Safety when working with wood

Safety when working with wood Errors in woodwork - what can cost you nerves, tools and even your life

When you look at beautiful and complex products, it often becomes scary - how unattainable the result seems to be.

But it is worth taking courage, because all the masters were once beginners, and even straight lines were not easy for them. If you are just starting to work with wood, then we will look at all the mistakes that beginners make, and also talk about safety when working with wood.

Learn from other people's mistakes in order to prevent them at the very beginning of the process.

Your safety details

Saw thickness accounting

Safety when working with wood For example, you need to cut out three elements, the length of which should be 0.

9 meters and with a cross section of 2.5 * 10 cm.You, by a lucky chance, have a bar, the length of which is 2 7 meters and the section you need.

You immediately make the necessary measurements, markings, and cut the bar, but when it comes time to use it, you understand that 2 out of 3 elements turned out to be shorter than required. The fact is that you did not take into account the thickness of the cut, namely the thickness of the saw blade.

It is precisely such a parameter as the kerf width will be determined by the thickness of the blade (usually it is about 0.3 cm), but not only. The width of the cut will be influenced by the vibrational movements that the blade makes, as well as the thickness of the material that you are going to cut.

For this reason, before cutting out the elements, you should think over everything again. I am very glad that there is a fairly simple way to determine the size of the cut - for this you need to make a cut in the test part of the material, and then use it as a stencil to make a marking taking into account the thickness of the cut.

Further, when cutting out the elements, the edges will coincide with those that were previously outlined by you.

How to avoid chipping

Safety when working with wood The chips are fibers or even large pieces of wood that begin to chip off the main body during sawing.

In fact, this can happen with any tool - a sawing machine, a milling machine, a miter saw, or even a drill. To avoid such an error when working with wood, you should carefully examine the blade before you start work.

A dull blade will be just as effective for cutting as it is for spalling.

For this reason (or rather for safety reasons) dull blades are best avoided. It is also important to choose the right blade. A disc with fewer teeth will cut faster but will chip more.

A blade with a large number of teeth cuts slower, but gives a more accurate result in the form of a beautiful cut. There is also a special blade that is needed for certain materials, for example, for linoleum or OSB, and they are even more susceptible to chipping.

There is such a trick - protect the material with masking tape.It is necessary to glue this material over the part of the product that will first come into contact with the saw blade. It is in this place that the appearance of chips is more likely. Splitting is one of those problems that can haunt you all the time working in wood, even if you have a long experience. But if you know from the very beginning how to deal with it, then there will be much less problems.

Why you shouldn't coat in a dirty room

Naturally, we understand that keeping the workplace clean is extremely important. But in certain processes, the conditions of work are very important - no less than the level of skill. Yes, sometimes you really want to finish the work as soon as possible and start finishing, but if you worked with a saw, the air will be dusty, pieces of small wood and shavings will circle in it.

And if you try to start applying a decorative coating or stain in such a room, you will see that all the dust will settle on the surface and stick to it, ruin the product and reduce all the beauty and wasted time to nothing.

Try to carry out such work in another room, and if this is not possible, then you should wait for the dust to settle, or use a special construction vacuum cleaner.

Danger of used rags

Since we mentioned stains and decorative coatings, it is worth talking about another danger and problem, or rather, about the disposal of used rags ... Chances are, you have a habit of throwing used rags in the trash can. But the problem is that coatings and stains are oil-based, and they are most often used for fixing work.

They also dry out as a result of such a chemical process as oxidation, and during this heat is released. It begins to accumulate in the folds of the crumpled rags, and the temperature begins to rise. In not the best possible circumstances, the temperature can be high enough to provoke the material to ignite. As a result, a fire starts. In the best case, you will have time to extinguish everything, not in the best - everything will burn out while you rest at home, and the worst outcome may be a terrible reason for all your relatives to meet.


Professionals already have special disposal procedures, but we offer simpler options for beginners. For instance. You can store used rags in a flattened state or hang them on a non-combustible surface. It is worth waiting until the composition is completely dry - about 1-2 days, and then you can throw everything into the trash can, and this time everything will be safe. It may seem that these are useless actions, a hassle, but believe me - this is much better than becoming a victim of a fire because of a dirty rag.

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