Selection and installation of roller shutter garage doors? Tips & Tricks - Review + Video

Selection and installation of roller shutter garage doors? Tips & Tricks - Review + Video The issue of safe storage of the car has always been acute. Ordinary parking lots are not suitable for everyone, but the garage is a great place where you can put a car, equip an inspection pit, and organize a warehouse for the necessary tools and things.

Constructing a box of four walls is not a difficult task if you follow the rules for building such structures. But you should approach the choice of gates with all responsibility, because the safety of property depends on their quality and modification. Rolling garage doors are very popular among car owners.

This is understandable, because their design has a lot of advantages and looks very presentable.

General information

It should be noted that the choice of garage doors is quite diverse, and depends on the financial capabilities of the consumer and personal preferences.

Types of gates:

  1. lift-and-turn;
  2. lift-section;
  3. sliding;
  4. swing;
  5. roller shutters.

Characteristics of roller shutters

The second name of this design is roller shutters . Gates of this type are very popular in European countries and in the USA.

The size of the gate ranges from 150 to 430 cm in width and from 150 to 270 cm in height. The cost range starts from 7 thousand rubles and ends with 70 thousand. The price depends on the configuration and the material that was taken for production.

The design and mechanism of the gate has its pros and cons. One of the advantages of the product is the simplicity of manufacture, which allows you to do all the work yourself without unnecessary physical and financial costs.

Features of the construction of roller shutter gates for a garage

Roller-type gates at first glance resemble blinds and are completed with additional elements.

The basis of the design is:

  • Selection and installation of roller shutter garage doors? Tips & Tricks - Review + Video lamellas made of aluminum and steels that make up a solid canvas;
  • vertical guide rails (2 pcs.);
  • a coil on which the lamellas are wound;
  • a semicircular or rectangular box to protect the canvas;
  • electric or mechanical drive;
  • crossbar or automatic locks;
  • a lever that allows you to unblock the automatic gate in the absence of electricity.

Roller shutters can be equipped with additional parts to order, for example:

  • remote control system;
  • signaling;
  • sealing rubber or silicone inserts;
  • heating system, which makes it easy to open and close the gate in winter.

Types of roller shutters

The product is divided into types depending on different categories.

from the material

  • steel (extra strong, guarantee anti-burglary protection and noise insulation);
  • aluminum (have an attractive appearance , light weight, corrosion resistant);

from control method

  • Selection and installation of roller shutter garage doors? Tips & Tricks - Review + Video mechanical (they are started up with a manual drive. The price is affordable, but the mechanism is not suitable for roller shutter gates weighing more than 30 kg);
  • automatic roller shutter gates (equipped with an electric drive that drives in operation using the control panel or buttons, in the absence of electricity can be opened with a key, equipped with a motion sensor. Price from 2 to 6 thousand rubles);

from protection level

  • low (class P1 - P2) - protects against dust and noise;
  • medium (class P3-P5) - the gate is made of steel profile, which makes it more reliable and durable;
  • high (class Р6-Р8) - armored shutters.

from the installation method

  • overhead or external - they are mounted on the outside of the garage, and the box is fixed above the opening;
  • built-in - installed in the opening, which allows for greater reliability;
  • combined - before installation, allocate space for a niche above the doorway.


All methods of installing roller shutters in the garage allow the installation of the box from the inside and outside.

Advantages of roller shutters

Due to the advantages of roller shutters, they are used not only by garage owners, but by commercial enterprises at their facilities: shops , banks, warehouses, offices, shopping centers, etc.

One of the main advantages of the product is its compactness. They make it possible to save precious space in a small garage, which is on average about 2 m, compared to the contraction of the swing type. If you own a small plot of land and have a limited budget, then roller shutter gates are the perfect solution.

The design of roller shutter gates is suitable for installation in openings of standard and increased sizes, but there are still some limitations on dimensions. For steel profiles, the door width should be no more than 7 m, taking into account the area no more than 49 m². For aluminum profiles - 6 m with the largest door area of ​​14 m².

Due to their simplicity of design, roller shutters are convenient to use. They do not need additional money for maintenance, purchase of lubricants or paints and varnishes.

Affordable cost is another argument in favor of buying a gate of this type. Installation of roller shutter gates does not require special knowledge and skills, all the work can be done independently.

If it becomes necessary to repair the lamellas, then for this it is enough to remove the cover of the box in which they are located, lower and remove the canvas, spread it out on a plane for removing locks on the sides.Then it is necessary to dismantle the damaged elements and fix the new ones, which are easily connected with locks. Upon completion of the repair, the canvas is installed in place.

How easy it is to carry out repair work with roller shutters for a garage, you can learn from the video on the Internet.

It should be noted that despite the apparent fragility, roller shutter garage doors are resistant to subzero temperatures, do not give in to rust and have a long service life. Even inexpensive products can last at least 10 years. They protect the garage from street dust, dirt, noise, and insulation materials make it possible to reduce heat loss by 20%.

The aesthetic appearance of roller shutter garage doors makes them popular with consumers.

Manufacturers produce products in a variety of colors: white, brown, gray, black, blue, red, green and many other original shades. In addition, there are products that imitate various textures that can easily fit into any style.

Disadvantages of roller shutter gates for a garage

In addition to the obvious advantages of the products, it is impossible to mention the disadvantages of roller shutters. There are few of them, but they should be kept in mind when buying.

It is not possible to open the lamella blade without cutting the metal.

Despite the fact that the gates are equipped with an alarm system, car owners prefer such designs, provided that the garage is guarded at the facility. The safest option is steel armored gates, but their cost is quite high.

Roller shutters are more suitable for garages without heating, and this is due to the fact that lamellas without sealing rubber do not retain heat well and cold air, penetrating into the room, contributes to the formation of ice on the structural elements. This makes it difficult to open the shutters. To solve the problem, special ice sprays are used or a web heating system is installed.

Based on this, it should be noted that the ideal place for installing roller shutters is in regions with a warm or temperate climate.

Dimensions, cost and manufacturers of roller shutters

The material used for production, the complexity of the box, the presence of additional functions, for example, an alarm system, affects the price of roller shutters for a garage or a motion sensor. The cheapest option is hand-operated aluminum roller shutters, the most expensive is armored steel models.

The cost of the structure also depends on the size of the canvas. the canvas should ideally fit into the garage opening.

This will ensure smooth running and increase the life of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to make accurate calculations before buying.

Leadership positions in the market for sales and manufacture of roller shutter garage doors are occupied by three companies:

Hormann is a German company that produces high-quality products with excellent equipment, which is confirmed by international quality certificates. The cost of the products is correspondingly high.

DoorHan is a Russian manufacturer of economy-class garage doors that have won the recognition of consumers in the MGN countries and China.

Alutech is a large Belarusian company that produces garage doors of all known types, as well as accessories for them. The main advantage of the products is the combination of high quality and affordable cost.