retractable or swing? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos

retractable or swing? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos Do-it-yourself antique wrought-iron garage doors + Photo with step-by-step instructions. In order to reliably protect your garage from robbers and thieves, make a strong and reliable gate for it. There are many options for structures, and you can order a ready-made structure that only needs to be installed. But in order to save money and make the garage not only protected, but also beautiful, you can start making any gate yourself. One of the original options is a wrought-iron garage door.

Always, and even in ancient times, forging was considered an art. Although working with metal is far from the easiest work, the result is beautiful forged patterns that look rich and noble. Yet such work requires effort, attention, and specific instructions.

Features of forged garage doors

The origin of the craft

From ancient times, a business started, thanks to which they began to make Forged gates. Forging itself is the processing of metal by pressure.

For a long time, fences, gates and gates were a means of protection from unwanted guests and thieves, and also were the face of the house, a true decoration.

One could find out about the status of a person living in the house without even getting to know each other, but simply by looking at his gate. These items were decorated with a forged pattern that attracted the attention of all passers-by. Today it is also considered beautiful, and each of us has seen worthwhile works of metal masters. It is forged garage doors that speak of sophistication, luxury, beauty and nobility.

Properties of forged metal

In addition, forged metal is many times stronger than usual, but much depends on the grade of steel. During processing, the fibers will not be cut, but, on the contrary, will be strengthened. This gate will serve you for a long time. In the manufacture of wrought iron gates for houses or garages, products are made with various configurations.

For work you will need:

  • retractable or swing? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos Various photos.

  • Sketches.
  • Standard project.
  • 3D models provided by the customer.

Types of gates

The most popular and demanded forged garage doors are:

  1. Swing gates ..


  2. Sliding gates.

Their main feature is that decorative elements "sit" on the skin or on the canvas when using welding. Let's now look at the types of gates that we wrote about above.

Sliding garage doors

A distinctive feature of this design is that it has a sliding mechanism that can open the gate parallel to the fence.

Much depends on the installation method. Such products are suitable for houses in a noisy city, and for private country houses. For this structure to function, the garage must be spacious, as the canvas will roll back completely.

But if you want to install a wrought-iron garage door, then this design is not recommended, as there will be a need to purchase a powerful motor for opening. It will be much easier and more convenient to manufacture and use swing gates, which will be discussed below.

Swing gates

This is a classic version. If you want to find a great option in terms of price / quality ratio, then you better not find it. The cost of such structures is small when compared with sliding gates, and there are also many options for style design. And if you want the gates to open themselves, install special equipment on them.

According to statistics, these gates are the most demanded on the market.

They are reliable, cheap and also very beautiful. The gates with ancient hinges and wrought-iron handles look especially elegant. You will see such gates below.

They add value and chic to the garage. And the most important thing is that you can easily make such a structure with your own hands.

To do this, you do not need to be a master, it is enough to have basic skills and manufacturing instructions. So you will be able to create a good barrier for thieves and a beautiful gate for yourself. How? Let's see.

We forge garage doors

Tools for work and materials

Without this set you can't start making wrought-iron garage doors. In order for everything to be correct, please be patient and the following set of tools:

  1. Several hammers of different sizes.

  2. Tongs.
  3. retractable or swing? Step-by-step instructions + Photos and Videos Furnace or furnace for heating metal.
  4. Vise for fixing.
  5. The device with which you will grind metal.
  6. A hacksaw for metal (preferably with an electric drive) or a grinder.

  7. Welding machine.
  8. Marker / pencil, building level, tape measure.
  9. Hinges that can carry heavy loads.

If we talk about materials, then we need the following:

  1. Blanks of sheet steel.
  2. Steel round billets and pipe cuttings.

  3. Reinforcing bars.
  4. Profile rolled metal with a section of 1 * 1 cm.

What to do before work?

When all materials and devices will be ready and assembled, the garage opening should be measured in order to accurately determine the size of the future gate. Everything must be done exactly according to the instructions and rechecked more than once. If you have all the measurements, you can even make a drawing, which will include sketches or sketches of the gate and the patterns on them, as well as the method of fastening and the exact dimensions.

Life Hack: If you are not a master in drawing, it is better to use photos, sketches and drawings that are available on the Internet and made by professionals.

Instructions for creating a forged garage door with your own hands

To make a forged metal gate for a garage, you will need to strictly follow these instructions:

  • To begin with, we make a frame or frame according to the instructions.To do this, you can use a steel profile, which must be adjusted to size and laid on a flat surface. Next, you need to align the elements at the building level and check the diagonals. Profiles at the corners should be tacked by welding.

  • After that, you need to assemble the gate leaves. The leaves should go into the frame you have already made, and have a small clearance, about 0.1 cm.
  • Next, we cut the metal sheets into canvases of the required size, and put them on the finished frame. Now you need to weld everything around the perimeter.

    The seam must be made continuous.

  • It remains to weld the lower hinge elements to the frame in the designated places, but the movable elements should be fixed on the outer part of the sashes.
  • After the main work is completed, you can install the lock, locks and handles. Reinforcement can be used as a bolt.
  • And for the final it remains only to make a hole in the floor.

Everything is now ready, but only for the gate. At this stage, you have a simple, banal design. But after that comes the main part - forging and installation.

We create decorative patterns

Decorating a forged garage door is easy, but making elements for decoration is not so easy. You will need care and adherence to safety precautions, since we are talking about hot metal and open fire.

For this use goggles (protective) and fireproof gloves.

In terms of technology, everything is simple:

  1. Collect tetrahedral rods, which we cut with a grinder or a hacksaw to fit the size you need.
  2. Place them in a furnace or oven so they can glow to a bright red hue. This is called "hot forging".
  3. After that, the twigs should be pulled out with tweezers and started to forge.

    Install the rod on the anvil, and hit the right place until the decor element takes the required shape, for example, a petal, curl, and so on.

  4. When working with thick rods, the use of a vice is relevant. This is already considered cold forging. The workpiece should be fixed inside, and then, thanks to bending, give the required shape.
  5. So you can make parts for a forged garage door.

    They can be anything, as well as depict a specific drawing.

How to apply patterns to the gate?

When everything is ready, you can start fixing the elements on the gate. To do this, you will need to make a markup with a marker or pencil so that everything is neat and even. According to this picture, you can start installing the forged elements in the marked positions. Now all that remains is to weld everything to the panel.

Make sure that the product does not move out of position during installation.

Note, that you can install one element at a time, or grab several parts at once by welding. Thanks to this trick, you will exclude any mobility, and all that remains is to weld everything to the end.

When the pattern is fully formed, you can put the gate in order. Clean the seams of slag and grind it with a grinder so that everything is beautiful.

To protect the metal fence, use a special primer to be applied to the surface. The last stage is painting and installation in its place.


There are many more design options for forged garage doors. Show your imagination and make a unique design with original decoration. You need to spend a little effort on something that will please your eyes for many years.

If something is not clear, you can always watch a video on the topic.