Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video

Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video The owners of private houses, at the final stage of construction, are thinking about installing a gate.

Nowadays there are many materials for the implementation of the most daring ideas. To choose a design for a beautiful gate, the photo can be spied on various Internet resources, and it will be determined what exactly you want to see on your site.

It is important to select the design of the gate in such a way that it harmonizes with the general appearance of your house, and causes only delight and slight "white" envy among neighbors.

This article is for those who want to decide and choose for themselves an acceptable option for installing beautiful forged gates and fences in private houses, wooden structures, various gates with their own hands and to order.

You will learn that from an unsightly corrugated board you can create a unique style of gate with forging elements. Decide which type of gate is more suitable for your private area: sliding or swing.

Choosing a beautiful gate and fence to a private house

Choosing is a responsible business and accepts hasty decisions. The gate should carry not only an aesthetic function, but also a protective one (from thieves and intruders).

Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video The first impression of the owners' dwelling is created precisely by the correctly and tastefully selected gate.

The decisive points when choosing fences, gates and gates will be the practicality of materials and design.

There should be harmony in everything, because if you have a colonial-style house, and the gate resembles the entrance to a farm, there can be no question of any beauty and aesthetics.

Make a beautiful gate to a private house

Materials for a beautiful gate to a private house


Beautiful wooden gates are in great demand to this day.

The reason lies in the performance of the wood:

  • Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video Sustainable ..


  • Ease of installation (you can cope on your own without the involvement of specialists).
  • Light weight of the structure (relatively).
  • Does not require complex tools for installation.
  • Ornate crushed patterns can be created.

In addition to advantages, wood has its drawbacks, but with proper care, you can forget about them.

The main disadvantage is a low level of fire safety without special treatment with fire retardants. Also, wooden gates need to be varnished or painted from time to time, covered with antiseptics against mold and decay, and protected from bark beetles.

Plus. Wood absorbs moisture like a sponge, and dries up in sunny weather.

All this must be taken into account if your choice fell on this particular material.


Beautiful gates made of corrugated board with your own hands can be created without problems, just use the guide to action. Profiled sheeting is profiled galvanized steel sheets. This material is suitable for making fences and gates.The popularity of corrugated board is easy to explain by its advantages:

  • Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video The choice of colors is pretty good;
  • Relative cheap;
  • Easy to install;
  • Light weight;
  • No need for constant care;
  • Long service life;
  • Lots of options for the design of structures.

The disadvantages of corrugated board include insufficiently attractive appearance. Although with a good imagination of the owners of the house, you can build a beautiful gate even from corrugated board.


Euroshtaketnik is a subspecies of corrugated board, which has strips profiled with a polymer coating.

Beautiful curly gates made of euroshtaketnik, photos of which can be viewed from masters or on the Internet, can decorate any yard.


Forged beautiful metal gates are a kind of work of art.

The only thing that scares you is the high price for the work, so this type of gate can be afforded by owners of private houses who have a fairly high income. Despite this drawback, forged gates have a number of advantages:

  • Long service life
  • Reliability, strength and stability;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Customization;
  • Can be combined with any other material.

The disadvantages include quite a lot of weight, so before installing them, it is recommended to fill in a solid base and put up pillars. Wood, vinyl, slate, and various polymers are often used as additional materials.

So, we figured out the popular materials for beautiful gates and fences for a private house.

Let us now consider the main types of structures.

Types of gate structures

Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video There are gates for entering the territory of private estates : swing, sliding, lifting, sliding and mechanical.

Today, sliding and beautiful swing gates are in great demand, see the photos that are freely available.

Swing gates for a private house

This type of gate has a simple design, which has proven itself since time immemorial. In appearance, these are two halves, which are fixed to the pillars of the supports and fastened with strong loops.

They are really easy to install and easy to maintain. Nothing extraordinary is required. The disadvantages include the fact that they take up too much territory when opened. Therefore, if you do not have one, this option is not for you.

Also, you need to take care of installing the stopper, because in bad weather (strong wind, hurricane), the flaps can slam and cause damage to the entering car.

Sliding gates for a private house

This type of construction does not require a large area on a plot of land, which makes them more attractive compared to the previous option ... But at the same time, they are not easy to install.

They require thorough maintenance due to the considerable load that the gate has on small structural elements.

They are prone to the formation of corrosion and are very dusty, which affects their functionality not for the better.

The electric drive for the gates allows the owners of the site to open or close them without leaving their home or car.

Modern gates can be equipped with special motion sensors, which adjust, for example, to the sound of a car signal or movement.

The electric drive is mainly placed on swing gates, which leads to an increase in the cost of the overall structure, and again, not everyone can afford it.


As for the price of beautiful gates and wickets, for those who cannot afford expensive options, corrugated board or euroshtaketnik.

Beautiful wooden gates are in the middle price category, but still not as popular today as metal gates. A wooden gate will help create a rustic sophisticated style, if the idea requires it.


Review of beautiful gates: ideas and materials for their creation: Types of structures + Video Beautiful wrought-iron gates in private houses can be very expensive and at an affordable price.

The budget forging options include gates, which are made by stamping. A hedge will help to decorate any kind of gate for a suburban area.

Gates for a garage can be made in any of the presented techniques, except, as it seems to us, forging.

Various patterns can be applied to metal structures using stencils, so that the gate does not get out of the general design concept.

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