Selection and Application Tips + Video

Selection and Application Tips + Video In this article we will talk about such a wonderful material, with good performance characteristics, like flat slate.

This is a versatile material, as it is suitable for roofing works, installation of interior partitions, wall cladding outside and inside.

It is also used by the organization of beds on land plots.

In addition, the price of the material is not high, which makes it affordable for everyone who wants to use it.

Flat slate.

General information

Flat slate - a kind of wave-like asbestos slate

Made in two types:

  1. Selection and Application Tips + Video pressed and
  2. unpressed.

Both are produced from asbestos and Portland cement. The mixture is diluted using water, bringing to a certain consistency.

Asbestos fiber performs a reinforcing function, making pressed flat slate strong and reliable. Unpressed flat slate is made using a different technology, so it has its own differences in strength and freeze-thaw cycle, moreover, its price is significantly lower than the pressed material.

Flat slate is used to cover roofs with a slope of not more than 30 °, as formwork, for fences, fences at various enterprises, as a facing material for walls. Suitable for the construction of fences for beds made of flat slate, on loggias and balconies, as well as the creation of structures for shower cabins and sheds in suburban areas.

Advantages of cladding with flat slate

  • Selection and Application Tips + Video cheapness;
  • long service life;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • resistant to external aggressive environment;
  • not susceptible to corrosion and decay;
  • fire resistance;
  • does not conduct electricity;
  • low labor costs for installation and repair;
  • easy to install;
  • can be decorated at your discretion;
  • economical in consumption.

Disadvantages of flat slate

  • the material is heavy, so one person cannot cope with it;
  • low level of environmental friendliness;
  • very fragile, requires delicate handling and transportation;
  • needs to be processed from moss, as well as in the process of cutting and laying;
  • low level of moisture resistance, frost resistance (for protection they are covered with acrylic paint ).

Important! All work with flat slate must be carried out in protective clothing and a respirator, since asbestos dust, penetrating into the respiratory tract, brings discomfort and is dangerous to human health.

To install flat slate, holes for nails must be drilled with a larger diameter than the nail head itself.

Selection and Application Tips + Video This is done in order to prevent splitting of the material in the cold (the accumulated moisture expands under the influence of low temperatures).

Nails are taken with a galvanized hat with the addition of rubber or plastic.


During the laying of flat slate, bridges or special ladders are erected on the roof , due to the fragility of the material, it cannot be walked on. Carefully forget the nails, as the sheets can crack or even split from impacts.

Production process

Flat slate, which is produced in factories, has quality certificates and corresponds to the technological process, which is divided into stages:

  1. preparation of a mixture of components;
  2. molding;
  3. product aging process;
  4. pressing;
  5. final exposure;
  6. final material.

There were times when flat slate was produced in one unsightly gray shade. At the moment, the building material market can offer discerning buyers a rich color gamut of materials with excellent performance characteristics.

Areas of use of flat slate

Selection and Application Tips + Video Most often, this material is used for interior and exterior wall cladding. It has properties that allow insulation to be laid in the gaps between it and the wall.

To ensure a pleasant appearance, many people buy flat slate in various colors.

Inside the house, this material is suitable for laying interior partitions or floors. The material has sufficient density and has a thickness within 40 mm.

Pressed flat slate is more suitable for floors. Also, the material is used for the construction of ventilation shafts and, traditionally, for the roof.

Application of flat slate for beds

Material properties

Summer residents and gardeners know how much effort needs to be invested in order to create neat beds on the land. In this case, as it is impossible, by the way, there will be slate, which will show its best qualities:

  • Selection and Application Tips + Video durability;
  • resistance to putrefactive processes in contact with the ground and plants;
  • has a presentable appearance;
  • simple and easy to install.

Important! Before you start laying sheets, the material must be inspected for chips, cracks and various defects. If there is a need, the slate is cut.

How to make beds from flat slate with your own hands?

  • For this purpose, use flat slate of different colors, at your personal discretion.

  • The standard size of flat slate is 1.75 cm in length. In order to avoid waste during work, the sheet is cut into two halves, thus forming the width of the bed.
  • To connect the sheets to each other, metal corners are used, which are pre-cut to a certain size and make holes in them for bolts. Then these places need to be painted over in order to avoid corrosion.

With this formation method, the beds will be located 10 cm above ground level, which contributes to better heating of the soil.When the flat slate is deepened by 15 - 20 cm into the ground, protection will be created against roots getting into the beds.

Important! In order to avoid damage to the slate, you must first dig a trench, and not drive it into the ground.

Painting slate

Selection and Application Tips + Video In order to make flat slate attractive appearance, they began to paint it with acrylic paints in brown, red, green, blue shades.

They can be either matte or glossy.

Coloring is done not only for decorative purposes, but also for protective purposes.

Indeed, such a coating provides protection against ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric precipitation and prolongs the life of the material.

When choosing a product, be sure to inspect how well the paint is applied. According to the standard, the slate should be painted evenly without streaks on both sides.

To make the right choice and not be disappointed, pay attention to all the nuances: for what purpose the material is purchased, what methods of fastening, sheet thickness, marking.

For the roof, large flat slate is selected, but at the same time with low weight, to speed up the installation process and reduce pressure on the house. For the construction of walls, slate is taken with a greater thickness, but of a smaller size.

This is done so that there are no additional labor costs for the arrangement of window and door openings.

Slate cutting and installation

Important! When cutting or drilling material, select a tool that minimizes dust generation.

The most elementary method is to break off the desired pieces of slate.

The structure of the material allows you to do this without much difficulty, and without the danger of cracks in the remaining part of the flat slate.

This procedure can also be done at home, since there will be practically no dust. It is important not to break off the corners, because it will not work.

In order to break off a piece of the required size, draw a break line on the slate, make a couple of 1 mm holes, lay the slate on the surface so that this line is on the edge, then press on the material and break off.

Cutting tools

You can also use tools:


Selection and Application Tips + Video Better to work in pairs, because there will be a lot of dust.

For example, you are cutting and a companion pours water onto the saw blade and the cut line, dust particles will bind and turn into dirt.

Diamond wheel

When working, be sure to use protective equipment, and grind slate cuts.


Along the marked line, slide the cutter until a furrow is formed and break the material.


To work with flat slate, you do not need to buy a tool with high power. In this case, a less powerful tool would be a better choice, since slow operation makes the process simpler and more reliable and there will be less dust.

Important! It is not recommended to use a hacksaw for cutting flat slate sheets. The process will be long and labor-intensive, and there is a lot of dust.

Installation of flat slate

After the material is prepared for work, the installation process can begin. To fix flat slate on the roof, it is necessary to make holes in it for self-tapping screws. In this case, this is the best fastener, since the screws have a washer and a gasket, they do not need to be driven in like nails, and the slate will not deform.

Remember to apply a waterproofing layer to the roof.

For the installation of walls or their leveling alignment, you need to apply a profile and make the necessary structure, which is sheathed with flat slate. For fastening the sheets, a clamp is used, which is able to fix 2 parts of the slate and will ensure the strength and reliability of the structure.

The side of the flat slate facing the street must be additionally treated with protective agents against moisture, for this they take acrylic paints. On the inside, plaster is applied, smoothed and sanded, thus preparing the surface for finishing.

For final work, colored flat slate is suitable.


Selection and Application Tips + Video Installation of flat slate on the walls is carried out end-to-end, and the places of contact are coated with sealants.

For a gazebo or fences, you need to take large sheets of slate. They are attached to beams or frames according to the same principle.

The main difference will be the size of the sheets, which is selected in accordance with the size of the structure.

To ensure a long service life of flat slate, it is necessary to take care of the correct processing at the initial stage, and its subsequent installation.

To cover flat slate with paints, it is necessary to take acrylics, since they have optimal characteristics that are able to protect the material from an aggressive environment.

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