Rehau warm pipes application

Rehau warm pipes application Rehau pipes (Rehau): for underfloor heating, water supply and other tasks

Rehau company is a very popular manufacturer of metal-plastic and plastic systems for laying internal and external engineering-type communications lines. Rehau pipes are suitable for warm supply, supply and discharge of cold and hot liquids, as well as for arranging a floor structure with heating.

Under such a brand as Rehau, pipes were made with various characteristics, which makes it possible to choose the right product for certain chains. Products may differ in color, purpose and diameter.

Many different technologies are used in the production process, but in any case, they are good, high quality.

General information

Main characteristics and varieties

There are such types of Rehau pipes:

For each of the listed types, it is necessary to dwell in more detail in order to determine which one is best used in a particular situation. The Stabil pipe line includes universal type pipes that will be suitable for cold and hot water supply. In the manufacture of such products, polyethylene is used, which has an inner layer made of aluminum.

During installation, sometimes corrugated pipes or even special fire-fighting models are used.

Flax products are flexible and mobile. They are made from polyethylene and are used for water supply and heating. These types of pipes are resistant to corrosion, build up of scale and deposits, wear and shock. When installing this type of product, you can additionally use fittings and accessories of a suitable typical size.

Pink pipes can be used only during the installation work of the heat supply structure.

When they are created, the material used is crosslinked molecular polyethylene. These products are pink and require fittings and fittings of the correct size for installation.

This type of product, such as His, is used to create a pipeline of cold and hot liquids. Rehau pipes for water supply of this type of device are installed according to the general scheme used for all types of manufacturer, and accordingly, a set of branded components is required. The diameter of the products ranges from 1.

7 to 6.3 cm. Thanks to the products of this company, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, and, accordingly, reduce heating costs.

Differences between Rehau pipes and similar products

Pipes of this type are made of high quality polyethylene, which is much better than polypropylene. The advantages that are inherent in the Rehau pipeline:

  • Resistance to the corrosion process.

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • The temperature of the working environment sometimes reaches +95 degrees.At the same time, polypropylene pipes cannot withstand a wide temperature range without quality loss.
  • They have shape memory, due to which a perfect tightness of the connection is achieved
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Resistance to various chemical and mechanical influences.

  • UV resistance.
  • Long service life - up to 50 years.

Please note that polypropylene products are exposed to ultraviolet light and have a large thermal expansion.

Rehau tubular products are an excellent combination of quality, cost, reliability and functionality, and in most cases they surpass the products of other companies on the market.


Floor heating systems

Rehau warm pipes for heating can be used specifically for heating systems of floor surfaces.

The main part of such a design is pipe products from Routherm-S, but even universal products can be used to arrange the heat supply. The underfloor heating system will heat the room through radiant heat exchange. Thanks to the huge area of ​​application, heated flooring will evenly distribute the air flow throughout the room, and thereby provide a comfortable atmosphere. If desired, a heated floor structure should be equipped with temperature controllers. As a result of the use of such devices, the consumption of electrical energy will be automated and reduced.

power sources for such devices are equipment that produces alternative energy - for example, heat pumps or solar panels. A heated floor surface can be indoors, both in residential and industrial types, as well as in offices and public buildings.

Please note that the system can increase the air temperature by several degrees in a short period of time. In the event that the room is very hot, the device can be used for cooling.

Routherm-S tubular products

These types of Routherm-S heating pipes are a special type of polyethylene product that is used to install underfloor heating in buildings for various purposes.

The main advantages over other varieties of similar products:

  • Resistance to chemical and abrasive effects, corrosion, as well as mechanical wear.
  • No salt deposits.
  • Resistance to high temperature (can be applied at temperatures up to +90 degrees).

They produce pipes with a diameter of 1. 7 to 2.

5 cm. They can serve for about 50 years. Products for floor construction with heating meet all sanitary requirements and European standards.

Installation of the Rehau heating system

The assembly of Rehau plastic and metal-plastic heating systems is carried out in the same way as in the case of using polypropylene products. The differences are quite small, and there are only a few of them:

  1. Rehau warm pipes application Installation is carried out using Rautool tools, which are used to connect products with a diameter of 1.

    4 to 11 cm. The drive for it can be manual, battery or electric.

  2. When arranging a heating system, it is required to use special polymer fittings of various diameters.
  3. The manufacturer's own development will be the installation of elements that have a movable sleeve, due to which it turns out to install the pipeline without any revisions.

Please note that the installation of ready-made systems is much easier to produce than to install polypropylene pipes.

The manufacturer has thought out everything to the smallest detail, and as a result, the arrangement of the heating system is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Fittings for heating equipment

Fittings that do not have threads are made from a polymer material of the latest developments - polyphenylsulfone. It demonstrates high strength indicators, while they are several times higher than those of metal components.

Main types of fittings for Rehau pipes:

  • Brackets.
  • Fire protection cuffs.

  • Fixing grooves.
  • Distributor combs.
  • Tubes for connecting radiators.
  • Plugs.
  • Guides.

  • Squares.
  • Tees.
  • Threaded adapters.
  • Connecting type fittings.
  • Mounting sleeves.

  • Couplings.

At the moment, pipes from this manufacturer are the best - for this it will be enough to compare their technical characteristics with other products. They are distinguished by their durability, and can also last up to 50 years, because they are resistant to various types of exposure. Heating pipes are guaranteed to be able to serve for a long time, and at the same time they will fulfill their purpose with high quality.


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