Review of the best and how to choose + Video

Review of the best and how to choose + Video Rating of modern induction hobs for cooking in 2020. Kitchen equipment such as induction hobs have over time become more and more popular both in the home and in catering establishments. The attention of consumers to this type of equipment is due to the excellent possibilities for preparing various dishes.

At the moment, there are a lot of different models, and in order to make it easier for the buyer to navigate in the many offers, we decided to compile a rating of the best induction hobs based on feedback from those who already owns such equipment and was able to appreciate all its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the high processing speed of food raw materials, as well as low energy consumption, safety of use and hygiene.

The best induction hobs (hobs) for 2 burners

Such a small equipment is an excellent option to install in a kitchen that is small in size. This is almost an ideal home appliance for a summer residence or any other modern home. The advantages of 2-burner hobs include the small size of the device.

Model Weissgauff HI 32 V

This is an induction hob that is equipped with a glass-ceramic surface and is resistant to temperature and mechanical influences. The equipment also has a touch switch and a device for indicating the amount of residual heat, and the power of the device is 3.

5 kW.

Advantages :

  • Rapid heating of the dishes helps to significantly reduce the duration of cooking any dishes, regardless of the specifics of the products used.
  • Compact dimensions make it possible to transport the panel even in the trunk of a car and transport equipment to the place of need.
  • Rubberized feet will securely hold equipment to any surface, including glossy or polished countertops.
  • The high sensitivity of the touch sensors makes the panel easy to use.

  • Convenience of cleaning glass ceramics from grease and other types of dirt.

Disadvantages :

  • When heating up, the hotplate hums weakly.
  • It is not possible to adjust the feet in height.
  • Poor repairability is due to the difficulty in dismantling the main components.
  • Demanding to the level of voltage and power.

Conclusion - An excellent solution for a country house, but only on condition that you have a more or less stable supply voltage. The device differs from other models of the same class in improved energy efficiency. Estimating the amount of residual heat makes it possible to reduce energy costs.

Kaiser KST 3426 FI Avantgarde device

Induction electric hob, which is made in the "Domino" design.Due to its small size, it can be easily installed in confined spaces.

By the way, the top panel is also made of glass ceramics, and the height of the device itself is slightly more than 5 cm.

Advantages :

  • Review of the best and how to choose + Video High heating rate - even with large volumes of heating, cold water will heat up to boiling point much faster than on a standard electric stove.
  • The presence of a residual current device, provided that foreign objects fall on the panel, for example, a fallen tack cloth.
  • Compactness of dimensions makes it possible to embed the panel into any kitchen furniture.
  • The presence of a timer makes it possible to accurately observe the time regimes for the preparation of certain dishes.

  • Low power consumption makes the equipment quite profitable to use.

Disadvantages :

  • There is a slight hum when heating the burners.
  • A mode called "low heat" is maintained by alternately switching on and off the hotplate, and this causes uneven heating of food during cooking.
  • Insufficient hardness of glass ceramic coating - improper handling may cause scuffs from dishes and scratches.
  • Criticality to slight overheating.

    The devices will not turn on until they have cooled down. This can lead to longer cooking times.

Conclusion: This model is much better than the other 2-burners in terms of mounting options, but it is not intended for long-term cooking. The best option for heating cooked food and convenience foods.

The best induction hobs for 4 burners

Induction hobs for 4 burners are almost a complete analogue of a large stove in the kitchen, moreover, the area of ​​the upper glass-ceramic panel is large enough for a one-time placement of all the utensils used for cooking on it - pans, pots, kettle, stewpan, etc.


This is a very robust hob, which is equipped with induction hobs and a solid glass ceramic surface. The rated power of the electric type is 7.4 kW. The control is carried out thanks to touch switches, and the stove is equipped with an alarm and a timer that warns of the sensors flooding with liquid.

Advantages :

  • Rapid heating of food, which is why even complex dishes with a large amount of components are prepared very quickly.

  • Automatic deactivation of empty cooking zones simplifies cooking and reduces energy consumption.
  • Ease of use - the main buttons are conveniently located, which contributes to the accuracy of the choice of operating modes
  • An aluminum frame around the entire perimeter of the panel will warn about the spread of the splashed liquid.
  • Beauty of design - the model will perfectly fit into any type of interior.

Disadvantages :

  • Strong hum of fans when the burner heats up - as the service life increases, the hum becomes only stronger.
  • Difficulties in setting the timer - the instruction is, to put it mildly, incomprehensible, and often causes problems with performing the setting steps.

  • Relatively difficult cleaning glass ceramics from burnt pieces of food. Abrasive cleaning agents are required and may cause scratches.
  • If you turn on all the hotplates at the same time, the power is reduced, resulting in a longer cooking time.

Conclusion - the advantages of an induction hob are enough, it is a good choice for housewives. The low cost makes it possible to greatly save the budget when buying, and the low energy consumption will reduce the costs for direct use.

Ease of use makes it possible to use such a hob even for those who have minimal skills in using home appliances.

Device Gorenje IT 612 SY2W

This induction hob has a power of 7.1 kW. It is produced in two versions - with a black and white glass-ceramic surface. In the latter case, the burners for contrast are outlined with white lines, the control is exclusively touch-sensitive, and in the additional equipment there is a timer with a function to turn off the power supply.


  • Review of the best and how to choose + Video Excellent quality glass ceramics - on the panel nothing ever burns and dirt can be easily washed off with plain water.
  • The indicator of the amount of heat (residual) makes it possible to observe all cooking modes with great accuracy and save electrical energy.
  • The reliability of the elements of the electric type makes it possible to use equipment with high intensity.
  • Excellent maintainability. If necessary, any components can be easily dismantled and replaced with new ones.

    All parts are universal and the purchase will not be a problem.

  • Versatility in terms of using different types of dishes. The technique can be used in conjunction with products of different brands, for example, Tefal, Ikea, etc.


  • Relatively loud fan noise during operation.
  • After a while, the white panel begins to darken from the inside, and the device must be disassembled for cleaning, which is associated with some difficulties.

  • Insufficient sensitivity of the buttons from the sensor. Sometimes it is required to duplicate the control command.
  • Great value.

Conclusion. This model differs from the rest of the four-burner hobs in that it is maintainable and reliable.

Due to the white color of the surface, it can be used in the design of the interior of the kitchen.

Bosch device PIE631FB1E

Now let's consider a premium induction hob. Its capacity will be 7.4 kW. It is equipped with automatic devices, the use of which makes it possible to simplify food preparation to the limit.

Automation helps to monitor the safety and main modes of the panel.

Advantages :

  • There is a special Boost mode, in which ice water will boil very quickly.
  • This electric induction hob allows you to use it without any special preparation. The comprehensively explained operating instructions eliminate errors in use.
  • The timer will not only inform about the end of the working cycle, but will also turn off the panel itself.

    This provides additional security.

  • The constant temperature control system helps to ensure even heating of food.
  • The glass ceramic surface is easy to clean and can be easily cleaned of burnt food pieces.

Disadvantages :

  • On the black surface of glass ceramics, stains are perfectly visible, due to which the time for cleaning increases.
  • A little electrical power is consumed when off.

  • The induction coils hum relatively strongly.
  • Large pans on the nearby hotplates will block access to the buttons from the sensor.

Conclusion: The perfect hob for quick cooking. Ease of operation and automation - this makes the equipment an excellent option for use every day, especially for large families.

The best combination hobs

Combined hobs are equipped with both induction hobs and those that are also called "Hi-Light".

This solution helps to significantly expand the culinary possibilities. Induction burners are used to increase the speed of cooking, and burners using the new technology are optimal for creating and maintaining gentle heat modes for processing certain types of food raw materials and semi-finished products. In this ranking of induction hobs, the best models of combined appliances are presented.

Model Zаnussi ZEN 6641 ХВА

This is an extremely energy-efficient hob with a power of 6. 6 kW.

The equipment contains a system for indicating the amount of residual heat, as well as a protective device for shutdown and a timer. A silver-colored bezel around the perimeter of the black glass ceramic panel gives the exterior design a sleek design.

Advantages :

  • It is possible to accurately adjust the heating temperature, and this function helps to cook food that is critical to temperature.
  • The well-thought-out placement of the unit with touch buttons helps to ensure the convenience of operating such household appliances.
  • Versatility in terms of the use of utensils - you can use any kitchen appliances without restriction.

  • Maintaining the preset temperature for heating the hotplate.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cooking process.

Disadvantages :

  • Strong hum during induction operation.
  • Difficult cleaning of the ceramic glass helps to increase the cleaning time. Sensitivity of glass-ceramic coating to abrasive cleaning agents.

  • Poor suitability for repair work - there are no spare parts in stores, and therefore you will have to wait a long time for the delivery of components from an authorized dealer.

Conclusion - reliable panel with a large number of different cooking modes. Suitable for any kind of cooking, it will be good for both home and commercial use. Small dimensions make it possible to install appliances even in a cramped kitchen.


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