Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house. Options for different types of rooms + Photo

Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house. Options for different types of rooms + Photo Harmony in the appearance of your home is achieved thanks to seemingly small things. The color of the walls, furniture, their style, decor elements, the design of windows and balconies - all this plays an important role in drawing up an attractive home design. Roller blinds for windows are gaining more and more popularity, and this is understandable.

They are practical, fit into any interior, and in addition to the aesthetic function, they are also practical.

Roller blinds for plastic windows. General information

Origin of the name

Such curtains are produced in various colors and textures, they have different fastening methods and functionality. The price depends on the size, the material used in the manufacture and the manufacturer itself.

Why did roller blinds get this name? The answer on the surface is the roll-up principle.

There are also Roman blinds that gather in folds, but this is a completely different type of product. So, roller blinds are used not only for window decoration, but also for shelter from the sun. It is very profitable to buy such curtains for the kitchen, because they take up a minimum of space, are easy to clean, and do not need to be washed.

Types of roller blinds

Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house. Options for different types of rooms + Photo According to the type of material, the rollers are divided on:

  • Bamboo roller blinds;
  • Wooden curtains;
  • Fabric curtains;
  • Rollit.

About Rollit curtains

Rollit's materials are not fabrics. If we talk about the advantages of such a design for windows, then it is worth noting:

  • Facilitates airing of rooms, even with the curtains deployed. This is achieved due to the fact that they are attached to the window sash.
  • An elegant choice of colors, patterns, textures provides an opportunity to choose a model for any interior.

  • A special composition is applied to the material, which prevents the deposition of dust, the accumulation of dirt and grease, when it comes to the kitchen. It also makes it easier to care for the curtains.
  • Roller blinds for plastic windows have different degrees of protection against ultraviolet radiation.

The only disadvantages include the inability to install them on your own, the help of specialists is required.

Bamboo roller blinds

Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house.</p><p> Options for different types of rooms + Photo This option will appeal to fans of environmental friendliness and naturalness in the interior. The advantages include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • reliability;
  • do not prevent the penetration of sunlight;
  • lightness;
  • large selection of colors;
  • attractiveness.


Bamboo roller blinds are not suitable for the kitchen, because they strongly absorb any odors, sometimes not the most pleasant ones, which are difficult to get rid of.

Wooden roller blinds in the interior

This type of material will also be appreciated by lovers of eco-style in the house. They are made in the form of vertical blinds.The advantages of this design include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • do not fade from sunlight;
  • easy to wash and clean;
  • moisture resistant;
  • attractive appearance that does not lose its relevance over time.

If we talk about the shortcomings of natural materials, it is worth noting that all of them are not cheap. Also, they have a low level of fire resistance.

In this regard, wooden curtains are also not recommended for installation in the kitchen.

Fabric roller blinds

One of the best options for home furnishing. A wide palette of colors and a huge selection of fabrics and patterns will allow you to make a choice without any problems. Such curtains allow you to regulate the ingress of light into rooms by lowering and raising the mechanism. They do not pose any particular difficulties in care, the range in cost is large, you can buy both the cheapest and super expensive luxury roller blinds.

These benefits make them very popular.

The disadvantages include high ability to transmit sunlight, short term of use.

Roller blinds for windows are produced in the form of a continuous curtain clinging to the entire window, as well as separate curtains attached to each individual sash. There are such mounting options as:

  • On window frames.
  • On the ceiling.

  • Above the window opening on the wall.

Installation of roller blinds

It is the ceiling mount and above the opening that is intended for a continuous curtain. Fastening roller blinds to windows makes it possible to lower the curtain to the windowsill and is most suitable for kitchens. It is preferable to take roller blinds on the balcony that can be lowered to the floor, this is especially convenient for French windows and stained-glass windows.

Mounting of roller blinds is produced in closed and open types.

The open type is considered the easiest to use. Its design is a roller on which the curtain fabric is wound. There is also a bar and a lifting mechanism. The placket is at the bottom of the curtains and prevents the fabric from curling at the bottom, making it heavier.

Roller blinds for a plastic window with a closed type of fastening have a more complex mechanism.

The roller with the canvas is hidden in a special box. Guides are attached on both sides, along which the bar moves. This allows the curtain to fit snugly against the window and to ventilate the room without difficulty.

Cassettes and guides are made of steel, plastic and aluminum. This makes it possible to provide a wide choice of colors and textures for fastening.

When choosing accessories, focus on the color of the window frame, as well as the fabric for the curtains. A distinctive feature of cassette roller blinds is their high price. Open-type curtains are cheaper.

Based on the practical function of roller blinds, namely darkening rooms from the sun, there are three types of structures:

  • Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house. Options for different types of rooms + Photo Sun scattering or transparent ;;
  • Dimming;
  • Opaque.

Sheer roller blinds resemble ordinary tulle. They carry only a decorative function, not protecting the room from the scorching sun. Day-night roller blinds partially hide the room from the sun, created in the form of alternating strips of fabric that allow you to regulate the penetration of light.

Blackout roller blinds have a reflective coating on the side facing the street and completely block the flow of sunlight into the room.

Such options are most often installed on windows in a bedroom or children's room.

Roller blinds in the interior will help to create a cozy design without much effort. Thanks to a wide range of variations in colors and styles, they are suitable for both private houses and apartments and for office premises.

Roller blinds in the living room interior are selected with the function of medium darkening of the room. Very dense fabric and blackout curtains will make the room gloomy and uncomfortable.

As for the choice of color, start from the general range that prevails in the interior. If the walls are light, then choose the curtains soothing colors. A faded and unremarkable room can be freshened up with roller blinds in bright colors.


For openings of windows and doors of complex design, for example, bay windows, roller shutters are perfect.

Roller blinds in the bedroom interior are chosen with the function of full light reflection. Choose the color based on the shade of the walls or furniture. If the bedroom has a French window, you will need roller blinds on the floor.

Children's roller blinds for plastic windows are made by manufacturers in bright colors with funny drawings of cartoon characters, animals, cars. For boys and girls, you can always find a suitable option.

Rolled curtains in the interior of the kitchen are simply irreplaceable.

They are easy to use and very practical. They have significant advantages over conventional curtains:

  • Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house. Options for different types of rooms + Photo You can easily ventilate the room;
  • Not be afraid of fire if the hob is near the window.

    Because they are treated with protective agents;

  • Easy and simple to clean and wash.

For the kitchen, synthetic materials are more suitable than natural ones.

As for the size of roller shutters, their width varies from 50 cm to 150 cm. The length is also different, but no more than one and a half meters. In order to understand what size you need, measure the height and width of the window and sashes.

Decide how you will hang them, on the wall or on the window itself, or fasten to the ceiling. Use wide curtains for large windows. This format allows you to hang one canvas or several on each sash separately.

Roller blinds without drilling can be hung up for cassette blinds, roller blinds or aluminum blinds.

Where to buy roller blinds, what is the price?

Roller blinds their advantages and disadvantages in the interior of the house.</p><p> Options for different types of rooms + Photo