The size and shape of the refrigerator - depending on the characteristics, they usually decide whether to fit the device into the cabinet, or put it in a free corner / in one row with pieces of furniture.
  • The spaciousness of the corridor - the width of the passage, the height of the ceiling, the rest of the characteristics will be the main criteria by which it will become clear whether it is worth taking the refrigerator into the hallway at all or not.
  • The presence of unwanted objects - here we are talking about heating or frequently used things and devices, and sockets or a window opening should not be near the refrigerator.

Now a little arrangement and decoration

Design of the hallway with refrigerator

If if you plan to install refrigeration equipment in the corridor, there are many problems. For example, you will need to convert the device to the overall design of the hallway / corridor, or vice versa.

But designers with extensive experience in this case will give you some practical advice.

  1. Refrigerator built into the hallway - why is it needed and what is the use The refrigerator is much easier to adjust to the design of the hallway.
  2. First of all, it is worth considering options with built-in appliances, which will significantly help you save space, and in the presence of light colors, it will visually make the space even larger.
  3. For those who do not put the refrigerator in a cupboard, it is recommended to make a "window" between the kitchen and the corridor for the convenience of moving products (if this option is possible).
  4. Place the device in such a way that it does not interfere with standard activities, and still does not obstruct access to things that are often used in everyday life.

  5. If the hallway is made in a classic style, then it is worth using standard models of refrigeration devices, and you can also paste over them under the wood or the color of the corridor.
  6. For high-tech hallways, a refrigerator with a touch panel in a metallic gray color is ideal, and the presence of additional equipment in the hallway will even be appropriate.
  7. The height and color of the device should not be very different from the uniform style of the interior.

Please note that by following the recommendations of the designers and showing your creativity, you can make the refrigerator the brightest part of the interior, or even correctly fit it into the overall style. But many people still prefer ways of hiding the unit so as not to spoil the appearance.

Installing the refrigerator in the cabinet

To hide the refrigeration equipment in the cabinet, you will need to perform a few simple steps:

  • An appropriately sized cabinet is required.
  • Remove excess shelves and partitions from the cabinet.
  • Rubber coated clips will need to be made on the bottom of the cabinet. This is required for the reliability and stability of the refrigerator.
  • Place the devices in the cabinet.

The second option will be to order an individual cabinet for the refrigerator in the hallway, photo examples of which you will find below.

Both options are perfect, because in this case there will be several positive points:

  • The device will fit better into the interior of the hallway, and this will give the ability to make more manipulations with the appearance, because in this case you can change the cabinet.
  • The vehicle will not make as much noise.
  • The refrigerator will be much better protected from damage.


By the way, the device in the hallway can not only perform basic tasks, but also complement the interior or bring a certain originality and even become its highlight.

For example, a technique like this can be improved and made into an art object.

To make the refrigerator fit better in an unusual place for yourself, you can choose a color scheme or make the device brighter. You can paste over it with foil or self-adhesive paper, as well as stick stickers or paper on which you can draw.