reviews, features and specifications + Video

reviews, features and specifications + Video Ortho siding - technical characteristics, scope and photos. Reviews of Ortho siding are mostly positive. The popular manufacturing company Ortho is engaged in the development and creation of high quality plastic panels, PVC lining and related fittings, as well as vinyl siding and accessories for high-quality and convenient installation.

Basement and vinyl siding options are quite popular in Russia and Ukraine, so the reviews are positive.

General information

This siding has gained recognition among compatriots due to its attractive appearance and high quality.

The company positions itself as a production association that produces a variety of products for the decoration and construction industry.

According to reviews, the company owes its success to competent pricing and high quality. Due to the complete automation of the production process, the cost has decreased, and the final price of the product has become lower, which is good news.


The brand is seriously engaged in servicing each of its customers and has thought out an integrated approach. Good consumer reviews are also due to the fact that it is possible to pick up all the necessary accessories, which will facilitate installation and finishing.

In addition, the company provides full support for the installation of PVC panels. Detailed installation instructions have been issued for vinyl and plinth types.

Thanks to multilevel testing in a special modern laboratory, it is possible to achieve thorough quality control of products, thereby increasing the number of consumers. Vinyl and plinth siding from Ortho have high strength and elasticity, as well as many other advantages.


The peculiarities of Ortho siding is that in the manufacture they use such material as extrusive polyvinyl chloride with additional raw material components that improve the quality of the final products.

These optional components improve the material's performance.

  • Basement and vinyl PVC siding can be classified as the most fire-resistant category. The excellent strength of the panel layers prevents the material from fading prematurely.
  • reviews, features and specifications + Video Ortho siding is not susceptible to the action or formation of corrosion and changes in its original shape / size over a wide temperature range.
  • The material is successfully used for finishing buildings and structures in the southern regions of the country and Siberia.

  • Due to the unique composition on the basis of high-quality and modern connections, the installation and removal of the finishing material is simplified.
  • Plinth and vinyl siding in the form of panels is low maintenance, and the need for repairs when used correctly is zero.
  • The manufacturer claims that the siding panels will last 50 years without loss of quality.
  • The material does not emit toxic components harmful to human health and life and is safe for people. And for the environment.

  • Has the highest possible resistance to physical and chemical effects.
  • With strict adherence to the installation technology, it is possible to guarantee the resistance of the material even to a hurricane wind with a gust of up to 250 km / h.

A feature of this siding is that extrusive polyvinyl chloride is used in the manufacture.

Selection of varieties

Ortho vinyl siding and basement look is a high-quality imitation of natural cladding based on natural materials. The versatile and wide range of materials distinguishes Ortho from the rest.

Inexpensive siding options are represented by the following types.


  • Shades: moonstone, ivory, shade beige, cream color, "Lemon", white, " Beech, Sandal, Metallic, Walnut, Sapphire and Sedge.
  • The dimensions of the panels of the material according to the standard are 3.66 by 0.205 cm with a thickness of 1.

    1 mm.

  • The relief of the pattern is not more than 12 mm.

Vinyl siding is a high-quality imitation of cladding made from natural materials.

I pack all materials in corrugated boxes, convenient for transportation.

To perform high-quality installation, you need to buy additional materials, namely:

  • Starting profile.

  • H-shaped profile.
  • J-shaped profile.
  • Main panel.
  • Outside and inside corners.
  • Drain bar.

  • Window mounting strip.
  • Final mounting plate.


  • Shades: brown, white, gray-blue.
  • The dimensions of the panels of the material according to the standard are 1.125 by 0.

    47 meters with a thickness of 20 mm.

  • The weight of the finishing panel is 2 kg.

Installation rules

According to the instructions for installing front or basement siding PVC panels, the installation sequence is provided:

  1. reviews, features and specifications + Video Calculate the required amount of material for cladding.
  2. Purchase of fittings, anti-corrosion nails and screws for fixing the frame of the lathing.
  3. Installation of the lathing frame with checking the direction with a building level.

  4. Installation of panels for insulation and a film that protects the wind.
  5. Erection of the second layer of lathing on top of the film with fixation on the frame.
  6. Installing the second sheathing of the panels on the frame so that they run from the middle of the attachment of the first siding element.
  7. The fixing of the remaining panels is the same as in the case of the first element.
  8. Setting the corners of the interior and exterior, start from the top holes.

For wall surfaces made of wood, it will be more expedient to create a wooden crate.

Recommendations and tips

Experts share their experience, and some recommendations will definitely come in handy:

  • Diameter fasteners should be 0. 8 cm. Do not drive in nails all the way, as this can damage the plastic. All fasteners should be driven in ONLY in the middle of the perforation hole.

  • For wall surfaces, it is prudent to create a wooden sheathing. It is more reasonable to equip block and brick walls with the help of fastening profiles made of metal, the quality of which will determine how durable the finish will be.
  • The stages of the installation of a technological nature do not differ in complexity and are well worked out. Installation of siding panels is carried out using an ergonomic locking connection, which is equipped with any PVC panels.
  • PVC finishing materials can change shape and size due to temperature.

    In order to avoid possible deformation, the elements (panels) should not be fixed too rigidly. The ideal option would be to manufacture thermal gaps from the finishing material to the head of the fastener (0.2 cm).

  • Ortho siding is equipped with a special perforation that makes it easier to fix and use the H-shaped profile when creating an overlap.

The side-footed covering of the facade type is obtained as a seamless and single high-quality plastic sheet, and this not only protects the wall surfaces from the negative effects of weather conditions, but also gives the finish an appearance of completeness, attractiveness and aesthetics.