Roof design software

Roof design software Free program for designing the roof of houses

When it comes to construction or even the reconstruction of the house, all the nuances are extremely important. The program for designing the roof of a house helps to calculate all the structural parameters. The roof as a whole is a rather important part of buildings. The fact is that it will directly depend on such a design, how high quality and durable the cottage will serve for its owners. The photo shows how the house roof is calculated in a special program.

Why these programs are needed

Roof design software comes in handy for many different reasons. The most important ones are:

  • Ability to calculate the exact number of required roofing material.
  • Thanks to miscalculations, it is possible to understand how much money is required to carry out a mission.
  • Programs allow homeowners to see how it will look when completed.
  • In addition, such utilities can be used to find out which roof shape is best for a particular building.

  • The creation of a project plan and roof planning helps to significantly speed up the construction process or even rebuilding a building. The fact is that when the number of required raw materials is known, the working speed is greatly increased. Check out the presented examples of the roof calculation of the building in a special program.
  • When the project is designed (it will help create the roof), it comes down to the minimum possibility of making errors during the roof installation process.
  • Also, the creation of drawings helps to immediately calculate part of the future building.

    This helps to reduce the amount of time spent on the process, because there is no need to draw the project yourself.

All factors presented together are significant and must be taken into account. From this it can be concluded that the software designed for roof drafting is important and should be used during the construction phase or even the renovation of a building.


What parameters need to be calculated for the roof

People who are inexperienced in the construction industry may even assume that software for roofing house calculation is intended only to understand how the structure will look at the end of the work. But in reality this is not always the case.

The photo shows the process of roofing editing in the Arkon program. Such utilities make it possible to accurately determine all the characteristics that are most important for the durability and strength of a structure. The programs help to define the following parameters:

  • The length of the beams from which the base of the roof will be made.
  • Number of rafters required for structural stability.
  • In addition, the software that helps to design roofs online, fully and efficiently, calculates the required degree of base strength in order to withstand the load from the roofing material.

  • Roofing home design software helps you determine how much insulation material you need to buy to keep warm and sound out.
  • In addition, special programs help to calculate the amount of raw materials required for the final stage of the roof installation.
  • One of the most important factors that helps determine the program is the price of such raw materials.

It is possible to make cost calculations if you start from the calculations of the building material, which were performed by the utility for the roofing design of the building. All such points are extremely important and each of them must be definitely determined during the planning stage of the construction process or renovation of the house roof.

What kind of roof design software is there

If you are looking for a free roof design software to download, you should choose the best one. Previously, builders had to draw before starting work on equipping the roof of a house. On the basis of such a drawing, measurements of the required parameters were made, which were transferred to a previously prepared project plan, printed on a paper sheet. Modern people are more fortunate. The screen shows the program interface for calculating roof rafters.

After all, there are specialized utilities that calculate everything on their own, the main thing is that all parameters are correctly specified. You should understand what functions can be performed with this or that software in order to choose the one that is most comfortable for you.


The program from the very beginning of the release began to enjoy a high degree of popularity. And this is not at all surprising, because regular updates and improved versions of utilities help people to apply more and more new facets in the manufacture of volumetric types of structures, which make it possible to thoroughly build the process of repair and construction work. The video shows the complete process of roof calculation in the AutoCAD program.

Merits :

  1. Roof design software Objects with different shapes are built into the software, through which you can construct various structures that are ideal for specific cases.
  2. The utility allows you to view objects created in 2D, as well as in 3D architectural visualization mode.
  3. You also have the opportunity to print the created drawing in order to equip the roof in all parameters and nuances.
  4. Inside the utility there is all the necessary set of tools that are required for the most diverse objects.
  5. Through the AutoCAD program, you can even make advertising and presentation videos that help customers fully understand how the roof of his house will look.

  6. The program can be loaded with pre-prepared files that were created in the Excel program or filmed with the camera. After the file upload, you can work with them, improving them using the AutoCAD utility and adding the elements required for preparing the project.
  7. The interface of the AutoCAD program for roofing calculation of a house is quite simple, because the taskbar is created in such a way that it will be understandable to both professional design masters and novice users.
  8. You can use this program from any personal computer, tablet or phone. For this reason, software can be used by consumers of all levels of services.


In order for the software to work without failures, fully, it is necessary to clarify whether the selected version of the software is compatible with the operating room the system that is installed on the PC.

Profi Roofing

This utility is most often used by companies that will provide construction services to all kinds of consumers. The interface of the Profi Roofing program is unusual, but convenient. When preparing for construction, regardless of whether you plan to erect 1 or 3 floors in a building, the software will help you calculate how many materials are required to complete the mission, including for the roof of the building.

Advantages :

  1. Roof design software This program is for designing a private roof home has a user-friendly interface.

  2. A clear understanding of how much raw material needs to be purchased for high quality work.
  3. The program helps to clearly calculate how to use the material as economically as possible, so that even segments go to work and not be thrown away.
  4. After creating a plan-project, the program for roofing calculation will give a ready-made drawing, on the basis of which you can carry out the construction of the roof structure of the house.

Disadvantages :

The number of functions is rather limited in the Roofing Pro utility. In order for the installation of the roof to be carried out at the highest level, it is necessary to prepare as well as possible for such a process.

It is for this that programs have been invented in which you can make projects and print drawings of such a structure. The main thing is that you choose the appropriate utility in which it will be comfortable and convenient to work with.