Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows

Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows

If the sash does not work well plastic windows, or a draft has formed, you need to take up the repair and do it yourself at home. For this, it is important to determine what the problem has arisen, as well as how to cope with it.

We offer to talk about the repair of plastic windows and doors.

Details of the repair

Adjustment of plastic windows in case of casement sagging

If difficulties begin to appear during closing the sashes, then rather in total, she sagged. For the window system to be operational, it is enough to adjust the plastic windows.

Let's take a look at where and how this can be done.


Sometimes you need to move the bottom of the web to the left or right. Do it like this:

  • Open the sash.
  • Remove the decorative strip, insert the hex key located in the lower hinge part into the groove.
  • Turn the key clockwise to move everything to the left and counterclockwise to move everything to the right.

If you want to move the top of the window horizontally, the adjustment will be on top. When opening the window, turn the Allen key clockwise into the adjustment slot to move the blade to the left, or the other way to move it to the right.


If the PVC window sags, you can change its position by adjusting the lower hinge. To do this:

  • Open the sash.
  • Release the lower hinge from the decorative overlay.

  • Using the hex key inserted into the adjustment slot at the top of the hinge, ensure the desired position of the sash.

Please note that turning the key clockwise makes it possible to raise the window, and if against, then lower it.

Adjusting the pressure of the PVC window when blowing

If you bring a lit candle to the PVC window, and the flame begins to deviate towards the apartment, then you need to repair the window system. We suggest you figure out how to make repair work with your own hands, depending on the reason that caused the draft.

Sash pressing

Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows If the sheet is not tightly attached to the frame, then it is important to adjust the pressure mechanism.

To do this, by means of a hexagon, the position of the eccentrics, which are located on the flap ends, are changed. It is interesting that it takes a couple of millimeters to turn the eccentrics. If it is not possible to adjust the eccentrics, change the position of the response mechanism. To do this, it is important to loosen the bolts by means of which it is screwed onto the frame, and then it is required to move the locking device to the required distance. We invite you to watch a video, which tells how to correctly regulate the sash pressure when repairing PVC windows.

Buttonhole clamping

If you need to adjust the buttonhole clamp, first you need to decide on their type. The order of work will directly depend on this. Watch the video for a detailed description of the repair sequence so that you can do all the work yourself. If the plastic window begins to warp, it is necessary to restore the profile by replacing the straightening plates. It is important to carry out the work in a certain sequence.

Debugging fittings in case of blockages

Repair of plastic windows is very important. During operation, the fittings will inevitably become clogged. This can adversely affect the operation of the entire PVC structure. In general, as such, repairs are not needed, and the fittings are simply dismantled, and after that they are well cleaned. To unscrew, a screwdriver or screwdriver is required, and the unscrewed fittings need to be laid out on the table, remove the dirt, and then lubricate and tighten everything as it was.

Before starting work, you need to take a photo of the fittings in a complete assembly, so that in the future there will be no problems during assembly. Fittings should be cleaned at least 2 times a year. With routine maintenance, you do not need to unscrew the elements.

Replacing the sealing tape

If the seal has worn out during the operation of the PVC window, repair it with your own hands as follows:

  1. Remove the old sealing tape.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the window to remove any gasket residue and accumulated dirt.

  3. Wait until the seat is completely dry.
  4. Attach the cord for sealing, and then successively insert it into the groove, carefully pressing, however, without pulling. The place where the fixation starts or ends and the joints are glued.

Good advice! To avoid mistakes when purchasing with a seal shape and typical dimensions, cut off a small piece before purchasing the right amount for repair work on the plastic structure.

Repair of plastic windows with your own hand with faulty handles

If the handle does not work well, it can cause a lot of inconvenience.

You can troubleshoot without calling the wizard. You just need to decide what kind of repair is needed, and also figure out in what sequence to perform the work.


If the PVC window handle starts to wobble, it is important to turn the decorative plate near the base. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws for fastening, achieving the required position of the handle, and thus removing all problems. Then return the decorative strip to its original position.

Problems with turning

If the handle turns poorly, it must be unscrewed and disassembled. Remove debris and dust from all elements, and after drying, apply grease and reinstall the handle.


In some cases, during operation, the handle may jam, and the sash of the plastic window may be in different positions. We suggest considering how to carry out repair work in certain situations. If the handle is jammed when the window is open, then we can say with complete confidence that the blocker worked.

To close the window, you just need to turn off the lock located on the sash end. Its principle of operation and form depend on the manufacturer. If, because of the handle, which is jammed, you cannot open the windows to understand the repair procedure, watch the training videos. The reason for the sticking of the handle on the ventilation is a malfunction of the scissor element. In this case, the PVC window repair is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Remove the sash by disassembling the upper hinge.

  2. Place the scissors in the corresponding slots.
  3. Turn the knob, if it doesn't work, press the lock.
  4. Make sure the locking mechanism is functional.
  5. Assemble the window.

In some cases, the sash turns out to be tilted and open, and the structure can be restored to work as follows:

  • Switch the handle to the swing mode, placing it vertically.

  • Press down on the top hinge and the flap will open.
  • Turn the handle to the horizontal position, and if this does not work, disengage the lock.
  • Close the leaf, turn the handle down.

The next video will show you how.

Replacing the handle

Repair of plastic balcony doors and windows is advisable if the handle is broken.

In this situation, you can only replace the damaged element with a new one, and this is done in this way:

  • Move the handle to a different position, that is, "open".
  • Remove the decorative type.
  • Unscrew the mount.
  • Remove the damaged hardware.
  • Install a new handle.

The photo shows the replacement of the handle.

What to do if the glass unit is damaged - the procedure depending on the situation

If you break glass, you can replace one glass to restore the integrity of the window or even a glass unit as a whole. We invite you to get acquainted with the step-by-step repair algorithm in both cases.

Replacing the glass unit

If you plan to replace the entire unit, then the work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows Determine the parameters of the damaged glass unit, which are written on the aluminum border. This makes it possible to avoid mistakes when determining the parameters of the element geometry.

    Order a new glass unit and dismantle the PVC window glazing beads.

  2. Take out the glass unit that is damaged, observing all the required safety measures, wash the frame, and remove any dirt that appears.
  3. Install a new glass unit, determining the correct direction in advance.
  4. Replace the glazing beads.

Now let's talk about a complete replacement.

Replacing one of the glass units in the package

If it is not possible to replace the glass unit entirely, the problem can be eliminated by replacing the broken glass. They do it like this:

  1. Remove the glazing beads and remove the glass that is damaged, and lay it on a perfectly flat surface.
  2. Using a construction knife, cut the sealant to the spacer frame. This must be done along the perimeter of the glass unit on the side where the glass is damaged.
  3. Remove the damaged glass.

  4. If necessary, wash the insulating glass unit and new glass, and then align them. Treat the bond with a silicone based sealant, preferably opting for a transparent sealant.
  5. Glue the end of the glass unit with tape around the common perimeter, and put everything in place.

If you had to repair plastic windows with your own hands, share your experience in the comments.