Screwdriver bits

Screwdriver bits Some people think that buying professional construction equipment is just a waste of money. But nails and screwdrivers have long outlived their usefulness, and the use of modern tools greatly helps to facilitate construction and renovation in the house.

The same can be said about the screwdriver.


Interestingly, there are several types of this tool, and each of them brings a specific benefit:

  1. Small Screwdriver - is used together with a miniature electric screwdriver to repair phones, watches and small appliances.
  2. Folding devices - these models are used for work in confined spaces, which cannot be reached with a conventional full-size device.

    If the handle starts to interfere with the process, you can simply unscrew it.

  3. Drill-driver is a hybrid design. It is able to combine the best properties for each instrument.

The strength of the cordless screwdriver connection is much better than using even the most expensive and high quality screwdrivers. Plus, you don't have to look for hundreds of other tools with the serif you want, as there are many screwdriver bits available.

This article will cover the best of them.

Nozzles. Overview


Such a device as an angle attachment for a screwdriver makes it possible to tighten and unscrew screws at an angle of 30 degrees. This nozzle is very useful, especially if you work in hard-to-reach places.

There are two types of these tools:

The first variety is used for household chores, since the flexible body makes it possible to bend the nozzle to the maximum in the direction you require. The second type is also used by professionals in their field, since mechanical transfer is more durable. The metal body and gearbox ensure durability as well as reliability. It is better to choose a height of at least 5 cm so that work in the most difficult-to-reach places is facilitated to the maximum.

The holder, which rotates 360 degrees, enables two-handed operation of the instruments.


This attachment looks the same as standard metal scissors. But the difference is that, due to the eccentric and the freely rotating shaft, the device can turn into electric scissors.

Be careful! Before turning on the appliance, make sure that you have a firm grip on the handle. Under heavy loads, torque can develop, and if you do not hold the tool, then there is a possibility of damage to the part, or worse, injury to yourself.

Unlike standard scissors, the attachment for the metal scissors screwdriver does not require the knives to be forced apart, and this allows you to make a beautiful and even cut. As a result, you put in less effort, and the result is much better than with mechanical shears.

Bit holder

This is a kind of adapter that allows you to install any bits on a screwdriver, regardless of length and size. There are several varieties:

  • Magnetic screwdriver head. As the name implies, such bit attachments have a built-in magnet that helps to attract not only the bit, but also the screws, which prevents it from accidentally falling during operation.

  • Tool holder for long self-tapping screws . It is a tube that prevents the self-tapping screws from loosening when twisted.
  • Socket for hex head .

The fact that there are several holders opens up incredible possibilities for using one device for a huge number of tasks.


Yes, the screwdriver is able to replace a number of tools, and sometimes complete equipment.

With the help of special adapters and attachments, they gain new abilities, and become indispensable in the arsenal of home craftsmen. A useful purchase will be a nozzle for a screwdriver pump with an electric drive, which makes it possible to pump water, liquid fertilizer and even water the summer cottage with a screwdriver. The product is quite compact, measures 7.8 * 10. 7 cm and weight 0.

33 kg, it can work on any device with a power of 1.5 kW, including models on the battery. True, some users recommend using screwdrivers with a power of at least 2,000 rpm.

The body of the nozzle is made of very durable plastic, and all the parts inside are made of stainless steel. The device looks like a kind of splitter with two outputs, to which you can connect the outgoing and incoming hose.

The diameter of the inlet in the nozzle is 1.58 cm, and the outlet 2.1 cm. Depending on the power of the device connected to the nozzle, it can pump from 20 to 60 liters of liquid per minute. The approximate cost of the nozzle is 1100 rubles.

Flexible shaft

Screwdriver bits Quite an interesting device - a nozzle for flexible shaft screwdriver, which is designed for drilling holes in places with difficult access. Hard-to-reach places can be considered areas when access is limited due to the large size of the electric repair tool. To facilitate the work, tool manufacturers have tried and created a flexible shaft for a screwdriver, which can be bought at any tool store or ordered in two clicks in the online store. The device is a flexible attachment that helps to transfer torque to a tool that is not aligned with an electric motor.

The design of such a product is quite simple, but despite this, multifunctionality is provided.

The flexible drive has two parts - a cable with an armored base and a soft body. There is a special tip on one part of the nozzle, and with it the shaft is attached to the chuck of the screwdriver (by the way, the nozzle can also be used for a drill). The second part, where the attachment is fixed, has a cartridge or a special retainer for replaceable bits, which were mentioned above. The presence of a chuck on a flexible shaft makes it possible to fix different drills and other nozzles. Such equipment can be used in dentistry.

A flexible shaft is rarely used in the construction industry, but without it, it is sometimes very difficult to get to the fastening element in order to be able to unscrew or tighten it. The case when you cannot do without a flexible shaft for an electric tool can be attributed to the moments when there is no direct access to perform work with a screwdriver.

Such a nozzle makes it possible to perform the following actions:

  • Drilling holes in metal, wood and concrete.
  • Grinding and deburring various parts.
  • Tightening and unscrewing screws and self-tapping screws.

It is actually not very convenient to use a similar nozzle for drilling holes in concrete or metal, since a reliable stop is required to perform drilling, which is not given by the tool due to the design features.

Interestingly, that the attachment for the "flexible shaft" screwdriver can be used on a drill, and even on a grinder with angle grinder. But keep in mind that it is worth being careful when using this tool, since the rotation speed can reach up to 11,000 rpm, so work should be done using personal protective equipment.

Dust protector

Screwdrivers are often used instead of a drill, and sometimes you need to work in a house where shavings and excess dust will be superfluous. A dust protector can be used especially for this.

It is a cone-shaped glass made of rubber. The rig should be fixed to the drill and act as a dome, which will prevent chips from flying in all directions. If you do not have a hammer drill, you can use a screwdriver with a dust cover and a ceramic drill. In such a duet, the tool will make it possible to make holes in concrete, and although this will be very slow, it is extremely effective and completely dust-free.

Rivet bit

This bit is optional and never comes in the standard set.

It can be used to pull out threaded rivets. It is made of very durable plastic and the collar fits on top of the part. A threaded steel rod is inserted into the hole, and it must be one size larger than the hole in the rivet.

It is mainly used for:

  • Installation of ventilation systems and air conditioners.
  • Furniture assembly.

  • Car dealership repair.

Important! Not every screwdriver can use rivets. It must necessarily have a reverse function and the voltage during operation is not lower than 14. 4 V.

Moreover, you should make sure whether this bit can be installed on the inner hexagon of the tool shaft.

Nozzle for cutting metal

A similar nozzle is intended for tin, thin metal, the width of which is no more than 0.2 cm, and sometimes depending on from a variety of metal can be used as a saw. It has two cutting parts, one of which is covered with a handle. When one knife becomes dull, the handle begins to loosen and it can be transferred to the dull blade, which makes it possible to continue working with a sharp knife. Cutting with such a nozzle is extremely effective, since the edges are smooth and without any deformation.

The working speed is even higher than with the grinder, and there are no sparks when cutting.

Polishing attachment

This attachment has many subspecies and possibilities for use, for example:

  • Screwdriver bits Polishing metal, glass, wood and objects covered with varnish.
  • Cleaning metal from corrosion, as well as old coatings.
  • Grinding of wood and metal products.

There are these types of polishing attachments:

  • Hard and rubber.

  • Petal and flat (petals are made of different materials).
  • Abrasive (to remove large roughness).
  • Grinding (to create perfect smoothness).
  • Polishing (create shine on the product).
  • Metal brush (helps to remove rust and other signs of corrosion).

  • Disc (used for cleaning aluminum parts).
  • Cylindrical (for grinding metal, glass and wood).
  • End wheel (helps to clean very small parts).

Please note that personal protective equipment must be used when using these attachments, as the formation of small fragments and dust may injure you.


The list of attachments that help expand the functionality of the device does not end there.

This article only lists the basic tips. To buy a really high-quality bit, pay attention to the material of manufacture (tungsten, molybdenum, chromium and vanadium are recommended), the presence of a protective coating on the bits (nickel, titanium or diamond sputtering) and the reliability of the manufacturer.