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Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video How to find water on the site is the first thing that probably needs to be done after buying a house and summer cottage. It directly depends on various factors: in what place people and their pets live, as well as the state of vegetation on a piece of land. It is necessary to start all over again when the well or well is completely absent or in a terrible state.

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How to find water underground

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video First of all, it is imperative to determine the location of the water key. Finding quality water is a responsible and not an easy task.

So how to find water on the site with your own hands? Let's find out ...

Before starting the search for a place for a water intake point, one should carefully examine all the readily available information about groundwater in the area of ​​the place, examine hydrogeological maps.

Underground water is discontinuous between aquifers.

From the number of underground stone and clay layers, reservoirs of various widths arise from a cubic meter up to 10 cubes. They have every chance of being both vertical and horizontal. Sometimes these hydrophyte lenses bend. Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video

Determination of the movement of groundwater

Not far on the plane of the soil there are so-called top water. These are not very large underground reservoirs that are filled when the snow melts and precipitation.

If the weather is dry for a long time, they will soon dry out, and the quality of such water is very low, since all sorts of blockages from the surface enter it. As a result, it is not recommended to use such water as the main spring. The best option is to use it for technical needs.

Extremely successful for extracting drinking water - deep aquifers that contain the maximum amount of the purest and highest quality water. They are located at a depth of more than 5-7 meters, the water is very well filtered before getting into such "lakes".

However, the most valuable is water, which is at a depth of thirty - fifty meters and more. It is practically constantly enriched with a large number of salts and minerals, hence this water is the purest.

Getting it down to this depth is not easy, undoubtedly and financially unprofitable, but the water quality is worth it. It is necessary to take into account that in one section a water well has the ability to be thin, and in another - to increase to large volumes.

How to find water with your own hands

How to find water for a well on a site with your own hands, without spending a lot of money?

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video Very easy.

The most famous and well-known method is the use of aluminum frames. They are good at feeling magnetic waves on the ground.

And the water has a very strong effect on the magnetic background.In order to find some water with the support of aluminum frames, it is necessary to carry out similar actions.

Take 2 pieces of thick aluminum wire and cut fifteen centimeters away until the right corner is removed.

Cut fragments from the viburnum trunk along the length of the handles and remove the core. Insert the wire into the tubes so that it runs smoothly. Holding these well-known devices in outstretched handles, walk across the area. During the period of movement, the edges of the wire must be divorced in different directions.

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video If water is found on the right or left under the ground, in this case, these two boundaries will unfold into the required side.

And if the aquifer is in front of you, the edges of the wire will close. In order to be convinced of your own find, walk over the found water several times, however, moving along a different line of movement. If everything repeats itself, then it is allowed to dig a well on the current site.

The technology of finding water with the help of a vine

Our ancestors understood this perfectly! For this, they used an ordinary willow rod. There was also a similar activity - a dowser.

Willow feels liquid and nature has endowed her with the ability to reach for water. It is not difficult to carry out such searches personally. Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video

To do this, : designate a willow branch with 2 branches coming out of 1- th barrel, and dry it at room temperature. Take the edges of the branches in your hands and spread them to such an extent that the angle among them is approximately one hundred and fifty degrees. The outcome of a single trunk must look a little upward, and the muscles of the arms must be strained.

Walk on the area with this device.

Where the aquifer lies, the branch of the vine will go down without much difficulty.

Ancient method with clay pots

This is also an extremely old and classic way of finding water. To do this, in order to clearly establish the zones of water occurrence, they used pottery in the villages. Before this necessary commission, the pot was perfectly sun-dried.

In the section of the planned well, a dried product was placed in an inverted form. If there was actually some water deep under the soil, then the pot was very sweaty inside.

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video The current owners also use this technology, however, in a slightly improved version. A set number of silica gel is poured into the pot. It is also dried before use.

The filled pot is weighed and placed in the water search area. For a greater likelihood of a positive ending, several such pots are placed over the whole area. After the time has elapsed, the pots are weighed: where is the heaviest, there it is necessary to dig a well or a well. Instead of silica gel, it is allowed to use small pieces of typical brick.

Plants -indicators

According to numerous representatives of the plant world, it is allowed to absolutely clearly establish the zones of water occurrence, including the depth of its location.

This is due to the fact that different plants have different root lengths and use water at a set depth. If in your place a thicket of wild rosemary, wood lice, and the like can be traced, in this case, in these places the water comes close enough to the plane of the earth, a birch with a disproportionate crown and a twisted trunk also indicates excessive dampness. But pines and other coniferous trees do not prefer water.

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video Animal-assistants

How to find water on the site under the well will give hint tame pets. Peasants from time immemorial noticed that in a place where dogs or horses start to dig their mother earth, it is allowed to reveal water with a high opportunity.

Chickens do not lay eggs when it is damp on the site, and geese, like waterfowl birds, or rather, make a nest over the place of the coming well. Ants do not prefer "water" sites. If in the evening you notice a column of midges or mosquitoes over a certain area - here you can look for some water.

Salt and brick

Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video Consider how to find water in a country house with the assistance of typical kitchen salt and the construction of bricks. It is necessary to choose a sultry period when the earth will be completely dry.

Pour the pre-dried salt or crushed scarlet brick into a gray clay unpainted pot. We weigh the container together with the contents. We wrap the pot in cheesecloth or agrofiber and immerse it in the soil to a depth of half a meter. A day later, we buy our own home-made apparatus and weigh it again. If the difference in weight is quite significant, then water is not far away.


Secrets, step by step instructions- Review + Video In those places where in the summer in the early morning there is a light smoke, or rather only, there is groundwater nearby. The thicker the fog, the higher the water underground. It is necessary to look only behind the fog that stands on the site without moving.

Test drilling

How to find water under a well with drilling support? This is a more expensive method of tracing water. Drilling some wells with a screw auger costs as much as installing a traditional ring well.

As a result, in ordinary, not very large areas, such searches are carried out quite infrequently, and an ordinary garden drill is used more.

But if it is planned to form a water intake point for production needs and water is needed in large volumes, while experimental drilling is quite more justified.

All the methods of finding, how to find the water itself, outlined in this article, have been tried and applied numerously, and some have been tried by almost all generations of people.Which method is most comfortable for a particular location is a problem for any individual owner.

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