Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo

Due to the incredible lightness and simplicity of style, in which there are no unnecessary details, the Scandinavian style for an apartment has become one of the most popular in the world. In this article, you will learn about the rules for decorating an apartment in a northern style, and you will not need to make every effort.

It may seem to some (but only at first glance) that the Scandinavian style direction is one-sided, boring, but in fact it is multifaceted, and is also capable of constantly surprising even with subtle details.

Almost all the features of interior design were due to the climatic conditions in the country.

Features and distinctive features

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo As in Russia , the Scandinavian countries are cool, and the local nature is rather harsh, so there are very few bright colors and light.

In fact, the Scandinavian interior was almost fully able to reflect the nature outside the window, since there are quite a few colorful moments in it, and the arrangement of all the details and rooms in them is thought out to the maximum. It is believed that it was Emile Arne Jacobsen who became the founder of this unique and laconic interior style.

Please note, that in fact the northern style was able to represent the embodiment of minimalism in a modern interpretation with the maximum amount of materials of natural origin.

When you enter a room that is decorated in a similar style, you immediately begin to feel extraordinary lightness, harmony and airiness, as well as unity with nature and the environment. The thing is that in such rooms there are simply no huge cabinets, as well as pretentious decor, outdated pieces of furniture that have remained in the same place just because it is a pity to throw it away.

Each item in the room has its own place, which is practical and very convenient, the functionality of the room increases. It is not difficult to maintain order in such an apartment or house, even if there are many people living in this place.

Interesting fact! Nordic style is perfect even for city apartments.

Such a free-plan interior can be arranged not just in a private and fairly spacious house, but even in a small apartment. The minimum amount of furniture and the use of light shades makes it possible to keep the space free to the maximum.

It is also worth noting that such an interior must have a lot of light. This applies to both natural lighting and artificial lighting for the evening. If beautiful and large horses are installed in the room, then try not to prevent natural light from outside from entering the house. Designers strongly recommend replacing thick and heavy curtains with light curtains made of tulle or any other translucent thin fabric.If the room does not have windows or they are too small, then you should take care to buy a sufficient number of lighting fixtures.

Materials to use when decorating

Probably the most important role will be played by which ones you use when decorating rooms. Regardless of whether you plan to design a house from scratch or just carry out renovations, the description of materials that are ideal for creating a beautiful northern-style Internet will come in handy 100%.

Ceiling and flooring

In private houses and city apartments, it is preferable to make the floor and ceiling finish in white. In extreme cases, when introducing the Scandinavian style into the interior of the apartment, you can use other shades that are more pleasing to the eye - coffee, beige and others. Such a photo will look stylish, neat, but at the same time will not distract from accessories and interesting details.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo Please note that designers recommend using materials that are uniform and color and texture.

We also recommend avoiding panels, friezes and parquet flooring. Often, designers create such a project so that the walls and ceiling are made in the same color. Most often, painted or varnished light boards are used for finishing. In general, wood is extremely popular in this direction.

This material can be used almost anywhere. Planks on the floor, wood wall decoration and even a ceiling surface that is decorated with quality planks will be very appropriate in such a modern and stylish room. From wood, we recommend choosing the lightest materials, namely ash, birch, pine or beech.

If you do not want to live in a place that is completely decorated with wood, it is possible to combine this material with others. The second most popular finishing material is a stone of artificial and natural origin, and the second option is preferable.

It is better to choose a stone covering according to its capabilities. Most often, stone trim is used to decorate a kitchen or bathroom.

A few centuries ago, with the help of two such materials, it was possible to do everything and stop there, but now, when technologies are developed as never before and the number of new materials used in construction is increasing, you can and should choose more ...

In addition, materials such as glass or metal have become popular at the moment. Transparent glass countertops or shelves made of a similar material look like airy, and also do not take up much space. That is why glass fits perfectly into a modern northern interior.

Interesting fact! Finally, it is worth mentioning that natural wood and stone will be expensive, so most people doing renovations try to save money and buy other materials that are stylized as natural.

If you wish to act in this way, then do not forget that coatings that are only an imitation of natural material must be made carefully.

Otherwise, it will look somehow cheap and ruin the overall experience.

Lighting and its features

The most important part is lighting. A room decorated in a Scandinavian style should have a lot of light at any time of the day. For this reason, it recommends using different types of lamps, namely, harmoniously combining them with each other. A ceiling chandelier alone will not be enough, and therefore it is better to try to complement this with floor lamps, wall sconces, as well as models of table lamps.

Even graceful candlesticks with real candles will fit into the most beautiful Scandinavian interior!

Please note, that it should be remembered that lamps, like other items for decoration, should be very simple, without crystal or gilded details, curls and other complicated accessories.

Ideally, you should choose simple shades, which are made of high quality glass, dark metals and natural wood. Spotlights will also look great, because they make it possible to highlight certain interior details or unusual accessories.

What colors should be used

If we talk about the design of an apartment in the Scandinavian style and color schemes, then people tend to think that the palette is for the northern style monotonous and boring. At first it may seem that in such a room only shades of brown or gray are combined.

In fact, it is they who will dominate the interior, but believe me, they are far from the only ones. A gray-brown room will look neat, light and minimalistic, but if such a room seems too monotonous and boring, then you have the right to slightly improve the situation with bright color accents.

Important! To make the interior of the apartment warm, cozy, you can add light shades of yellow or green.

Sand, amber, gold and other tones will help make the room more comfortable. The same can be said about shades of brown.

The fact is that natural wood and textiles of coffee and chocolate shades can ideally complement such a northern and cold room. You can also use all color accents like blue, cherry or pink. All of them can decorate the room, which is decorated in a Scandinavian style.

In a modern interpretation of the Scandinavian style, bright details can be used that can dilute a plain interior.These can be colorful and bright blankets, pillows or even lighting fixtures.

The main thing is that such colorful details are to a minimum, since otherwise the style will not be entirely Scandinavian, but rather minimalistic.

Features of the choice of pieces of furniture

Finish the Nordic interior decoration with the right furniture

The best an option would be to use natural wood products. High-quality furniture made of wood will look elegant, laconic and at the same time will serve for a long time.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment + photo Please note, that the main principle when decorating any of the rooms in the northern style is that the room should not be littered too much.

Only the most important items should be used, which will not simply take up free space.

Also, experts recommend giving preference to multifunctional furniture. Sofas, folding chairs and even tables will be very practical in everyday life and will help you save a lot of free space.

In addition to buying a sofa, as well as chairs that can be transformed, furniture that stands on legs will also be beneficial, and it does not have to be high at all. Even low legs are enough to make the furniture seem less heavy. When the floor is visible throughout the apartment, the room will seem much more spacious.

It is definitely worth considering the fact that in the Scandinavian style it is completely undesirable to combine furniture from different time periods, that is, eras. If you want to decorate a room with antique elements, then it is better to limit yourself to some one item so as not to overload the room. Against the background of the rest of the modern furniture, one antique-looking wardrobe or a shabby luxurious sofa of those times will look like an interesting greeting from the past.

Now about the decorative elements. Here, too, it is worth giving preference to some truly functional little things.

People living in the Scandinavian countries often decorate their own premises with shopping boxes from the IKEA store, and they also store their belongings there. You can also decorate the room with fresh flowers that grow in a pot - this will help revitalize the interior and add coziness to it. And in an incredible combination with furniture made of natural wood, all this splendor will look really unsurpassed.

The value of textiles in the design

We should also talk about textile design separately. Since it is still quite cold in the northern countries, you always want to bring comfort to your home.

For example, spread out warm blankets everywhere, in which you can wrap yourself if you wish. Also, from the textile items of the apartment in the Scandinavian style, materials such as wool, linen, cotton, natural fur, chintz or simple burlap can be distinguished.Rugs made of burlap, which can be placed in almost any room, as well as fur skins (artificial or natural) will look great.

Ideal examples

If you know about the peculiarities of creating a cozy Scandinavian interior in your own home, then you can equip a small house, and a three-room or even one-room apartment in this way.

Decoration for small apartments

One-room apartments must be decorated in soft and light colors.

Her color palette must be simple - beige tones will go well with grays and whites, brown ones look great with a delicate shade of nude or pink. The living room project, which is made in a northern style, assumes comfort and laconicism.

In it you can mark a sofa, a coffee table with small legs, and next to a similar table a floor lamp will look great, which will both decorate the room and give additional light. It can be replaced with a miniature wall lamp with a directional flow of light. Opposite the sofa, you can place a wall-mounted TV or laptop stand.

This is the minimum set of furniture that will be enough.

The kitchen can be designed as a separate room or a room that is separated from another room only with the help of an arch. To save space in the kitchen, you can use folding countertops that will be attached to the wall surface instead of a standard table. The bar counter will also be very appropriate. Use a set of high-legged chairs to complement the interior.

All the required food supplies can be stored not in huge cabinets, but in hanging and neat cabinets. In a small bedroom, place a comfortable bed and two neat and miniature bedside tables. Bright bulbs should be installed on them, and then the room will not seem gloomy, despite its huge size.

Rooms with balconies

If you have a small room with a very small balcony and you think it is important to decorate and make it comfortable and stylish for life, it is practically impossible if you use any styles other than Scandinavian.

Please note that the best place to start decorating is by choosing the right colors.

A combination of blue, white and warm shades of brown is ideal.

In addition, we suggest dividing the main room into two zones - a place to sleep and something like a living room. On the balcony, he will find a place for an office where you can study, work or practice your favorite hobby. Naturally, each apartment has a place for a kitchen, and the main space will be occupied by a headset. For this reason, if you want to save some free space, then you should abandon bulky headsets and opt for several shelves and functional pedestals.

In the sleeping area, you can put a wide and large forging, as well as pedestals.The second part of the small room can be distinguished as a relaxation area, where a sofa or a pair of armchairs will look great, as well as a place to store the main part of things.

It is recommended to equip an office on the balcony. There you can place a table with chairs or an armchair and a floor lamp, which will give a pleasant soft light. All required books, supplies or documents can be placed in small boxes or baskets.

Also, do not forget even in this room about the right lighting, which will not only be part of the decor, but also a source of good light, which will preserve your eyesight.