Review and Technology, description + Video

Review and Technology, description + Video TISE foundation - one of those foundations that even novice builders like. It is easy to manufacture, economical, affordable and at the same time extremely durable, even with a heavy structure. The special technology of construction of the foundation TISE provides fast construction of the foundation without the involvement of expensive construction specialists.

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TISE universal foundation in construction

TISE foundation technology has proven itself in the construction of small structures, and is also successfully used in the construction of residential buildings, up to heavy brick buildings of several floors.

This is how the video drills.

Chise using a manual gas drill

Main features of the TISE foundation

Review and Technology, description + Video

In many ways, the TISE foundation resembles a pile foundation with a monolithic grillage, however, TISE has many advantages.

Firstly, this is a technology in which the piles have an expansion along the bottom.

Such a shape with a head-support allows the TISE foundation:

  • perfectly show itself on any soil,
  • withstand heaving forces,
  • reduce vibration if the structure is being erected next to a railway or major routes,
  • have a large bearing capacity.

The TISE foundation grillage is installed at the so-called zero level and does not contact the ground, which provides the structure with additional reliability.

The reliability of this type of foundation for houses with your own hands

The TISE foundation is being erected on any type of soil, and even in seismic hazard zones.

For work, a special TISE drill is used, which allows you to install special piles with a support head. This drill allows you to build a foundation with your own hands, great for frame houses.

Review and Technology, description + Video

Site preparation and marking

Preparatory works include clearing the site of debris and marking the future foundation.

The main work on the construction of the foundation of TISE consists in drilling wells and filling them with concrete. You can make holes for future piles yourself using a special drill with a removable plow.

Building a house using TISE technology step by step

Review and Technology, description + Video

Step-by-step instruction for the construction of the TISE foundation from 7 steps

  1. Leveling the site
  2. Building a cast-off for the foundation
  3. Drilling wells for the foundation
  4. Expanding wells
  5. Reinforcing
  6. Laying ruberoid and pouring concrete
  7. We make Rostwerk

Review and Technology, description + Video

Masters with experience in the construction of foundations using this technology are advised to make several wells for the main drilling at once, and only then, using a special drill nozzle, to expand the base at once for all drilled wells.This will save you time for retooling the auger (setting the plow).

Review and Technology, description + Video

How to soften the ground for Tise's foundation?

Several buckets of water can be poured into the pit to reduce the resistance of the soil while drilling. This will soften the hard soil and go faster.

Pouring the foundation with concrete

When the wells are properly drilled and each of them has a hemispherical depression at the base, you can start installing reinforcement and pouring concrete into the well.

The reinforcing bar is bent and installed along the entire length of the future pile. It is most convenient to use roofing material as a waterproofing pile, which keeps its shape well and is easily distributed over the surface of the well.

It should also be borne in mind that the construction of such a foundation will require a fairly large amount of concrete. Therefore, in order not to delay construction, it is better to order a concrete mixer.

Making a grillage on the foundation of TISE

When the stage of pouring piles is completed, we proceed to making a grillage.

For this, a wooden formwork is being made, which must be upholstered with polyethylene. The formwork is secured with studs. Next, a reinforcing mesh is installed under the grillage and a concrete mixture is poured.

The TISE foundation in private construction is already familiar to many today, and those who built houses with its use speak of its reliability, ease of construction and efficiency, the absence of construction shortcomings, also cannot but please the builder.

Where to buy Bur Tise and what is the price?

Review and Technology, description + Video

Watch the video of a professional in the field of building a foundation using TISE technology

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