Screw piles - what is it? Pros and Cons and Reviews of Owners and Experts - What to believe? + Video

Screw piles - what is it? Pros and Cons and Reviews of Owners and Experts - What to believe? + Video When building a house, it is impossible to avoid such a thing as foundation. The price of a good, solid foundation reaches about 30% of the total final cost of the house, so many are looking for an alternative, more budgetary option with decent performance characteristics. This option is a foundation on screw piles. This technology appeared relatively recently and on the Internet you can find reviews of consumers who consider this method ideal, but there are also other reviews that categorically do not recommend building a house on screw piles.

Why, despite negative reviews, screw piles continue to gain popularity?

If you chose to build a house on screw piles

… then you have chosen the speed of construction, because such a foundation of medium size can be built literally in 1-2 days.

As already mentioned, this is a more economical foundation compared to the classic foundation, so the estimates for building a house will be much less. Such a foundation can be placed even on unstable ground. Subject to technology, the service life of such a foundation is very long.

The big disadvantage of screw piles is that they are based on a metal structure, and the metal is known to corrode.

When we think about building a house, we want the house to be reliable and durable.

Will a house built on screw piles be like this? To be objective, one must understand that metal is at the heart of it, which means sooner or later it will rust and can rot. A reasonable question arises why then all the bridges in the world do not collapse and oil shipyards do not fall, and no one talks about the occurrence of corrosion, and buildings can stand for centuries?

You need to understand that the reliability of any foundation depends on compliance with technological processes during construction and on the quality of the material used.

What should you pay attention to when building screw piles?

  1. Screw piles - what is it? Pros and Cons and Reviews of Owners and Experts - What to believe? + Video The screw pile must be completely covered with anti-corrosion compound.
  2. The surface of the pile should be as smooth as possible, if this is not the case, then such a pile is welded from a pipe.
  3. Before builders begin installation, check the inside of the pile shaft and the condition of the metal.

    There should be no rust inside. If the pile is rusty inside, then this pipe is not new and it is not suitable for construction.

  4. Be aware that there is no such thing as a standard pile. What should be the screw pile depends on the characteristics of the object: mass, soil, purpose. Depending on this, the diameter and length of the pile are selected.

  5. A test screwing of the pile must be performed.

Experts openly assert that the choice of a foundation on screw piles is justified if the site on which the construction will take place is suitable according to technical criteria.Screw piles are suitable for small and light structures, such as a wooden house no higher than two stories.

Manufacturers claim that the service life of a building on screw piles reaches 100 years. In fact, it is not yet possible to confirm this, because this technology has entered our lives recently.

The owners attribute to the disadvantages of screw piles that it is very difficult to control the safety of the anti-corrosion compound on the surface of the piles during the installation process. This is due to the fact that during installation, a collision with a solid obstacle and a scratch may occur, which can cause rust. Screw piles cannot be installed on rocky or rocky ground. It is absolutely inappropriate to use screw piles as a foundation for a brick house.

Advantages of choosing

The advantages of the owners include the fact that:

  • screw piles can be installed at any time years;
  • absolutely minimal land works;
  • they are durable and have a wide range of applications;
  • suitable for use in difficult areas (swampy ground, uneven terrain, spring floods).

Reviews of the owners

"We built a house on screw piles. We chose this method because we wanted to quickly and inexpensively - But the house is shaking at every step and we cannot imagine how to solve this problem now "Natalya T.

  • " When we decided to build a house, we decided on the foundation option on screw piles, because the site is on a slope. This is a reliable and fast-erected foundation. Do not listen to incompetent recommendations and reviews about the pile foundation from friends and acquaintances.

    The main thing is to choose a reliable contractor and check the quality of the piles. We have lived in the house for a year, no deformations have occurred. " Alexey M.

  • "When I started to build the house, the budget was limited, but I had enough time to move in and live in my own house. Friends advised using screw piles as a foundation, because it is inexpensive and fast.

    I like everything. , except for the appearance. It turned out some kind of "hut on chicken legs" "Oleg K.