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Review and Instruction + Video and Photo Repair and design of the room 15 m 2 + photo. For a modest living space, modest solutions are assumed. This is what the owners of their own small apartment or room in a communal apartment / dormitory sometimes think. However, there are many reasons for using the living room as a bedroom. When the area of ​​the room is only 15 m 2 , it is necessary for the most part to select rather functional rather than decorative ideas.

Often the owners want to get the same design for the renovation of a 15 sq m room as in the photo on the Internet.

Naturally, when using certain solutions, you can make beautiful repairs in your apartment, but it is worth choosing such ideas, first of all, wisely.

General information

Layout of the room

In order to plan the interior of the living room, you should immediately determine:

  • Will the bedroom be separated, that is, zoned, or will the residents sleep on a regular sofa bed.
  • Should there be closets and other places in the room in order to store clothes / things in them.
  • Is it possible to move the doorway and / or enlarge the windows.

Given the small area of ​​the room (15 square meters) for the living room, design on such an area is generally possible, but not for two full-fledged zones, so it is better to abandon bulky furniture, the accumulation of many details , various techniques. It is important here to use any niche, every centimeter, all the space from ceiling to floor.

The bedroom and living room in the interior of one large room can be neighbors only with two options:

  1. If you use a sofa as a bed ...

    In this case, you just need to think over the rest of the furniture - whether you need a TV stand, a coffee table, shelves, wardrobes, shelves, and perhaps even a wall.

  2. When, in addition to the main sofa, there is also a bed in the room. In this case, there is an urgent need to perform the division of zones so that the rest in one of them is as complete as possible. The zoning of a room into a living room and a bedroom of 15 sq m cannot be capital, cumbersome, so you will need to look for subtle, weightless and effective solutions.

The bedroom and the hall in one room can be arranged in different order.

But it will be logical to create a living room and leave a nook for the bed. Since 15 m 2 is most often a rectangular room with sides of 3 and 5 meters, as a rule, there is only one window in the room - on the narrower side. It is this place that can be called the most successful for installing a bed, if you decide to make two zones in one room.

Review and Instruction + Video and Photo If you want to install a wardrobe in a similar living room, as well as other things, you can use one or several effective planning ideas:

  • Niches can be built around the window, and then the required shelves can be placed on the sides of the opening. Also, here you can equip mezzanines above the window or use the space that is under it.

  • If there is a niche in the room, then it can be taken as a built-in wardrobe. Often, a sleeping area is also equipped in it.
  • If the location of the door makes it possible, then the wall opposite the window can be completely occupied with the help of narrow, but large-scale wardrobes. After that, all the shelves can be closed with mirrors, and then you will significantly increase the space, albeit visually.

And now let's look at the repair options for a room of 15 sq m.

Style selection for the living room bedroom

For the design of a room, even as modest in size as 15 m 2 , to be harmonious, designers recommend choosing a style. In this case, you will have a more or less delineated circle of techniques, forms, design solutions and accessories. If there are many directions in the color scheme that are similar to each other, then the shapes and design of furniture, as well as other details, should be different. To select the style of the room, it should be borne in mind that in a small area, the use of delicate, pretentious, pompous and solemn elements will be a difficult matter. For this reason, most often, authors tend to choose minimalism, if the apartment owners agree with this.

A laconic, simple and functional interior can be implemented in such directions as high-tech, contemporary, as well as the Scandinavian style.


One of the most difficult styles for implementation on a small area is just classic. A smart interior requires rather elaborate furniture to be used. Although designers are experts in their craft and can find the best option even for a tiny bedroom, picking something worthwhile for a luxurious living room with a large area is much easier.

Regardless of the shape of the room, the design will be more restrained than in spacious zahals - for both a square and rectangular living room of 15 sq.

not solemn, but rather elegant solutions will do. To finish the surface of the walls, you should choose light wallpaper with a classic, but in no case with a contrasting pattern. Facades or furniture for built-in wardrobes should be elegant, but not too much decor. It is better to use simple molding details or unobtrusive carvings, glass inserts, imitation of columns, but not too large.


Another style - modern - requires a lot of space, because in this place one zone will literally flow into another, and on 15 sq.

meters, it will be difficult to implement such a feature.This design differs in that it has soft and organic forms, fluid lines and dynamic compositions. If there are two zones in the living room in one room at once, then in modern design they should be divided, but it is difficult to do this in a characteristic way with a room with such an area. For this reason, it is better to choose a sofa that can be laid out and create a spacious sleeping place. By the way, if you abandon a separate recreation area (bedroom), then you can pick up large modular furniture, one part of which will be a double bed.

Another feature of Art Nouveau is that the palette is quite rich. For a small living room, you will have to choose muted, lighter shades, especially if the windows face north.

Нi- t eu h

In terms of functionality, minimalism will look like hi -tek, and it also has simple geometric shapes. It is 15 sq. meters will make it possible to create maximum comfort in a technological interior.

In this place, there is no decor, openwork or even pretentious details. Preference should be given to glossy surfaces, glass parts and metal products. In order to be able to "smooth out" the coldness of such solutions, in the high-tech style, you can choose a warm color scheme. But the fact that glass and metal will prevail in the interior will help to make the interior visually much more spacious. To decorate a room in a similar style, the use of transforming pieces of furniture is popular, which in small areas will help to equip life in an extremely comfortable way.


Review and Instruction + Video and Photo For design of the repair of a room of 15 sq. meters, such a gentle and romantic style as Provence is perfect, which makes it possible in the most ordinary city apartment to create the interior of a seaside house with a certain amount of rustic simplicity and vintage. The decor is exceptionally light, has an unobtrusive floral pattern, a lot of body, light and comfort - this will be the living room-bedroom. At 15 m 2 , you will definitely need to abandon unnecessary details, but among the projects of a design nature, you can always find some interesting ideas.

The living room and bedroom with a bay window will look extremely interesting and even cozy.

It will be possible to equip the sleeping area directly in it, and for this it should be covered with a light curtain with a pattern, with the main part of the room remaining for the guest room.

For implementation, the simplest furniture and a sofa will be required, and the pieces of furniture should be wooden, with simple facades. It will be appropriate to use classic discreet solutions, rack doors and wicker sets. Furniture can be selected in a natural light shade of wood, or one that is painted in white or another background color - beige, cream or ivory.


Auspicious interior, which is based on creating only light, happy and free space.

White background is most often used here, natural wood furniture in muted colors, gray warm textiles are most often used. By the way, in such a place, natural decor will be very appropriate - pleasant little things, personal things that will still accumulate where people live. Accessories help to create the desired coziness, evoke positive emotions, make the interior residential, and not faceless, as it might be in the photo with design work.

Finishing and design of the living room + bedroom

When performing repairs in an apartment or ordering the help of professionals, you should definitely choose a stylistic solution, shade of walls, materials for floor finishing depending on your budget. As a rule, for an economical interior, it turns out to use ordinary wallpaper, affordable floor coverings - laminate and linoleum, ceiling paint.

To carry out such a finish, no special knowledge is required, so you can even save on the work of craftsmen.

But the surfaces in different styles may differ from each other:

  1. In the classic style, the hearth is most often covered with parquet, or natural a rock. By the article, the last option is clearly not for living rooms with an area of ​​15 m 2 , so parquet would be an appropriate option. The walls can be covered with decorative plaster, but it is better not textured, since otherwise the finish will turn out to be cumbersome for such a small room. It is best to decorate the ceilings with stucco molding, but this is generally for style, but for a small living room it is better to give preference to flat details that will imitate volumetric decor.

  2. In a style such as classic, modern, Provence or Scandinavian, wood paneling is usually used for wall decoration to create a favorable climate. In a living room with a small area, it is better to choose wallpaper that will imitate the structure and color of wood, and the border between the coverings and the upper part of the room can be decorated with real wood slats.
  3. The currently popular multi-level ceiling can also be used in the living room, the area of ​​which is 15 m 2 , but it is better not to make it too deep and saturated. To visually increase the free space, a glossy canvas is perfect.

It is possible to implement color and stylistic solutions using different materials, and the choice will directly depend only on personal preferences and budget.

Furniture and decor for the room 15 m 2

Design of the room 15 sq. meters does not imply that bulky furniture will be used, and this is quite obvious. Although it is sometimes difficult to understand how to do without spacious walls or TV stands, where discs are usually stored.The desire for a comfortable life should force you to reconsider the values ​​that were popular before - the obligatory demonstration under glassware has long been in your past life. This all applies to the classic interior, country with a vintage character, neoclassic, Provence style, loft, especially if the cupboard is replaced with a wine cupboard, where beautiful glasses for high-quality and tasty drinks will be stored behind the glass.

But if we talk about a small living room, especially about one that includes a sleeping area, you will need to choose more functional and smaller-scale items for interior design.

It is for this reason that such things will be appropriate here:

  1. Transforming sofas - corner or folding models . If there is no additional cabinet furniture in the room, then you can choose a C-shaped product that has a full-fledged sleeping part. You can sleep on such a sofa even without folding it out. It is convenient to leave a similar model of a sleeping module under the window, and then you do not need to come up with ways to organize zoning.

  2. TVs are now more and more often hung on the wall, opposite the sofa, that is, no cabinet is required But you can install beautiful and laconic furniture, or pick up hanging shelves. If desired, the latter can be hung over the TV, or you can build a niche around it with additional storage space.
  3. If you need to install dressers and wardrobes, then the best option would be a wall or niche for built furniture. Facades, however, must correspond to the selected style. In any design direction, you can find canvases with mirror inserts that help to visually expand the space.

Among the decor items, everyday items such as curtains, textiles on the sofa, lamps, small pieces of furniture, vases, ottomans or a coffee table can be used for a small room.

A selection of photos

If you imagine what a living room and a bedroom could be in the same room with an area of ​​15 sq. meters, then look at the photos of real life projects. Here you can find many interesting ideas that do not require much space for implementation, and will also easily adapt to the characteristics of other apartments.

Review and Instruction + Video and Photo

Review and Instruction + Video and Photo

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