Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos Floor covering is the top layer of the floor, which is designed to resist daily operational loads in the room, improve the indoor climate, create harmonious interior and ensuring the safety / durability of the main bearing surface of the floor.

The history of the development of floor coverings is long and includes the period from the invention of matting on the floor to high-tech modern coatings, for example, like 3D self-leveling floor.

In modern housing construction, when equipping a floor, almost all the nuances of using premises, their interior content and ensuring the safety of the premises are taken into account.

The main element of the finishing arrangement of the floor, which embodies the nuances in reality, is its covering.

General concepts of flooring

Application depending on the purpose of the room

The main nuance that is taken into account when the choice of coverage is the purpose of the room in which it is planned to cover the floor.

In this article, I will omit the description of coatings for non-residential premises such as a barn, garage, warehouse, etc. due to the obvious choice of flooring, which depends on the climatic characteristics of the region of residence and the financial capabilities of the owner.

In this section, we will talk about coatings for a room, for a loggia, for a kitchen, on a warm floor, for a children's room, for a children's playroom, for a bathroom, about the features of coatings in a wooden house, a bathroom.


Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos The hallway is the hallmark for the apartment and for the house. The hallway is located on the border of two environments, external and internal.

All negative factors affecting the floor covering (humidity, temperature changes, chemical pollutants from the street, etc.) affect this border. Added to this is a high operational load, whoever visits an apartment or house will definitely end up in the hallway.

But we must not forget that the hallway is a visiting card and the interior decoration should be harmonious, it affects the first impression of the house or apartment among guests. All this forms the requirements for the use of flooring in terms of durability, moisture and heat resistance, resistance to reagents and ease of cleaning.


The next non-residential premises in the apartment and it is located next to the hallway is a bathroom (bathroom or toilet). The microclimate in a bathroom or toilet is caused by periodic ingress of a significant amount of water on the floor surface, high humidity and its drop, as well as exposure to household chemicals (washing powders, shampoos, solvents, etc.). This room is used for relaxing and hygienic procedures, which forms the requirements for the interior of the bathroom and toilet.

It is also important to note that in the bathroom, visitors walk with bare feet and there is an increased risk of injury.

All of the above features of the operation of the bathroom impose additional requirements on the floor for the bathroom and toilet, which are due to the use of coatings that are mainly resistant to moisture, chemicals, as well as the use of injury-safe coatings.


Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos The "soul" of each apartment, without exaggeration, can be called the kitchen ... The kitchen is characterized by conditions of elevated temperature, an increased likelihood of falling heavy and sharp objects, ingress of moisture and various other substances, including aggressive ones.

The kitchen in an apartment or house is also the busiest room in terms of filling it with furniture and household appliances, which makes the floor more resistant to stress and vibration.

Do not forget about the design of the kitchen - the "soul" of the apartment. Such features greatly narrow the choice of materials for flooring, and without taking into account moisture resistance, heat resistance, vibration resistance and resistance to material loads, you cannot make a good floor in the kitchen.

Living rooms, bedrooms, children's

The basis of each apartment is living quarters: living rooms, bedrooms, children's, children's playrooms, halls, dining rooms, etc. In general, these premises require floor coverings that meet the requirements of environmental friendliness, the creation of comfort and design solutions for decoration.

Requirements for the resistance of materials to impacts fade into the background. The selection of a floor covering for a playroom stands apart in the line of requirements for materials for the floor of living quarters, in this case it is necessary to take into account the injury safety of the coating material.

Covers on the loggia or balcony

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos We also need to take care of the coverage floor on the loggia or balcony. In this room, it is necessary to consider whether the balcony or loggia is insulated / heated or not. This factor is decisive when choosing a floor covering.

If any floor materials that are used in the apartment itself are suitable for an isolated loggia or balcony, then for an unheated loggia or balcony it is necessary to take into account the effect of a sharp contrast in temperature, humidity, exposure to ultraviolet / infrared radiation, as well as the environmental situation in area of ​​residence.

Description of types

In modern housing construction and the field of repair, there is a huge palette of varieties of floor coverings. The main criterion that determines the type of coating is the material from which it is made or a combination of materials for the manufacture of the coating, which determines the name of the types of coatings.

Wooden flooring

Wooden floor covering, this type is floorboards, boards and natural parquet.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos Flooring is usually used for basic flooring, but with appropriate treatment, the floorboard can be used as a floor covering or a treated floor may not require covering, and in modern practice of interior design art, the texture of wooden floors is ergonomically incorporated into the interior design of the room.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

Adhesive wooden boards , this is already a modernized version of the wooden floor, which is designed to eliminate the main disadvantage of wood "drying out".

Natural parquet in modern housing construction is an atavism and is used extremely rarely due to significant shortcomings. The range of application of wooden floors is limited to residential premises, when using wooden floors in other premises, additional processing and additional coating of the wooden floor is required.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

Important to remember!

To preserve the wooden floor, it is necessary to carry out processing every two to three years of its operation.

The advantages of a wooden floor are its environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance, durability, ease of processing and ease of installation.

The disadvantages include drying out, which causes cracking of the surface, reaction to high humidity, which can lead to deterioration of the fastening of floor elements, as well as the appearance of roughness on the surface during operation, which can lead to injuries (splinters, scratches on unprotected skin, etc.)

Coatings from treated MDF

A striking representative of this type of coating is laminate.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos Laminate flooring is made using MDF formed in panels, which are further processed with resins and subsequent pressing with heat treatment. Features of the technology for the production of laminate form its strength, which is distributed to the class of flooring.

Low-strength panels belong to the 21-23 class, the higher strength of the panels is distributed in the 31-33 class.

Low-grade laminate flooring is not widespread and in the retail network there is mainly laminate of 31-33 class. According to its characteristics, this type of coating is suitable for living rooms, hallways and kitchens, but provided there is no direct contact with water.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

Need to know!

After deciding to buy a laminate, it is necessary to calculate the purchase volume so that the flooring of one room or adjacent rooms is made with a laminate from one manufacturer. This advice is due to the fact that there are no standards in the production of laminate and the panel fastening locks from different manufacturers differ in appearance and size, this can cause inconsistencies during installation.

The disadvantages of laminate are environmental restrictions (not suitable for every person for medical reasons), reaction to water (deformation occurs) and requires careful preparation of the base.

The advantages of such a coating include ease of installation, a wide range of texture solutions, affordability, durability and ease of maintenance.

Coverings from combined boards

This type of coating is formed by selecting a combination of plates of different types of wood, fiberboard or chipboard. This type includes parquet board and parquet. The formation of a combination of materials allows you to improve the performance of the coating and get rid of the disadvantages that are inherent in wood / fiberboard / chipboard products. Parquet and parquet boards are used in living rooms, hallways and in the kitchen.

For your reference!

Combined boards have a fairly large thickness of 2-3 centimeters. When calculating the decoration of a room, especially those limited in height, it is necessary to take into account this factor in order to avoid the acquisition of furniture or interior items of the interior that is not suitable for the height of the room.

The disadvantages include the limitation of the textural content of the line of design solutions, the reaction to drops in humidity, insufficient affordability. The advantages of this type are environmental friendliness, durability, ease of maintenance and ease of installation.

PVC coating

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos Representatives of this type of coating are very diverse and widespread : linoleum, vinyl tiles and vinyl laminate.

PVC material makes it possible to produce a very large number of coatings according to the texture, technological installation and performance characteristics.

Representatives of this type of flooring are produced in rolls, tiles and panels, which allows them to be used for finishing floors of various levels of complexity and may become the only way out for finishing the floor.

Attention !

When choosing linoleum, it is best to give preference to multi-layer products. This will mask the defects of the floor, which is covered with linoleum.

PVC coating is suitable for any premises, but with some restrictions for use in living rooms due to environmental cleanliness.

Important to know!

When choosing a vinyl floor, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions for use of the coating and the restrictions on use in living rooms for environmental conditions and fire safety.

The advantages of these coatings are availability, wide range, ease of installation and maintenance, durability, moisture / wear resistance, and is also suitable for any floor configuration.

Disadvantages are low environmental friendliness and emission of harmful / hazardous substances during combustion.


Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos These coverings have a wide range of products and a variety of combinations materials used.the main representatives are carpets, rugs and carpets.

Due to the high cost and limited use, carpets are an exclusive covering and people, when deciding to buy a carpet, prefer detailed consultations with the manufacturer. Carpet is the most democratic version of carpets in terms of availability and range of applications.

The range of applications is provided by a different line of artificial and natural materials that are used in production.

Carpets on a synthetic basis are suitable for the bathroom, for the hallway, for the kitchen, for the loggia and balconies. Natural carpets are preferred for rooms, children's playrooms and living rooms.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

The advantages of this type of coating include environmental friendliness, injury safety, assortment, availability ( except carpets) and ease of installation.

The disadvantages are largely related to the fragility, complexity and frequency of maintenance, as well as deformation of the coating surface due to operational factors.

Ceramic coatings

Coatings made of ceramics and materials close to ceramics in properties are very widely used and are produced in the form of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. This coating is suitable for warm floors, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, boiler rooms, loggias and balconies. Recently, technologies have appeared for the use of ceramic coatings in living rooms and living rooms in combination with warm floors.


For rooms where there is a high probability of water falling on the floor, it is necessary to use a tile covering with a matte and embossed surface.

The advantages of the ceramic coating are environmental friendliness, ergonomics, wear resistance, fire safety, ease of maintenance, availability and range for design solutions.

The disadvantages are the laboriousness of installation and the risk of injury on slippery surfaces.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos

Self-leveling coatings

Self-leveling coatings represent a hardened surface after using liquid solutions of various compositions. In modern housing construction and the repair industry, this method of flooring is becoming widespread, especially in 3D.

This coating is suitable for a bathroom, for underfloor heating, for a kitchen, for loggias and balconies, as well as utility rooms. The manufacturing technology of such a coating allows you to create a perfectly flat and seamless surface. In combination with surface tinting, it becomes possible to obtain an exclusive surface for design solutions.

The advantages of such a surface are wear resistance, variability of design application, resistance to external influences, reduced requirements for the evenness of the coating base.

The disadvantages include inaccessibility in price, complexity of installation, injury due to sliding conditions, limited use in residential premises.


This is a fairly new solution for flooring with cork in the flooring. This solution allows you to improve heat protection and sound insulation indoors. The range of application of such a coating is limited to the areas of living rooms.

Advantages in addition to sound insulation and thermal insulation can be supplemented by the ease of installation and ease of maintenance of the laminated surface of the cork.

The disadvantages are the increased requirement for the base, high cost and poor protection against moisture.

This article discusses the most popular floor coverings and common for use in modern housing construction and repair. In the practice of repair, new coatings have appeared, such as marmoleum and elastic laminate, but their popularity is only gaining momentum and there are few reviews and recommendations from manufacturers on their use.


In this article, I deliberately chose this option for dividing floor coverings in order to more concisely present the topic of choosing a floor covering.

Review and How to choose the right one? Tips + Videos Choosing a floor covering in modern conditions is a difficult process due to the wide range of flooring materials in retail trade.

The selection process consists in analyzing your design solution for decorating the floor in the room, analyzing your financial capabilities, analyzing the presented line of flooring materials, and analyzing installation methods.

A thorough analysis will allow you to effectively allocate funds, personal time, and also save you money.

The analysis begins with a review of the renovation project to determine the characteristics that the floor covering must meet. This will allow you to narrow down the range of materials in question.

After you have decided on the characteristics of the required materials, you need to consider them for availability, in other words, what option of materials is available to you based on financial capabilities.

It is important to know!

When calculating repair / construction work and choosing materials, it is necessary to decide who will carry out its installation.

If you are going to hire, then you will need to consider the factor of payment for the work. By unspoken rules, installation work is estimated at the same amount that you will spend on the material. In this situation, you need to divide the repair budget into two parts, one for purchasing materials, the other for paying for work.

After you have decided on the option based on financial capabilities, the options for the choice of materials will be narrowed down and you need to start analyzing the characteristics of materials and choosing a specific purchase.


Decide to buy a specific floor covering must be done in a calm home environment and go to the store with ready-made solutions in which contains no more than five purchase options.

This approach will allow you to focus your attention during consultation with the seller on the product you need and consider analogues in a limited range, this will save you time

Further, if certain options are available You can go to the store to buy the required coating materials, but it is imperative that before making a payment, you must consult with the seller on the characteristics of the selected material in order to make sure that you are on the right path or to find out whether there are similar materials with improved characteristics on the market.

The most important thing is to adhere to the chosen line of choice and not be persuaded by the seller to buy more expensive material or purchase other materials for store promotions without clear arguments that this option will suit you better.

Thank you for your attention and your successful repair.


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