reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages

reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages Which stove for a bath is better to choose - customer reviews. Some lovers of scalding steam perceive a visit to the baths as a wonderful rest for the body, others only as a folk way of preventing a large number of diseases. And it's true, with regular trips to the steam room, you will be able to strengthen your immunity and health, if you have no contraindications.

But you will get a really good feeling of relaxation if you choose a really good sauna stove - with normal power, safe and efficient. Let's look at the stoves for the bath, reviews about them, the most popular models and why they have become so popular among consumers.

TOP-5 models

Heating with wood has a low efficiency, but the baths themselves, especially if they are in the North, are still most often heated with logs. For this reason, it was decided to make a rating of models that run on wood fuel. The devices presented in the TOP differ in the type of design, size, material of manufacture, technical characteristics, functionality, but they are fireproof and are suitable for heating in a steam room.

Place # 1 - Harvia M3

Finns are true professionals in the manufacture of high-quality equipment for saunas and baths, and this model is a direct confirmation of this. The device occupies a small area on the floor, and the sauna heater has a body that is stretched vertically, and for this reason heats the room evenly.

In an open special compartment, you should load 30 kg of stones, which you will buy separately. By design features, everything is arranged in such a way that it turns out to achieve maximum heat transfer, and the furnace will remain warm for a long time.

The stove differs in that it is compact, has a beautiful design, the body is available in steel and black. For this, heat-resistant paint is used, which, even after a while, will not lose its protective properties and beauty of appearance. There is also heat-resistant glass through which tongues of flame are visible.


  • reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages Installation Method - wall-mounted.
  • Heating power - 16500 W.
  • Material of manufacture - steel (glass door).
  • Allowable volume - from 6 to 13 m 3 .
  • No water circuit.

  • The furnace is unbearable.
  • The heater is open type, designed for 30 kg.

According to reviews of the Harvia M3 sauna stove, it is beautiful, economical and quickly warms up the sauna room. It is not intended to connect a water circuit, but it can be supplemented with a water tank, which will need to be purchased separately and installed a pipe. From the negative points - the level of efficiency is low, only 67%, and also the fact that the ash removal scheme is not thought out - during use and during cleaning, part of the waste will still end up on the floor.

Place # 2 - TMF Geyser 2014

The Termofor brand has one feature of the Geyser series - a combined heater. Such a rather interesting design solution makes it possible to make the internal steam generation system more efficient, as well as to melt the stove and heat the steam room to +100 degrees in just 1 hour! This feature is also present in such varieties of 2014 - Carbon, Vitra, Carbon Vitra, Inox. There are more than a dozen different modifications on the furnace market, and their body is made of chrome-plated steel. The color of spraying on the convector can be different - anthracite, terracotta, chocolate and even beige. The door is usually made of stainless steel or glass.


  • reviews, features, advantages and disadvantages Installation Method - wall-mounted.
  • Heating power - no data available.
  • Material of manufacture - steel (glass or steel door).
  • Allowable volume - from 8 to 17 m 3 .
  • Water circuit - yes.

  • Firebox - can be taken out.
  • The heater is open and closed, designed for 60 kg.

Customers have appreciated that the oven can be heated with briquettes, logs, pellets. The location of the top center flue helps greatly to simplify installation. Ash can be obtained even during combustion due to the fact that the drawer design is retractable.

The part of the heater that opens can be used to steam the brooms.

If you are thinking about which sauna stove to choose, customer reviews of this model are not unanimously positive. Most often, claims arise due to the service life, as the heater quickly burns out. After 3 years of warranty, this part of the oven becomes completely unusable.

Place # 3 - Lеgеnd 240 Duо

Although the Harvai brand is really popular with customers and is popular, despite its cost, there is one more stove in the rating , which is more powerful and even more productive.

It can heat a huge steam room - up to 24 m 3 in volume, so if the bath is intended to be used by the whole family or company, this is the best option. The stove is as open as possible and is made in the form of a barrel made of metal mesh, which makes it possible to load up to 200 kg of stones. The design is extremely reliable, it is advised to use it exclusively for commercial purposes.


  • Installation method - wall-mounted.
  • Heating power - 21000 W.

  • Material of manufacture - steel (glass door).
  • Allowable volume - from 10 to 25 m 3 .
  • No water circuit.
  • Firebox - can be taken out.
  • The heater is open type, designed for 200 kg.

This unit is highly appreciated by customers, as it has a beautiful fireplace-type firebox, due to which one can observe the burning of logs, and the basket-shaped stove has a simple and interesting design.Due to the fact that there is a double burning system, the time of using the steam room increases even with a small number of bookmarks. The main disadvantage is that the cost of such a purchase is equal to 40,000 rubles.

Place # 4 - Hephaestus PB-04

Excellent model made of cast iron, which is intended for self-installation in brickwork ..

. Due to the fact that the combustion channel is elongated, it can be taken out even into the room that is adjacent to the firebox. The walls in the case are from 1 to 6 cm thick, which means that they are reliable and have a minimum probability of burning out. The parts are cast, one-piece, made of cast iron grade SCH-20, in which there is an admixture of chromium, joints and seams are absent. A flame extinguisher, a gas afterburning system and a large-volume stove make it possible to increase the manufacturer and the burning time of firewood.


  • Installation method - wall-mounted.
  • Heating power - 8000 W.
  • Material of manufacture - cast iron (glass and cast iron door).
  • Allowable volume - from 13 to 15 m 3 .
  • No water circuit.

  • Firebox - can be taken out.
  • The heater is open type, designed for 180 kg.

The main advantage is that the material of manufacture is cast iron. It warms up quickly, distributes heat evenly. The efficiency of such a device is as much as 87%, which is not bad for a wood-burning stove.

Most people love the design of the firebox, namely that it is "heavy". The door is gilded and has a fancy ornament. According to reviews, the main disadvantage of this stove for a bath can be called the fact that such a stove is suitable only for small steam rooms. When assembled, the oven weighs 700 kg, and this often causes difficulties in transportation and installation.

Place # 5 - Varvara Terma Kamenka

This device differs from the previous ones in that it is from a domestic manufacturer, and has a combined heater that increases the efficiency of heating, and also helps to maintain a steady heat inside the steam room for a long time.

Varvara will warm up the room to an acceptable temperature in 60-90 minutes. Often open in the stove is made like a basket that frames the casing, and inside it there is a closed part. The structure is made of a material such as steel, which has a black heat-resistant coating.


  • Installation method - floor standing.
  • Heating power - 14000 W.

  • Material of manufacture - steel (glass or steel door).
  • Allowable volume - from 12 to 23 m 3 .
  • No water circuit.
  • Firebox - can be taken out.
  • The heater is open and closed, designed for 240-260 kg.

It can rightfully be called an advantage that you can additionally equip everything with a remote water tank from 50 to 120 liters, which will be installed on a pipe or in the ceiling, or in the attic.Instead, you can install a 50 liter hinged tank, which is even easier. But the disadvantages are far from the most presentable appearance of the stove, since it is this parameter that does not suit many buyers. Compared to other modifications of this and other brands, this oven looks too primitive. Someone appreciates the technical characteristics, so I decided to make the lining with stone and brick to improve the appearance to improve the design.


The market for bath equipment is constantly growing and expanding. Together with manufacturers abroad, there are also domestic ones, who attach great importance to the reputation of their own company. You will have to try hard to choose the "right" oven, but we are sure that you will find your ideal that will suit all your needs. And only after that the bathhouse will become the most favorite vacation spot, and the standard bathing process will become a family ritual.