scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation At one of the stages of the project for the construction of a private house outside the city, you will think about the shape of the roof. Hip roof or hip roof is the most popular at the present time. Its appearance and construction are reminiscent of a tent. This roof has its pros and cons. You don't have to hire specialists to install and install this roof.

You can easily assemble the roof frame with your own hands. To do this, you need to be able to make calculations and have an idea of ​​the structure and mechanism of the roof system at home. It must be remembered that the roof is attached in the same way as other structures. For more confidence, you can call an assistant.

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scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation The main advantage of the hipped roof design is aerodynamics, it resists strong gusty winds.

Air currents will leave along the slopes without causing harm, and without even going into the attic.

The main disadvantage of such a roof is a complex frame, its sheet installation and the fact that the attic rooms are very small. Of course, the area of ​​the attic is equal to the area of ​​the ceiling, but the useful volume of the room is very small.

The classic-type hipped roof mechanism is a special pyramid with a square or rectangular base. Triangular slopes and trapezoidal ones, as a rule, rest on the walls of the house or go beyond them.

The main scheme of the hipped roof of the house is quite simple, and it can be calculated in various ways. The hipped roof is installed using the system and the Pythagorean table. And it will not be difficult for you to calculate the area of ​​the slopes and hips, but the calculation of the location and installation of the rafters and ordinary rafters takes a lot of time. scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation

The construction of a hipped roof begins with the assembly of the frame. After that, the roof is attached.

The mechanism of the rafter system is quite complex. Below we will consider in more detail how to make a frame, calculate and make a roof.

Basic rules for constructing a hipped roof

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation The manufacture and installation of the roof follows the following rules:

  1. For the construction of the ridge system and the rafters, the same wood and material are used.
  2. Intermediate boards have a steeper angle of inclination, and their size must be at least 50x150 mm.
  3. Short pieces and pieces are attached to the corner components of the rafters, not to the ridge board.

  4. During construction, intermediate central rafters attached to the ridge board are used in the structure.
  5. And they should rest against the upper end of the harness or against the ridge board.

To assemble and install a hipped roof with your own hands, you need to imagine a certain roof frame of the house and make a preliminary drawing.

The following elements of the hipped roof should be fixed on the drawing:

  1. the central part of the structure - the ridge, is the bearing axis;
  2. oblique rafters are the power components of the rafter system, one end will protrude outside the house, and the other will be attached to the ridge;
  3. rafters of the central type are attached at the ends of the ridge and are displayed on all walls;
  4. intermediate rafters extending from the ridge should go strictly along the slopes;

Hip roof with your own hands

Installation and installation of a hip roof must be done before laying the ceiling.

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation At the beginning of work, a bar is laid along the entire perimeter of the house for a more even distribution of mass over the entire surface.

It is also called Mauerlat. It must be fixed to the wall of the house using special pins.

Next, you need to do the following:

  • mark the axis from the end of the frame house along the upper harness;
  • calculate half the thickness of the ridge bar and mark the place installation of the initial element of the rafter system;
  • attach one end of the measuring rail to the marked line and mark the place of the intermediate rafter;
  • to calculate the overhang of the rafters, one end of the beam must be placed on the overhang of the roof, and the other - on the corner from the outside of the wall of the house;
  • you can calculate the location of other elements of the rafters of the central type by moving the rail along the side wall of the house and marking the position of each rafter;
  • the same is repeated at the other corners;
  • you can buy roofing materials in special hardware stores. Today the market offers a wide selection of optimal quality roofing at an affordable price.

Calculation of hipped roof elements

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation For this calculation, you will need a special measuring rod .

It is made of standard plywood 5 cm wide. There is a special table of rafter length and position ratios.

Thanks to these data, which are presented in detail in the table, the length of the rafter leg is the product of the intermediate or angular coefficient of its projection. Be sure to use this table to increase the accuracy and reliability of calculations. Consider an example of calculating the roof of a roof, you measured the horizontal projection of the intermediate type rafters with a rail.

Using the table, you will find the angle of inclination that suits your case and multiply the data.

You can also calculate the length of the rafter overhang. You need to multiply the horizontal projection by a certain factor. Also, these data can be calculated using the Pythagorean theorem for a right-angled triangle by the formula: a2 + b2 = c2. Where a and b are horizontal and vertical projections.

Corner pieces

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation All rafters have a bevel cut on one side required for attaching to the ridge bar.The ridge has a special undercut with a double bevel for more reliable fixation of parts and elements in the corners of the house.

And the calculation of the corner type rafters is as follows:

  • from the corner you need to measure the full length of the rafters;
  • its projection will be the product of squares lengths of rafter central projections.

The resulting number must be multiplied by the coefficient indicated in the table, and you get the length of the corner rafter.

Then the area of ​​the triangular slopes is calculated.

They are also calculated by the Pythagorean theorem. To simplify the calculations, you need to represent the ramp in the form of two right-angled triangles. Next, calculate the area of ​​the trapezoid of the side surface of the roof of the house using the formula.

And already at the very end we calculate the roof. The indicators of all areas must be summed up, and you get the minimum roof area.

Tools and building materials

To construct a hipped roof with your own hands, you will need special construction tools and materials, such as: a chainsaw, a grinder, an electric jigsaw, a hand saw, nails and dowels, a hammer, a plane, an ax, an electric drill, a bar and boards of the same species of wood, roofing material, steel staples.

You can build a standard type of tent structure, either elongated to one side or in the form of a truncated pyramid.

DIY installation of the frame

scheme and project of the roof and its rafter system- Review + Video and calculation ridge bar. After that, the installation of diagonal rafters of the same length begins.

Next is the installation of the slant rafters, and then the privates with a certain step of 60 cm, which are fixed with a cut to the ridge and Mauerlat.

You can do the cut with your own hands or with a special power tool.

Then, on the diagonal guides, the braces are fixed, for a bundle of the slant beams and the Mauerlat at a certain angle relative to the roof ridge.

An important point, the row bars should in no case touch the connection points of the Mauerlat.

Reinforcement of the roof will directly depend on the dimensions of the house. An additional truss is laid, that is, a bar between the adjacent sides of the rafters.

And already on it a rack or truss truss is installed. With a very large area of ​​the house, double beams are used for diagonals. A gable roof and a gable roof are mounted in a similar way.

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