Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom: Review + Video

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom: Review + Video Bedroom in the Scandinavian style + photo. Today, most people are trying to choose a Scandinavian style for the bedroom, and this is not at all surprising. Materials of natural origin, a little furniture (only the most necessary), decor in pastel colors with a small amount of accents - such an environment will have a positive effect on a good rest. Another advantage of this direction is that it is suitable for small apartments with non-standard layouts, for example, for arranging a bedroom in the attic.

Today we want to share the main secrets of decorating a room in a northern style, and also tell you about all the nuances of decoration and the main features.

Features of the Scandinavian style

In order for the interior in such a room as a bedroom in the Scandinavian style to look comfortable and harmonious, you should approach the design wisely and carefully study all the design features ...

These include the following:

  • Natural range of colors.
  • Use of natural materials for decoration.

  • Simple but functional furniture, and the basic rule of minimalism will apply when choosing it - the fewer pieces of furniture, the better.
  • Maximum amount of natural light, windows should never be covered with curtains.
  • Ceramics can be used as decorative items - mosaics, elegant souvenirs, panels.
  • White ceilings to help make the bedroom more spacious.

Also among the decor items must be bright details, for example, small pillows, beautiful stands for indoor plants, as well as paintings.

Selection of finishing materials for decoration

The main criteria for the selection of materials are their quality characteristics, aesthetics and compliance with the design in general.

Ceiling and floor

An excellent solution for the floor would be using a board, laminate with imitation of wood structure or even parquet, which will have a discreet pattern. By color, you can use a bleached palette, but natural shades will be classics for the northern style. In warm regions, most try to give preference to tiles of a light shade, if desired, you can make floors with heating under it. If you use bleached boards, then in combination with light colors of the walls, the room will seem more voluminous.

The boards, which are covered with a varnish composition, will perfectly match the overall design due to their natural texture.

Also the main feature of the northern interior is the snow-white ceiling. To create it, you can use a snow-white whitewash, or you can take a matte / satin stretch ceiling, plasterboard structures. Due to the use of modern technologies, additional spot lighting can be built into them, which will be able to combine aesthetics and practicality.

Please note, that the use of plastic and metal is allowed only as decorative elements, finishing the light source, and also for window and door structures.

Wall surface

Most often they remain just light, but the following types of finishes are allowed:

  • Decorative plaster.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Staining.

Most designers recommend doing the following - leave all walls light, and make one accent. For example, at the head of the bed or opposite the front door, but do not use flashy geometric shapes or patterns.

It is allowed to use contrasting colors or light prints. Also for the Scandinavian style, imitation of natural materials, namely a whitewashed brick wall, stone and wood, will perfectly fit in the interior of the bedroom.

Doors, windows

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom: Review + Video In regions in the North, sunlight is not common, so local residents try not to close their windows with heavy porters. The structures must necessarily correspond to the general design, and ideally so that they are made of natural wood, but the new interpretation allows the use of plastic. Curtains in no case should prevent sunlight from entering, and therefore, light and light materials made from natural fibers can be used for them, the best option is products up to the level of the windowsill.

In order to dim the light, it is best to use blinds or even roman blinds, the range of which should be monochromatic or have a light floral print.

Doors differ in that they are large and high. Often, swing structures with two sashes are installed in the openings, but in small rooms, most opt ​​for sliding canvases. The color scheme is all light shades and white, and you can use both warm and cold palettes, depending on how you want to see the overall design of the bedroom. As a decorative element, you can use panels, as well as inserts from frosted or ordinary glass.

Accessories must necessarily match the design, try to make a choice in favor of modest, but at the same time elegant models.

Please note, that door decoration should be kept to a minimum, you cannot use stained glass and patterned inserts and wavy lines. You can use a little gilding, but in moderation.

Variations in color solutions

The correct selection of shades is the key to success. The overall perception of the room will depend on the color scheme.

It helps to distract attention from the existing imperfections of the room, as well as to emphasize the merits, and also visually either enlarges or reduces the bedroom.

White and beige

White is the perfect choice for a Scandinavian style.It is suitable for those people who value comfort and tranquility most of all. There is no need to worry about the fact that there will be a lot of white in the room, as it is beautiful in itself, and also perfectly harmonizes with small accents in the form of a bright decor.

Interesting fact! The ideal combination of white for a Scandinavian interior would be lemon, black, blue, gray and green.

Also, for decorating a bedroom in the Scandinavian style, the photos of which are provided in the article, beige is often used, which is the real embodiment of elegance. Different shades can be used for finishing and flooring, and for decorating walls, and selecting pieces of furniture. This is a very light color, so it is better not to clutter the bedroom with pieces of furniture, as well as dark curtains. The main purpose of such a design is to emphasize original accents against the general background, for example, golden tulle, beautiful paintings and bright lighting.

Pink and gray

The gray shade in the Scandinavian interior is considered traditional.

Some things look bright against its background. For example, white furniture will seem snow-white at all, and plants will be more colorful. In turn, pink is not so popular, but still designers do not completely abandon it. In this case, it is important to choose the same shade. In no case should you accept bright colors that turn into crimson.

It is better to give preference to pastel colors, which will be close to cream and peach tones.

Green bedroom

Sometimes the bedroom is decorated in green, but here it is worth remembering that not all tones will suit for the Scandinavian style. The ideal option would be to use an olive shade as well as a young grass finish. This range will help fill the room with freshness, peace, and will also have a positive effect on the human nervous system.

Features of the design of a bedroom with a non-standard layout

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom: Review + Video The interior layout should not be preventing sunlight from entering the room, especially since their lack is strongly felt in northern latitudes.

It is for this reason that the design assumes a minimum amount of pressing decorative elements, complex lines and even partitions. In the bedroom, you can install a large door or even completely refuse it. Most people have already installed wardrobes instead of large wardrobes. In the Scandinavian interior, the free planning style is welcomed, which is typical for studios, and the owners often combine the bedroom and bathroom, or combine it with an office, dining room. At the same time, small partitions are present, but only in order to conditionally delimit the functional areas.

This approach will ensure an even supply of sunlight in all rooms.

Since the Nordic style is ideal for small spaces, most owners arrange a bedroom in an attic space. The light range will visually expand the space, and due to non-standard window openings, this will be even better. Due to its size, the attic cannot hold a lot of furniture, so it will be enough to use several dressers or drawers, 2-3 chairs and a bed. Instead of a bulky cabinet, shelves and open types of hangers are used.

Rules for choosing pieces of furniture for a Scandinavian bedroom

Designers strongly recommend not to overload the interior in the bedroom, which is furnished in a northern style. All items must be multifunctional, and you can not leave unnecessary unnecessary things.

Good advice! It is not at all necessary to arrange the furniture in the bedroom in the order you are accustomed to, but you can simply move away from the templates and arrange a sleeping place in the center of the room, but this solution is suitable only for spacious rooms.

Since in the Scandinavian style of the bedroom interior, the preference is given to the use of natural materials, it is best to buy furniture that is made of solid wood. In order not to clutter up the room with the help of large cabinets, it is advisable to install spacious drawers under the bed.

For clothes such as socks, underwear, T-shirts, it is better to use a chest of drawers with a family photo on the tabletop, candles that will help create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom at the right time, as well as various cosmetics.

Decorating the bedroom with restraint and elegance

Restrained design of the Scandinavian style suggests that a person will be careful about the selection of decorating elements. A skillful combination of accessories and lighting will help fill the room with coziness and warmth. For those who are conservative, it will be enough to place porcelain souvenirs. Beautiful candles are perfect for adding a romantic mood.

The following elements will also perfectly fit into the interior:

  • Family photos or pictures with friends.
  • Mats with a floral print.
  • Caskets.
  • Framed pictures.
  • Hand-made crafts.

  • Plants that are placed in beautiful pots.
  • Wicker baskets.

To clarify the other possible decorations, it is better to contact the designer.

Decoration with textiles

When choosing textiles, preference should be given to a calm range, but in some cases, designers for a bedroom in pastel colors choose very bold scales. It can be patterned curtains, openwork prints or bright stripes on bed linen.

Such accessories will bring additional charm to the room. One and the same Scandinavian-style interior will open up completely differently if supplemented with colorful motives. Don't be afraid to mix pastels with very bright textiles.You can think over several design options in advance and replace textiles from time to time.

Good advice! In the bedroom, which is decorated in a northern style, hand-made items will look great, for example, a knitted blanket, a patchwork bedspread, and beautiful napkins.

The main point is lighting

Also, an important stage for decorating a bedroom is the selection of lighting. Be sure to think over several options and scenarios, since the room should turn out with soft light. Light curtains will let in the rays of the sun, and during the daytime the room should be filled with natural light, and additional sources will be required for the evening.

Light source Functional direction


The main requirement for the selection of the device is that the shades must be made of crystal or glass and perfectly transmit light.


They are able to illuminate the bedroom in the evening, and can also be made of translucent fabric or frosted glass.

Floor lamp

Please note that its lampshade must be in harmony with wall sconces or lamps desktop type. The main requirement is to emit light to the maximum.

Table bedside lamps

It is desirable that you have priors with dimmable flux to act as night lights if necessary.

All lighting fixtures can be made of wood, glass, metal, as well as their imitations. At the same time, the design must be in harmony with the general interior design.

As an accent, it is allowed to use sources in brighter decor items.

Scandinavian bedroom design ideas - photos with examples of interiors

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom: Review + Video For any the interior of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style due to individual details, you can find your own unique option for decoration. Houseplants, decorative pillows, mats and small but bright decorations give particular warmth and comfort. We suggest using examples from the photo to see what interesting ideas for decorating a bedroom for adults and children are, as well as depending on the area.

Children's bedroom

Calm Scandinavian design is ideal for children's rooms.

This is not just a practical, but also a completely safe solution, since only those materials that are of natural origin will be used. You should also definitely involve your child in decorating your room.

The following types of materials will be preferable to use as decoration for the walls of the nursery:

  1. Painting the walls with waterproof paint. It will be possible to paint the entire room in one color or choose a different shade for each wall. Chalkboard paint, on which you can draw with crayons, is another great option.

  2. Pasting with chalk or non-woven wallpaper. Here, too, you can focus on one wall.
  3. Decorating one wall in a single-color contrasting palette, or using a floral print to dilute the general pastel color scheme.
  4. Using wood panels or lining as a decoration for one wall.

Otherwise, the requirements for decorating a children's room will not differ from the general ones - you can also choose several options for lighting, and the furniture should have simple shapes, it is desirable that it be a transformer that can grow together with the child.

With the help of such furniture, it will be possible to separate the sleeping, play and work areas separately.

Bedroom for adults

For a bedroom in the Scandinavian style for adults, you can arrange both in a romantic and conservative form. The first option will be characterized by restraint, pastel shades and a minimum amount of decorative elements. For the second - bright accents, various patterns and many handicrafts.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

The style is ideal for small bedrooms.

Here it is important to make sure that the required combination of finishes and decorative elements is selected in order to visually expand the space.

To do this, adhere to the following rules:

  • The ceiling and walls should be snow-white, in combination with natural wood on the floor to visually enlarge the bedroom ...
  • In a small room, you should abandon massive headboards, and it is better to hang shelves on the wall for storing decor and little things.

  • Be sure to focus on one wall.
  • Large mirrors can be exchanged for open shelving along one wall.
  • Instead of curtains, it is better to use blinds or even roman blinds.

Please note, that the most important rule is the use of a minimum number of pieces of furniture, as well as moderation when choosing a decor.


Now you know that even a cold Scandinavian design can be made comfortable, warm, because the most important thing is to choose the right decor and accessories.

This is an ideal solution for a non-standard layout, a small area or a studio apartment, since a minimum amount of furniture is expected. The only extremely important condition is the creation of competent lighting during the day, as well as in the evening. We hope that all the information will be useful to you when choosing a design style.


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