review of popular manufacturers + Photo and Video

review of popular manufacturers + Photo and Video The process of finishing work in an apartment or house is troublesome, but at the same time pleasant ...

If you have decided that wallpaper should flaunt on your walls, then at the same time you need to choose glue for them. Each type of wallpaper presented in stores of building and finishing materials has its own characteristics, so the choice of paste will depend on them.

In order not to guess for a long time, take the most common glue for paper wallpaper and be sure that it will cope with its task. The only difficulty can be the variety of brands presented, as well as their price range - from the cheapest options to the most expensive ones.

Let's try to figure out together what are the features of the most popular brands of wallpaper glue.

Popular brands of wallpaper glue for paper wallpapers


Forms of issue

This is a wallpaper glue that is produced for gluing a variety of materials, including paper and the now popular vinyl. There is no problem of choice in this case, the manufacturer conscientiously indicates the product marking on the box, by which you can easily determine what type of wallpaper the glue is intended for.

And since we are talking about paper versions, then we choose the glue directly for them.


As for the pricing policy of manufactured products, it depends on some factors, namely: the composition and weight of the pack. Several factors affect the cost of glue for paper wallpaper. In addition, do not forget about the brand, because over time, even a little-known manufacturer can become one, having won a good reputation.


Experts recommend opting for products with an average price.

Glue for paper wallpapers Quelyd belongs to inexpensive brands, but at the same time has good product quality. Those who have already bought this glue in the owl may note that the price corresponds to the quality, and it is pretty good.


Econ brand paper wallpaper adhesive is produced in Germany. The products are sold at an average price and are of high quality.

This brand is quite popular in our country. As an alternative to this glue, you can consider domestic products called Moment or products of the ProDecoro brand.


review of popular manufacturers + Photo and Video Metylan adhesives for paper wallpaper, although they have a high level of quality, but they are much more expensive. Here you still need to think about whether it is worth buying such an expensive glue for not quite budget paper-based wallpaper.


CMC paper wallpaper adhesive is made on the basis of carboxymethyl cellulose.

It has a number of advantages: low cost, environmental friendliness, non-toxicity, the composition contains special components that prevent tarnishing of paper canvases, the shelf life in closed form reaches 10 days. The disadvantages include the fact that with abundant lubrication of the wallpaper, noticeable traces of glue remain on them.


Glue Moment for classic paper wallpaper is one of the cheapest options. The mixture dissolves instantly, forming a thick substance. Any wallpaper can be used on this product - from cheap paper to two-layer structured ones.

The full drying period is 12 - 20 hours, and the wallpaper has a death grip.

Conclusions by brand


review of popular manufacturers + Photo and Video So, back to the Quelyd glue. This brand is able to offer a whimsical buyer a wide selection of paste. Therefore, when buying, carefully study the composition of suitable products and choose the best option.


Do not get fooled by cheap products of different brands, remember that the miser pays twice. It is better to pay a little more, but be sure of the quality of the purchased product.

Quelyd glue is a product of a French manufacturer, in the quality of which you can be sure. But what happens, you ask, if you buy the cheapest glue for inexpensive paper wallpaper?

Such a surrogate will simply turn the canvases into a shapeless thing, since the paper gets very wet when the glue is applied. As a result, you will not be able to evenly distribute the wallpaper on the surface of the walls, as well as to perform an even joining.

That is, you will simply waste your nerves, money and energy, but you will not get a quality result.

The Quelyd Express paper backed wallpaper adhesive is perfect for paper wallpapers. The cost of the product is not very high, but let's say it is quite affordable for many. A distinctive quality of the glue is a long shelf life when diluted. The period of complete drying is short, usually overnight.


Methylane glue for paper wallpaper, made in Germany, is known to almost every owner of a TV. After all, annoying advertising is full of blue screens. In addition, these products are available in almost every wallpaper store. Buyers have rightly noted that the glue is really high quality at an affordable price.

Methylan wagon premium is suitable for paper wallpaper.

European quality standards guarantee the successful completion of the finishing works with the supplied glue. The manufacturer adds antifungal components to the glue. Also, the product is very easy to work with.

How to prepare wallpaper adhesive for use?

review of popular manufacturers + Photo and Video Usually , good glue for paper wallpaper comes in dry powder form, which must be diluted with water in the proportions indicated on the package. The powdery state guarantees a long shelf life of the glue, and also facilitates transportation to the destination.

Also, there is liquid wallpaper glue on sale, which is produced in tubes. This version of the product is intended for gluing the joints of sheets, corners and processing hard-to-reach places.

The manufacturer must indicate on the packaging the composition of the product, instructions for diluting the powder, as well as the calculation of the number of rolls that can be glued using a specific mixture. Also, instructions are clearly given, the sequence of actions when diluting the glue with water.


The calculation of the consumption of glue for paper wallpaper is carried out by the method of computer pasting, which assumes the presence of a perfectly flat surface.

In a real situation, the consumption can undergo significant changes, since different surfaces absorb glue in different ways. But, in any case, the proportions indicated on the package must be observed. Adding more water threatens to lose the adhesion quality of the canvases to the wall, and the service life of such work will definitely decrease. After you prepare the solution, wait for the time indicated in the instructions, make sure that the composition has thickened and proceed to work.

The dry composition of the glue must be diluted at room temperature. To do this, you will need to stock up on such a set of tools and accessories: a bucket or deep basin, water, a construction mixer, or a comfortable long stick. Of course, using a mixer, you can stir the mixture evenly without lumps, getting a homogeneous substance.

Tip. Remember that the glue must be poured into the water, but not the other way around.

Pour water at room temperature into a basin or bucket, in the amount indicated on the package. Then gradually pour the dry compound into the water. Stir the mixture continuously to help distribute the ingredients evenly and mix with the water. Let the paper backed wallpaper glue sit for 5 to 7 minutes. At the end of the allotted time, stir the composition again, checking for the presence or absence of lumps.

As a result, you should get a thick, homogeneous mixture.

The process of gluing paper wallpaper

It is not particularly difficult, but still has a number of nuances that you should not forget about in order to get a high-quality result.

So, we have already determined that the correct adhesive is the key to success. In addition, strict adherence to the instructions is also an important point in this matter. In order for the process of gluing wallpaper to go smoothly, it is necessary to correctly apply the adhesive composition to the canvases and walls.

It's good if you work with someone in a pair. So, one will apply glue to the surface to be pasted, and the second to the wallpaper.

For paper wallpaper, you can buy universal glue, but experts advise you to stop your choice on a composition specially designed for this purpose.

Paste for wallpaper on a paper basis

Previously, our parents prepared an adhesive composition using inexpensive, environmentally friendly materials on their own, and such glue is not surprising worked, fulfilling his mission with a bang.For its preparation, they used starch (corn or potato), any flour (preferably wheat, it has a higher viscosity), water, in some cases carpentry glue.

Such mixtures had significant advantages. Firstly, the cheapness, because in the era of the USSR it was tough with the means, and secondly, the mixture turned out to be super eco-friendly, no chemistry, only a natural product. In addition, the adhesive properties were high, but only if the composition was freshly prepared. The disadvantages include a short period of use - only 10 - 15 hours, so for large areas it was necessary to prepare new mixtures.