Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress

Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress. Most of those who shop on the Internet prefer to use the Aliexpress website for online shopping - in the vastness of this giant, there are many different goods on the network with different purposes.

Here you can find beautiful things for your home, because the Chinese, like no one else, know a lot about beautiful and cute products. For this article, we have collected only the best things for repair and design, and we are also ready to show you all the most unusual finds.

When creating the collection, we relied not only on the appearance and functionality of the product, but also on the rating of sellers and the level of trust in them.

We are looking for useful gizmos for decorating a house with Aliexpress

Sometimes even the most seemingly simple little things can change our lives. In the leaders, the majority have chosen stickers and stickers that help to hide problems until the next expected repair, and also can completely change the perception of the interior. In addition, you can find other charming and even cute little things that will be a great decoration for your home / apartment. So, let's look at the TOP of things for the interior with Aliexpress.

Glowing tape

If your house has a staircase, or you have a habit of waking up at night and taking walks to the refrigerator or regular trips to the toilet, then you definitely need such a tape.

It is completely invisible in the daytime, but in the dark it can glow green and will help you navigate the house, without having to turn on the light again and thereby bother family members.

In addition, it replenishes the charge from artificial lighting or sunlight and will be visible all night in complete darkness. Such a beautiful ribbon can be used not only to indicate the direction, since in the dark it will help you quickly find a switch or a remote control, and most young parents got used to and began to sew this ribbon on children's jackets and backpacks. The cost of a roll of tape with a length of 3 meters and a width of 15 cm is only 100 rubles.

Flexible PVC Corner

This is the perfect solution for the kitchen and bathroom.

Self-adhesive tape has an excellent adhesive layer, and therefore will be able to reliably protect the walls from the ingress of water from the sink or bathroom, and the tape can also be used to insulate the base of the toilet bowl and other similar needs. The tape itself is elastic and soft, so it adheres perfectly. This cool trick is used not only for sealing joints and corners, but also for other household purposes. The cost of a sticker with a length of 3.2 meters is 350 rubles.

Manufacturers try to please everyone, therefore they offer a wide range of colors and shades so that you can make a choice in favor of the most successful for your own interior.

Mirror stickers

It is interesting that the sets of mirror stickers not only help to decorate the room beautifully, but even hide minor flaws in the renovation. If you want to make the interior original, you should use unusual mirror acrylic stickers. Yes, only on Aliexpress you can find a wide range of stickers with different designs, as well as unusual compositions. The use of such materials even helps to increase the space (albeit only visually).

It should be borne in mind that stickers by themselves cannot replace a full-fledged mirror, since the image will be slightly distorted in them. The cost of a mirror set made of acrylic starts at 130 rubles.

Panels for sound insulation

Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress Aliexpress offers products for the interior, and also in order to make it more comfortable not only for yourself, but even for your neighbors. So, if you have a home theater in your apartment or a teenager has long been asking you to give him a drum kit for his birthday, you will definitely need such panels. The fact is that they are made of foam and they are also available in different colors so that you can choose the right shade for any room.

If the room is pasted over with such panels, then it will be possible to safely arrange concerts on the piano, and at the same time you will not disturb your neighbors at all. The cost of one sticker, the size of which is 0.25 * 0. 25 meters is about 75 rubles.

Film for reflecting light on glass

Film materials for windows can be with a pattern or just some shade.

For regions where the climate is hot, it will be very useful to use mirror films with a reflective effect. A very extraordinary effect can be achieved with colored film. You can also use the film not only for windows, but even for doors with inserts made of material such as glass. With it, you can quickly freshen cabinets and kitchen shelves. The material is sold in the form of rolls, and the cost of 1 meter is from 160 rubles and more.

Pockets for creating a phytowall

A green wall, or as it is also called "phytowall", is a living plant that is located in a special wall holder, and you can fill up the soil. In them you can plant almost all types of climbing plants. As a rule, such green spaces are placed opposite the window. Such decoration for the interior can refresh it and become the main highlight. The cost of the base for creating a green wall is from 350 rubles.

For filling, it is recommended to use only the soil that is suitable for the selected type of plant.

"Floating" vases

Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress A vase that floats above the surface, while it contains flowers or plants - this is an unusual decoration for the interior.The operation of such a non-standard object is based on the interaction of a high-power magnetic field. The vase is powered by an electrical network and can be placed on the floor or table in the apartment. You should not worry about plants - you can plant any living plants or put a bouquet with artificial flowers - in any case, such a piece of furniture will immediately attract the attention of all guests.

The cost of goods, provided that the delivery is free, is from 3,500 rubles.

Non-slip stickers on rugs

This sticker helps out great, especially for rugs in the bathroom or corridor, as the mat will not wrinkle and will not slide underfoot. Agree that almost everyone has encountered the problem of sliding the rug, and this is especially inconvenient if you urgently need to vacuum the rug - it will stick to the handle of the vacuum cleaner. The solution is quite simple - small stickers that are attached to the back and the problem is solved. The cost of 4 stickers is 70 rubles.

Bet security sticker for doors

If you have constant drafts due to constantly blowing under the door, then it is worth use a sticker that protects from the wind. The cost is only 90 rubles, and after that you will forever forget about what a sock of warm socks in winter is.

Geometric caskets made of glass

Such transparent caskets of various geometric shapes can preserve flower arrangements or even create your own miniature garden. These lidded pots can be used for a variety of purposes, but they will look equally good with jewelry or travel souvenirs. This wonderful little thing will decorate the interior, and the issue price is only 750 rubles.

Pink flamingos

The interior from Aliexpress can be anything you want, the main thing is to find a suitable decoration. One of these is a beautiful pink flamingo from store M iz, which really managed to win the hearts of customers. This can be seen from the large number of fans who managed to add the store to Favorites. And who can resist such delicate home decorations from the store? Flamingos of pale pink color will be a great addition to the interior, both for classic and modern. They will fit perfectly into all rooms of the house, and will also be able to cause a storm of positive emotions for both home and guests.

Ceramic storage containers

And this is the second item from Miz's best decor item store. Such an item will not only become an excellent decorative element, but will also be very useful. It performs the function of an organization, which is very important. In a container in the form of beautiful cats, you can store not only jewelry, but also food, if you adapt it for the kitchen (you can store salt or sugar). Agree that this is a rather interesting decor item.

Candlestick in the form of a birdcage

Yes, it is simply impossible to pass by such a tender and cute little thing! She looks sophisticated, incredibly beautiful. This is really what is required for a romantic style interior or for a shebishik. Such a thing is able to find a place for itself with absolutely any room. Judging by the reviews, buyers are also very happy with the purchase.

Cutie mug

Aliexpress has an incredibly large selection of various dishes, in different shades, styles and sizes.

All of them are creative, but the cuteness of such mugs is off scale. It may even give the impression that a circle that smiles is capable of speaking. In any case, children and girls will like the dishes.

Rug with the image of a dog's face

Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress This rug is also impossible to pass by past. It looks so beautiful in the interior that, judging by the reviews, it was able to win the hearts of adults and quite wealthy people.

Perhaps the point is not in his video itself, but in the correct implementation into the interior. It is very beautiful and is perfect for a children's room or a Scandinavian-style room.

Plates in the form of different animals

Interior products from Aliexpress do not leave anyone indifferent, especially plates in the form of animals, due to which they immediately catch the eye. They will delight not only children, but even adults. Any feast, no matter what it will be - a children's party or a corporate party will become brighter with such dishes.

Spectacle stands in the form of a miniature bust of a rabbit / deer

We have never seen such glasses stands before, and we could not even imagine that such a thing was possible. Still, it's not for nothing that they say that whatever you come up with, there will always be a Chinese who will make it even more interesting and better than you. This is true, because creativity in the Celestial Empire takes almost the first place. Such coasters are very cool, and it is not even immediately possible to understand what it is.

Wood eyelashes

Selection of interior decor with Aliexpress If you read only the name of the product, it is unlikely whether it will sound cute and suggest that we are talking about interior decoration.

In fact, they are really cute, and such eyelashes are found in almost all decors of children's rooms, which are made in the Scandinavian style. They are very simple, but capable of giving the interior an interesting and even a little philosophical idea.

Pillows in the form of swans

The pillows, which are made in the shape of majestic swans, are not only very beautiful, but also delicate. By themselves, swans are symbolic creatures, and in the form of pillows they are able to acquire a much deeper meaning. People who buy such things, usually kind and open, know how to dream, as well as follow the dream.

Unusual plastic bags with decorations for storing sweets

If you think that you know the entire range of goods, then you are deeply mistaken, because it is unlikely have seen such bags for storing sweets before. Agree that this is unusual? The plus is that they can be used an unlimited number of times, or you can buy and give sweets to your child for a holiday. At such a moment you really understand that all ingenious is simple.

Pillows and decorative pillowcases

Unusual pillowcases are the easiest way to make your home interior better and more interesting. Fashion has changed - you can quickly change the pillowcase.

There is an anti-stress "Mermaid" pillow, which will become a bright accent and an original gift. The pillowcase is trimmed with sequins and can change colors if you slide your hand over it. On the "mermaid" you can write and even draw with your fingers and watch the color change - this is the anti-stress effect.


The easiest way to decorate an empty wall is to get a beautiful poster. These can be motivational inscriptions, or retro posters, b / w photography, fauna and flora - you can find suitable options for any style direction.

We propose to dwell on geometry, since this interior trend is long-lasting, it does not get boring. Graphic minimalist posters organically fit into modern types of interiors, which are decorated in a laconic style.


And now we are not talking about kitchen utensils. If it seems to you that posters are commonplace and even vulgarity, then pay attention to the unusual option in the form of decorative plates. Plates featuring celebrity faces will be expressive accents in your interior.

This piece of furniture has become a cult and appeared for the first time in one of the projects for decorating a Scandinavian kitchen.


Only details make the interior the way it should be. On Ali you can find many charming little things for the home. Among them, a trophy deer was found, which will hold keys, headphones and umbrellas on its horns. If for some reason you do not like deer, you can choose any other representative of the animal world, of which there are a lot on Ali.


So, this small overview of the vastness of the incredibly huge shopping counter Aliexpress can be considered complete. What did you find unusual and very beautiful? Share your discoveries in the comments.