Replacing the tap gasket

Replacing the tap gasket Do-it-yourself replacement of the gasket in the tap

If you have faucets in the bathroom or kitchen with conventional cranes-axle boxes, it is required to prepare for repair work, or rather, to replace the gaskets that are placed between the crane clamps and the mixer itself. Very often, replacement work is required to be performed in cheap mixers made in China. Why do I need to replace the gasket in the tap? The loss of elasticity of such a short-lived element, as well as the formation of cracks and dents, will inevitably lead to the fact that water drops, even with the tap closed, begin to seep from the water pipes into the mixing cavity.

General information

The reasons for the wear of the gaskets in the valves are as follows:

  • The gasket of the wrong size is installed.
  • Tap water has a high content of impurities.

  • The mistakes made during the repair of the axle-box crane.
  • Poor quality sealant.

A tap that "whistles" and water drips from the mixer into the sink when closed is not just a strong irritant and the reason for the formation of rusty streaks on plumbing items, but also a blow to the budget, because water meters continually add up the readings of wasted resources.


Preparatory stage

Before you start to disassemble the mixer and take out the damaged element, you need to dial a little lukewarm water into a small bucket, and then close the valve in the water supply system by closing the shut-off valve. If it is broken, you need to call a competent master.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that if you forget to close the water in the water supply system, then there are all the risks of creating a real flood in the kitchen or bathroom. As soon as the main valve is closed, it is required to drain the remaining water from the system.

Then take a thick towel or a piece of high density cardboard and place it on the bottom of the tub or sink. Such a simple measure makes it possible to protect the plumbing coating from being hit by heavy tools that can accidentally fall out of your hands. Moreover, if you drop some small-sized part, it will not get lost and will not disappear into the drain pipe.

The following tools need to be prepared for repair work:

  • Replacing the tap gasket New gasket.
  • FUM tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Adjustable plumbing wrench (or different wrenches).

It is required to define the type of your crane. The most common:

  • Single-lever crane.
  • Crane-box with a ceramic element (head).
  • With metal head and leather or rubber gasket (worm version).

If your single-lever mixer breaks down, then inside it the cartridge needs to be replaced with a new one or to install another mixer.

The rest of a couple of types of valve valves are easy to repair with your own hands, and if required, you can replace the outdated valve-axle box with a rubber gasket with the same one with a ceramic head.

Repair of a crane-axle box with a rubber seal

For valves (times of the USSR and much more modern models) with rubber seals, there are foreign and Russian ready-made gaskets (silicone and rubber). The usual dimensions of the threaded part of the valve, which, when rotated, can block the flow of water - by 1/2 or 3/8 inch. It is recommended to take with you to the store a part of the mixer that is out of order, so as not to make the wrong choice. The price of one gasket for an axle box crane ranges from 4 to 25 rubles.

You can also make your own gaskets from rubber sheet or leather, and much less often from high-density plastic. The approximate price of rubber sheet, which is suitable for creating gaskets, is from 140 to 260 rubles per 1 kg. The creation process is performed only after the valve has been disassembled and the defective seal is removed, and if there is a similar previously removed gasket.

  1. On sheet material with a thickness of 0.35 cm, markings of the old strip are made.

  2. Next, you need to cut a square piece of material around the layout.
  3. And only after that you can cut the material along the marking contour, making a bevel of the edge at 45 degrees.

Disassemble and repair the crane-axle box with rubber seals! To replace the water tap gasket, take into account:

  • Replacing the tap gasket There are plastic decorative plugs on the valves. Dismantle such an overlay by prying with a sharp object.
  • There is a bolt under the cover for fastening, and remove it with a screwdriver.

  • Then you can remove the wing from the mixer.
  • Using a wrench or adjustable wrench, unscrew the core with the rubber elements attached to it.
  • Pry the gasket with a sharp knife or scissors, remove it from the stem.
  • Next, you need to clean the surface of the parts with warm vinegar to remove limescale.
  • Make or remove from the package a new gasket seal (rubber for the cold water supply tap, leather for boiling water), force it onto the stem (if the core has defects, it is recommended to replace it immediately).

    It is allowed to use a little silicone type grease in order to facilitate the work.

  • Assemble the tap - replace the core (it is not recommended to screw it extremely hard so as not to spoil the new seal), after the wing (i.e. the flywheel) and pain for fixing.
  • Check the function of the tap by turning it in different directions.

  • Open the main valve and check the mixer function. If the repair work did not give results, it is recommended to repeat the operation to replace the gasket or completely replace the mixer with a new one.

Repair of ceramic valve-axle boxes

There are very reliable valve-axles with ceramic cartridges, but due to the terrible water quality they able to fail. For repairs, they sell special sets of rubber and ceramic seals with a price of no more than 55 rubles.

Repair process.

Everything is very simple:

  1. Similar to the previous option, remove the decorative type plug and unscrew the screw for fastening.
  2. Unscrew the decorative nut to access the axle-box crane. It can be easily removed with pliers or even your fingers.
  3. Unscrew and remove the crane-axle using pliers. The unscrewing direction must be counterclockwise, and work must be done with extreme care so as not to damage the threaded edges of the part.

  4. There is a black seal ring on the crane-axle box, and it is advisable to replace it using a suitable one from the repair kit.
  5. Replace the seals inside the valve box. The swivel stem is a collapsible part and lends itself to dismantling when pressed with your fingers (just push the stem out of the body).
  6. Replace the ceramic and rubber seals with new ones from the repair kit. Apply some silicone grease to improve the friction of the ceramic parts and reassemble in the reverse order.

If required, to improve tightness, before assembly, wind one or two layers of plumbing seal or tow threads on the valve body.

Repair of a single-lever mixer

To replace the mixer tap gasket with your own hands in single-lever mixers is much more popular than valve counterparts. This is due to the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of products. But impurities in tap water over time can destroy even very strong parts:

  • Remove the decorative plug from the mixing arm.
  • There is a screw under the plug that secures the lever.

    It can be unscrewed using a hexagon or screwdriver.

  • Remove the lever by loosely loosening it by hand.
  • Under the lever there is a protective screen in the form of a ring, and it must be unscrewed by hand and set aside.

After dismantling work, the clamping nut will become visible to the screen, and it must be unscrewed with an adjustable wrench (counterclockwise).

  • Now you can easily take the cartridge out of the mixing cavity by hand and replace it with a new one.

    When installing, check that the protruding cartridge retainers are correctly aligned with the holes in the mixing seat.

  • Perform assembly processing - tighten the clamping type nut, replacing the protective shield, putting on the lever, fix it with the bolt and insert the plastic plug.

By the way, if after replacing the gasket, the problem with water leakage from the tap was not resolved, then this means that another part of the tap is out of order, or during the installation process you damaged the new seal.