Scandinavian kitchen design

Scandinavian kitchen design Scandinavian style kitchen: interior, photo , design rules

The features that make Scandinavian-style kitchens stand out are largely dictated by the climate that surrounds the Scandinavian environment and people's cheerful attitude towards life.

In terms of the color palette, this interior is quite interesting. The main color is white, but its large number of shades make it possible to play with the design and set the desired mood using cold and warm shades.

The main features of the style

Let's consider the three main features of the style direction in the design of the kitchen space:

  1. Naturalness. Everything must necessarily be filled with the beauty of northern nature, and for this reason, in this style, preference will be given to light species of natural wood, which will help to emphasize naturalness and give home comfort.

  2. Excellent lighting. In Scandinavia, where this style comes from, daylight hours are very short, and therefore they try to capture it to the maximum, even through the interior of a house or apartment. For this, large windows are often used to maximize the amount of natural light, as well as many lamps and chandeliers to obtain excellent artificial lighting.
  3. Versatility. In the north direction, everything has been done in order to obtain maximum functionality in literally everything - from jewelry to furniture.

    Retractable types of systems are often used, there are many shelves, and also modern closers and bins.

Next, we suggest you go from a general description to a local one, and consider all the details of the interior of the kitchen in the northern style.


Color and Gamut

The most commonly used shades are

  • Scandinavian kitchen design Snowy.
  • Baked milk.
  • Cream.

  • Milk.
  • Ivory.
  • White sand.
  • Creamy.
  • Lotus.

  • Camellia.
  • Eggshell.

There are quite interesting interiors of kitchens in the northern style, where the designer was able to skillfully combine the main color with whitewashed shades of green, gray, beige and blue. In order to create accents, you can use contrasting colors (graphite, asphalt or black), as well as rich shades (yellow, turquoise, green and blue). The benchmarks are white ceilings, smooth surfaces in light shades, a bright or snow-white apron and a floor with a bleached tile / wood look.

To add warmth and comfort to your kitchen, use as much lighting and functional furniture as possible.

Walls and floors

To appreciate the Scandinavian style kitchen, real photos of the interiors will help you, especially in terms of the choice of color solutions for the surface of the floor and walls. In them you can see a clear desire for light shades and sustainable materials in the decoration.The Scandinavians themselves prefer to opt for a floor made of natural light wood. Cold shades of wood will brighten the kitchen space, and warm wood will help fill the room with coziness and give it a country-style flavor.

In addition, they prefer to make the same floor throughout the home or studio kitchen in order to visually expand the room. For the floor, materials such as parquet, laminate, engineered boards or solid boards are most often used. The greatest demand is for a laminate that is resistant to moisture.

A northern-style kitchen, the photo of which will have to be studied carefully, can be with an ordinary floor, and maybe with ceramic tiles, sometimes porcelain stoneware is also used. Tiled flooring should only be placed near the headset, and the dining area should have a wooden floor.

In terms of colors, the tiles are white, dark gray, light gray, beige and brown (this option is the most practical). The skirting board should be chosen to match the shade of the walls, and at the same time will have a large height.

The walls are always finished in a light color, and most often paint is used in the following palette:

  • Baked milk.
  • Snow white.
  • Eggshell
  • Light gray color.

The variety of style in the kitchen interior is perfectly confirmed by different methods of wall surface finishing, for example, wallpaper. In the kitchen-living room, you can use a non-standard combination with brickwork, which is borrowed from the loft style. The masonry can be placed only partially so that the overall design is not disturbed. The use of bricks helps to unite the room and the kitchen, but it is important to use it sparingly and in moderation.

Articles of furniture for Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavians are trying to order furniture for decorating an apartment, and kitchens in particular, from materials of natural origin, that is made of wood, but there are often such cases when the facades are made of cheaper MDF.

In general, they try to adhere to the following rules when ordering furniture for their own kitchen:

  1. Scandinavian kitchen design Front color. The most popular is white, but facades for light wood, in cognac and honey-golden shades are often used. It is allowed to use a contrasting table top (usually it is made of solid wood).
  2. Fittings. Simple handles made of metal are most often used, but some of the manufacturers produce furniture items without handles, with a non-standard opening system.

  3. Functionality . A headset should have everything you need and nothing more. There are also tall top cabinets and plenty of open shelves (which are lined with crockery to add even more coziness to the room).
  4. Texture. Smooth and even surfaces, most often chrome or glossy, and much less often matte.

    The gloss reflects light perfectly and gives an additional effect in order to expand the space.

The structure of the northern kitchen has one feature - it is often made only of the lower sections or is equipped with a number of upper drawers, but not for the entire length of the headset. Instead, they attach shelves for spices, decor items and other kitchen utensils. Such a technique makes it possible to make the working area more spacious, freer and illuminate with the help of hanging lamps. In a Scandinavian-style kitchen, as mentioned earlier, all elements must be versatile and practical.

Smart systems for storing kitchen items, pull-out hoods, built-in appliances - all these are integral attributes of style.

Typically, the dining area is quite modest in size, and in some cases, even tiny. The table can be small, sliding, sliding or even folding type, and sometimes it is completely replaced by a bar counter. An ideal option would be a kitchen table of the transformer type, which can be with a round or rectangular table top, a folding or sliding type. Chairs can be divided into two groups - deliberately modern or wooden.

The second type has a "retro" design, curved backs and multi-colored pillows, while modern materials are made of plastic and chrome-plated metal. The restrained design of the chairs helps to add light charm and perfectly complements such an interior. The main thing is that the chairs are not massive.

You can choose the most different fittings - chrome, matt metal, translucent plastic or forged black handles. Some of the designers offer projects where there are no fittings at all - the cabinets open themselves or slide forward thanks to a slight push on the facade.

Working area (kitchen apron, countertop and household appliances)

This area should be as comfortable and functional as possible, and at the same time it can serve as a frame for decoration to fill the kitchen premises with the power of northern design. The countertop in such kitchens is usually made of solid wood or artificial stone and is a contrasting area in relation to the color of the facades in the kitchen. An apron can rightfully be called a place for creativity, because it can be classic (white, and stylized as brickwork, or have interesting colors).

An apron in the kitchen, which is made in the Scandinavian style, is usually laid out in one of the following options:

  1. White, which is lined with ceramic . In this case, preference is given to hog tiles, mosaics, bleached bricks, panel wax, or organic glass.

  2. Bold, colorful . It will become a strong accent, and therefore it is allowed to use interesting patterns, bright mosaics, photo printing. The preferred colors will be different shades of gray, blue and red.

Home appliances in the interior should be very modern, and a steel facade on the refrigerator, a beautiful hood, as well as a stylish induction cooker will be very appropriate here. Some designers even propose to place a small hanging TV with a thin body, which will not take up much space, will not overload the space and will take the hostess's attention when preparing food.


Light is something without which it is impossible to imagine Scandinavian design. The maximum amount of light is the main criterion for this style. Most attention is required for the windows, because their parts are not covered with anything and are made as large as possible - sometimes even along the entire wall or from ceiling to floor. Yes, the more light sources the better. Instead of one main chandelier, it is better to use several small wall and pendant lamps.

In Scandinavia, lamps are considered a rather important interior element, and therefore a lot of attention is paid to design.

So, preference is given to the following models:

  1. Chandeliers, in which there are elements of chrome, wood, copper, or painted wire.
  2. The crystal pieces that will be most appropriate for large studio kitchens that combine the functions of a dining room, work space and living room.
  3. Ordinary incandescent lamps without a shade, which are suspended on a colored or black wire.
  4. A conventional lamp equipped with a conventional metal shade.

Massive types of lamps with intricate and colorful lampshades are taboo for Scandinavian kitchen design. The best solution is simple lamps in large quantities.

Textile component

As mentioned earlier, in the Nordic countries, preference is given to open-type windows, without draperies, curtains and curtains that are usual for residents of the CIS. The only thing that is permissible is a monochromatic snow-white roller blind without drawings and other accessories. But our hostesses adore beauty, comfort and great mood in everything, therefore, it is allowed to decorate windows with curtains or light curtains, which will be sewn from translucent fabric.

The use of lace curtains or Roman curtains is also allowed. For a space that also serves as a dining room or living room, it is best to use linen curtains in a neutral color; curtains in any pastel colors, as well as curtains with a characteristic print, will be in place.

Examples of such curtains in a Nordic kitchen can be seen in the photographs reflecting the design. They represent the most standard option for window drapes. The next rather important question about textiles will be the drapery of the dining table.

Tablecloths are usually in light colors - blue, white and other pastel shades. On the floor, as an additional decor, you can place small multi-colored rugs in a box, a strip or a diamond.

Accessories and decor items

When decorating Scandinavian cuisine, it is important to adhere to the basic rules of this style. According to the hostesses of Scandinavia, the items should be primarily useful, be in a convenient place for her, and placed strictly on the shelves. The most important decor items are wall clocks, beautiful and useful for the scrupulous northern hostesses.

The walls can be decorated with different paintings or old photos in a beautiful frame, and free space on the shelf can be taken with the help of flower arrangements, cookbooks, enamel or decorative beautiful dishes.

Indoor flowers will be an excellent decoration for the windowsill, dining table and work area, and a gardener pot with parsley, small decorative peppers or a small lemon tree will be especially successful. Functionality, minimalism and non-standard decor will make the time spent in such a kitchen enjoyable, and will also allow you to relax and unwind after hard working days.


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