Residential sandwich panels and projects

Residential sandwich panels and projects Construction of houses from sandwich panels + projects and photos

Now among the townspeople there are more and more people who want to exchange their concrete box in the form of an apartment for a house in an elite holiday village. Projects of houses made of sandwich panels are an excellent solution for cases when residents do not have extra finances for exterior decoration and insulation of personal housing.

The advantages of houses. Most construction companies are faced with situations where customers cannot pay for some of the work. In this case, the question arises about the possibility of saving on some house components, which will lead to a deterioration in the quality of the building's operation.

General information

The modern construction market with materials has the required sealing and finishing materials, which are ways not only to save most of the family's budget, but also give the house a first-class insulation quality. Sandwich panels have many advantages among other types of insulation. Such material is a construction panel that consists of several layers. Due to the simplicity of the shape of the panel, it can be installed on any surface without fear of damage to the house frame.

Residential sandwich panels and projects Wall panels, which are covered with classic panels, are distinguished by increased resistance to constant precipitation, strong wind , critical temperature level and other negative environmental influences.

The cover of the panels protects the main structure of the house from fungal plaque and other destructive factors, which is convenient for home use from laminated veneer lumber and other types of wood. A certain microclimate is created in the room with a normal humidity level and a favorable temperature level.

In a large number of cases, SIP panels are used in the construction of cottage villages, low-rise buildings with a large number of apartments, urban-type settlements, small hotels, recreation centers and private houses. The main advantage of the construction process will be the ability to carry out work at any time of the year, as well as the quite reasonable price of the main building material and full compliance with all parameters. Houses that are built from such sandwich panels, which have a beautiful appearance and the best indicators of environmental safety.

Moreover, it is impossible not to note the speed and ease of construction, installation of the structure, and also the possibility of founding in almost all climatic conditions. Roofing and structural assembly of the house takes only a couple of working days, which makes it possible to begin the external and internal finishing of the building in the near future. Upon completion of the final finishing, you can move into the house. In the video, you can learn more about all the advantages of prefabricated cottages and home from sandwich panels.


Production of sandwich panels

Classic SIP panels are made of glass wool or other insulation material, which is compressed with special tapes for isolation.

At each of the production stages, such material will be treated with special substances that will give the product high resistance to all external influences. The panels have the best thermal and sound insulation qualities.


The base of the technology for using SIP panels is the use of 3 main materials:

  • Foamed polystyrene foam type.
  • Flat-pressed boards that contain wood chips.
  • Calibrated, dry, antiseptic wood frame.

Karkaya is an important load-bearing panel element, and wood is used in its manufacture (this makes it possible to provide the entire housing structure with excellent strength due to the optimal distribution of the load exerted). The panels are complemented with all kinds of synthetic materials for construction, which are responsible for high rates of steam insulation and environmental friendliness, as well as reliable heat retention. Due to all the properties, the house will remain warm and comfortable even in severe frosts. The best option can be considered SIP panels with a filling made of insulating material (basalt fiber), because they fully meet all sanitary and environmental standards, while having a high level of thermal retention and resistance to fire.

Projects of a residential building made of sandwich panels are such that it is possible to build not just single-storey houses, but also multi-storey ones.

Due to the high quality of the materials used, load-bearing walls can withstand vertical loads of about 10 tons per panel with a width of 1.25 meters and lateral loads of about 2 tons per square meter. The roof can easily withstand wind pressure up to 48 kg / cm 2 and up to 150 kg / m 2 snow. Sandwich panels can be divided into a couple of types:

  • Roofing (used for roofing).
  • Wall (for installing frame cladding at home).

Moreover, SIP-panels are divided into integral (glued) and consisting of a pair of separate elements (prefabricated).


Wall panels

When making material on the outer surface of the panel trim a special coating is applied that gives reliable protection against corrosion, acidic environment, UV radiation and mechanical damage (for example, abrasion). At the end of the work when building the structure, if required, you can carry out the interior decoration using drywall sheets. It is attached by means of guides, which makes it possible for the walls to look perfectly flat. When finishing the side outside, you can use all materials - lining, plaster, block house, siding, brick for cladding, etc.

Wall panel structure:

  • Residential sandwich panels and projects Sheet made of galvanized steel with coatings and finishes.
  • Special synthetic adhesive.
  • A layer of mineral wool.
  • Libyrinth connection in the lock.

Let's consider one more materials.

Roofing panels

SIP roofing panels are indispensable for arranging house roofs, which are made using frame-panel technology. Roofs equipped with this type of technology have a high degree of reliability, excellent appearance, as well as excellent sound and thermal insulation performance. the structure of the roof panels is similar to the wall view. The main difference between roof panels and wall panels is the presence of high ribs and a special lock connection, due to which the prevention of moisture in the room. To ensure that the roofing panels are safe from deformation and the negative effects of different weather conditions, specialized coating of the outer cladding surface makes it possible.

Facade decoration

The most important factors that significantly affect the perception of housing will be the method and material used for facade decoration. It is for this reason that the choice of the ideal material for wall decoration is one of the main issues that relate to competent home improvement. The most popular options include block house, vinyl-type siding and decorative plaster.

Roof coatings

The most popular roofing coatings from SIP panels today are bitumen shingles, metal shingles and corrugated bituminous sheets. Roofs became less popular, but became popular, in the creation of which they used tiles made of ceramics or cement-sand type, and also distinguished by alloys or non-ferrous metals.

In certain cases, you can find a roof created with natural materials (shingles, thatch or slate).

Types of economy class roof

These are metal shingles, slate (that is, asbestos fiber sheet), roofs made of alloys and non-ferrous metal (roofs with aluzinc, copper and zinc-titanium), bituminous shingles (Katepal, Flexible shingles and Shinglas), as well as ceramic or cement-sand shingles.

Types of premium roof

When building a house from turnkey sandwich panels for premium roofing, coverings from non-ferrous metals are used and alloys (with aluzinc, copper or zinc-titanium), as well as ceramic or cement-sand tiles. In the video below you will see how the construction of houses from SIP panels is going on, as well as what the future cottage will be made of outside the city. You can also evaluate the finished projects of private country houses from SIP panels.

Advantages of cottages

It is worth summarizing all the features of the use of self-supporting insulated wire panels when building a house:

  • There is no shrinkage.
  • High performance of hydro, heat and sound insulation.
  • Excellent level of fire resistance.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Lightweight construction.

  • High ecological housing safety.
  • Nice appearance.
  • There are no restrictions on the selection of projects.
  • It is possible to carry out installation work in the shortest possible time, as well as the ease of performing these works.
  • Can be built at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

  • Reliable structural protection against the negative influence of the natural environment.

Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of cottages

Naturally, self-supporting insulated wire panels, like other materials, have certain disadvantages. For example, sandwich panels, which are no more than 7 meters in length, are unable to cope with the serious additional load. If the installation work is carried out incorrectly, the panel polymer coating can be damaged (in this case, it is necessary to replace the panel or make a cosmetic correction).

Typical projects of houses from panels

Typical projects are developed by masters and fully finished cottage plans. As a rule, projects of buildings from SIP panels are used when it comes to the construction of shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, small houses and others.

Two-storey house project

A two-storey house made of sandwich panels is especially popular among people who plan to build their own house, the area of ​​which is approximately 100 square meters. The layout in such cottages makes it possible to use the useful space in the house, which makes it functional. For example, in a basement room, you can place a garage that can be used as a workshop or a place where various inventory will be stored.

The ground floor usually accommodates a kitchen area, a living room, a sanitary unit, and also a boiler room that leads to the garage. The upper floor can accommodate an additional sanitary unit and 3 bedrooms - one large and a couple smaller. The entrance to the house can be done from the side of the main facade. The best solution would be to arrange a passage located immediately behind the vestibule to the residential building and garage. The hall will become a certain bundle of several different zones at once, which makes it possible to obtain a single, as well as harmonious space.