Sawing a tree with a grinder - is it possible and what the consequences may be

Sawing a tree with a grinder - is it possible and what the consequences may be Is it possible to cut wood with a grinder and what can happen. Wood is one of the oldest natural materials that are still used in construction today, and are also used in households and manufacturing. Even now, such material retains its former demand due to the fact that it is environmentally friendly and affordable.

This is another advantage, namely mechanical flexibility, which is extremely important from a processing point of view.

For lumber, there is a huge range of cutting tools from a simple hacksaw to an electric jigsaw.

But is it possible to cut wood with a grinder?

Still, we are talking about a universal tool for processing solid types of materials, but thanks to the combination of excellent functionality, ergonomics and productivity, most craftsmen try to use it even for work with soft-bodied blanks in the form of wood. Let's talk about how this use of an angle grinder justifies itself.

Advantages of using a grinder for woodwork

This electric device has a powerful motor that makes it possible to easily cope with different species that are usually used in production and domestic housing construction. Usually we are talking about working with a bar, a board and even chip blanks. Believe me, even the minimum power is 0.

5-0. 7 kW is enough to handle standard lumber. But then another question immediately arises: "Is it possible to saw wood or logs with a grinder?"

Much will depend on the typical bit size, but a chain saw is the best choice for this task. The grinder, in addition to its performance, was perfectly able to justify itself in terms of functionality. Modern small-sized models weigh very little, but at the same time they have a large set of adjustment systems, technical management and safety.

The operator can even independently customize the device to a certain cutting depth, number of revolutions, as well as the use of soft start and other features.

Disadvantages of wood processing with an angle grinder

Sawing a tree with a grinder - is it possible and what the consequences may be A safety is the main argument against using an angle grinder when working with materials such as wood. There are some ergonomic nuances that are associated with the inconvenience of the direction of the cut, but specialists from such a sawing tactic are often stopped by the risk of injury. Why is it life-threatening to saw wood with a grinder? Compared to the same circular saw or electric jigsaw, the angle grinder is not equipped with a stopper, but rather a device that will physically stop cutting when passing a critical point.

In other words, when the seating zone or the center of the cutting blade approaches the surface of the workpiece, the likelihood of tool snagging and sticking out of the hand will increase.

Believe me, things like this happen unexpectedly, and so does the throwing direction of the angle grinder. The second nuance is mostly associated with the nozzle itself. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use disks with soldered segments, because they can begin to break down right during operation. But at the moment, manufacturers have taken care of the release of special equipment for the maintenance of soft building materials.

Usage details

Which disc to use for wood

To cut wood with a grinder , we have already noted - on the construction equipment market there is a special tooling for angle grinders, which can handle wooden blanks.

As a rule, we are talking about adaptive discs with reamers in the cutting area, as well as with an unusual tooth shape. This design feature is designed to reduce the likelihood of a wedge. At the same time, you can find both grinding and cutting wheels for wood.

Another option for an acceptable attachment for this purpose would be to use a chain rig. But when using it, you will need to take into account the wide grip of the cut, about 0.

8-1 cm.A chain disk with a grinder can cut wood to a maximum depth of 12.5 to 23 cm. These are standard formats for an angle grinder, but the work process will be very different thanks to the low level of vibration waves and no risk of the tool flying out of the hand.

Is it possible to cut wood with a grinder with a metal attachment?

Most of these discs (for metal) have small teeth, and without fail, everything is supplemented with a diamond or even a victorious crumb.

This makes it possible to work with both natural stone and metal. It is dangerous to use such nozzles for wood, but there are disc models in which the device is almost ideal for cutters for soft material.

Now, in order to cut wood with a metal disc with a grinder, be sure to make sure that two conditions are met:

  • The circle has medium and rare tooth (if it is large, but the risk of a wedge is increased).
  • Segments or other inserts on the surface of the tip are made of carbide or tungsten.

This design makes it possible to minimize unwanted effects during work, but according to safety regulations, even this is not enough to use an angle grinder in such operations.

Preparing the grinder and the workpiece for cutting

Please note that the angle grinder should be thoroughly inspected and checked for functionality. It is imperative to evaluate the reliability of the connection, electrical connections, actuation of the protective system and structural mechanisms.Separately, it is worth checking the degree of hardness of the grip of the nozzle, and if you plan to saw wood with a grinder indoors, then it will not be superfluous to prepare in advance a construction vacuum cleaner (or chip suction).

Modern models of grinders have a special pipe for removing dust - connecting a vacuum cleaner to it will make it possible to avoid contamination of the workplace with wood chips. The workpiece itself must be well dried, cleaned of foreign inclusions, dirt.


Start the cut with a soft start if you have this function on your angle grinder. It is important that work at low speeds is ensured, and if necessary, a little later it will be possible to begin to increase the moment along the way. Much in the tactics of changing the cutting parameters depends on the degree of hardness of the workpiece, as well as what dimensions it has.

How to cut a tree with a grinder if you need to make a bevel cut? Unfortunately, a curved cut is not allowed at all, and the workpiece should be cut exclusively at right angles, and any inclinations will be excluded, since the skew as such can be dangerous. Complex non-standard operations, including even shape cutting, are performed as part of secondary processing with another tool, not an angle grinder.

After completing the work, you should wait for the disc to stop, turn off the device and remove the plug from the outlet. Then the tool can be disassembled and cleaned of wood chips and dust.

Why can you cut with a hand-held circular saw?

The key word here is support. If you cut wood with a circular hand saw, you will rest the tool against the workpiece itself, and will simply push everything forward along the marked line. The tool disc will not guide left or right because the support prevents the disc from bending.

In the case, for example, with a circular stationary machine, everything will be even easier, because the disc is fed along the table and again, abutting it against the surface, we do not allow the workpiece to tilt to the left or right.

In the case of a grinder, the disc will have no support other than a shaky hand. That is, if you cut the material with a circular saw, then you push the tool, resting it with your shoulders against the material, and if you work with a grinder, you simply hold the tool "on the weight" by the force of your hands (which may simply not be enough in an emergency). In addition, an angle grinder spins faster than a circular grinder, according to average data, a grinder has a rotation speed of 80 meters per second, and a circular grinder has a speed of 60 meters per second.

Recommendations for work progress

There are a number of small technical and operational nuances that should be taken into account in the process of woodworking:

  1. Sawing a tree with a grinder - is it possible and what the consequences may be Most people, in an attempt to make work more comfortable, get rid of the protective casing, BUT this absolutely cannot be done, because the casing is the only barrier in front of the disc and the operator, and its destruction can lead to injury.

  2. A special device helps to increase the reliability of the physical holding of the tool - a supporting base, which will make a real machine out of a manual apparatus.
  3. In order to provide a more tenacious grip, it is recommended to cut wood with a grinder only with construction gloves, which are equipped with rubber pads.
  4. If the angle grinder you are using has a lock function, but it’s better not to use it. Difficult situations are ways to require an immediate shutdown of the device in order to minimize damage, and the enabled lock does not allow you to do this.

Now that you know everything, all that remains is to summarize.


Basic safety rules say that it is important to use each tool and consumable only for its intended purpose. Does this rule apply to the grinder in the context of its use on wood blanks? Rather not, because manufacturers of modern models of tools such as an angle grinder make designs universal, and in the assortment of attachments you can find discs even for soft-bodied materials.

But there is another question - is it possible to cut a tree with a grinder as a target workpiece and regularly? And again, theoretically this can be allowed, but in practice this approach will not justify itself. Circular saws will cut beams and boards more efficiently, while gasoline chain saws are great for felling trees and logs. For this reason, the grinder can only be used as a one-time substitute for a profile tool in order to saw wood blanks.

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