Self-production of construction goats: Instruction + Photo and Video

Self-production of construction goats: Instruction + Photo and Video Construction goats - how to make it yourself? A lot of work related to repair and construction must take place on a hill. The first thing that comes across is a stepladder, but it greatly limits your options. For this, goats and a scaffold were invented, because even two people can stand on them, as well as all the necessary tools that are needed in the public domain. Since gantry production is not yet so widely developed, you can learn how to assemble construction goats with your own hands.

Construction goats are a practical solution that allows you to be on a hill, move freely.

General information

Nothing can compete with the goats in this. They can be made from:

What are the goats

If a little earlier such a support for work can only be made independently, now they are freely available in any hardware store ...

Most often, shop trestles are made of aluminum, thanks to which they are very strong and stable, and also have very little weight.

Construction scaffolds are of two types:

  1. Folding. Very convenient, compact trestle folded very convenient to store. But you should also be careful with them, they should always be tested for stability.
  2. Not folding.

    They have great convenience for working on them and stability, since they represent a single support. But in this case it will not be very convenient to store them.

Goats made of aluminum are quite difficult and not budgetary to mount at home. Therefore, wooden goats are a good option. After all, wood is very practical and convenient.


For installation you need :

  • Self-production of construction goats: Instruction + Photo and Video Scheme ,
  • Tape measure (for measuring wooden canvases before starting work),
  • Saw (used to cut boards),
  • Pencil (for marking),
  • Drill (for fastening boards with screws, when working with an electric tool, you must know and follow safety precautions),
  • Screws,
  • Bolts , nuts, etc.
  • Carpenter's corner,
  • Wood material.

Pay attention! It is necessary to choose material without cracks and knots. If they do not correspond, then in no case is it recommended to use such material.

Assembly scheme

It is necessary to put on a flat surface five wooden bases 1500x100x30, and three with dimensions of 500x100x30 mm.

Place boards with smaller dimensions on the edge side so that the distance between them does not exceed 1.5 m. The third must be placed, exactly between them. Lay the larger boards in the amount of two pieces on top of the smaller ones in the form of a rectangle. The board in the middle, the length of which is 0.

5 meters, must be leveled using a tape measure.Next, be sure to check if the structure is even and connect everything with self-tapping screws.

  1. Lay two more rectangular boards on the inverted structure, connect. It turns out a flooring, or an area for work.
  2. Take four more wooden canvases with dimensions 1100x100x30 and attach them from the ends.

    The result is a structure somewhat reminiscent of a table.

  3. The next step is to reinforce the structure with boards 1700x100x30mm and 1500x50x30mm. They must be attached so that the opposite reinforcements are in different diagonals.
  4. And the last point is the attachment of the ladder. For more convenient work, the steps from the bottom can be made with a small protrusion.

    The length of the stairs is chosen according to individual preferences.

  5. That's it, your goats are ready. But for safe construction and repair work, they need to be checked. To do this, we place any objects with a large weight on the surface, if the goats have withstood it, then you can not be afraid and feel free to use them in installation.

Features of metal goats

If you do not have the ability or desire to mount wooden goats yourself, you can purchase metal ones.

They are more stable for any kind of work.

Types of metal scaffolding:

  • Pin,
  • Clamp,
  • Frame,
  • Wedge (they have one of the most complex joints, in the form of discs welded to straight posts and pipes. The lock is located on the disc, the wedge enters the hole. The advantage of such scaffolds is that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble, and move to another place. )

It is necessary to choose construction gantries very carefully, taking into account the complexity of future work, the degree of load and cost.

You can also purchase materials for self-assembly, or already made parts, which can only be fastened together.


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