separate or combined? Review + Video

separate or combined? Review + Video Which is better - a separate or combined bathroom. Human desires change much more often than building codes. More than half a century ago, it was incredible happiness to get a separate apartment with amenities, and it didn't matter at all whether it was a separate or combined bathroom.

At the moment, a small latrine simply won't fit into the concept of comfort in use.

Which version of the bathroom is better

The convenience of the toilet room will depend on several factors at once:

  • Sink height.

  • Toilet design.
  • The presence of a bath or shower.
  • Is it possible to take a bath so that no one can interfere.

As strange as it may sound, when choosing the type of sanitary unit, the opinion of homeowners is fundamentally different. For example, not all people dream of having a separate toilet in their apartment.

But often in design practice, you can meet clients who adore when the sanitary unit is combined and you get a large room in which there is a toilet, a bathroom, and a washbasin with a washing machine.

separate or combined? Review + Video Most often, the option of divided rooms is chosen by those who have a large family who lives in a small size. Some may arrange separate functional areas, for example, a washbasin and a bathtub in a small area. Apartment owners can independently decide whether they want to have a separate or combined room in their apartment. Most likely, in a family with small children, and at the same time there is a large dressing room, people will definitely want to combine the premises for their own convenience.

The fact is that on a large area you can easily accommodate a locker for clothes and a laundry basket, install a washing machine and other plumbing equipment that is so necessary. If 4 or more people live in the apartment, then you will need to make a separate toilet and bathroom to eliminate the cramped space. If tenants try to adhere to a certain schedule or schedule, which directly depends on who and what time goes to work, then in the morning no one will crowd around a cramped room. In this case, it makes no sense to share space. It also happens that families separate the bathroom due to the fact that some residents often take water procedures and, because of this, cause inconvenience to everyone else.

The financial side of the issue

Before deciding whether to renovate a room for hygiene procedures, you should take into account all financial costs. After the dismantling of the wall partitions is completed, you should definitely contact the department of the BTI of your city in order to legitimize the future project. It will be costly and time consuming. Conventionally, we can even say that in a sense, this solution will improve the quality of life if all the required equipment is located in one room.

Such an outcome can please the majority of apartment owners who already have a combined sanitary unit, and they will not need to do any redevelopment.

To make a final decision, it is imperative to take into account the expense points that will be required to achieve the desired result. Some people install or dismantle partitions and reinstall doors.

In which case is a separate bathroom better

So, if we talk about which bathroom is better (combined or separate), then let's first consider in what aspects the separation is better premises.

This solution will be successful if:

  1. separate or combined? Review + Video B The apartment is home to many people. To prevent and minimize the number of scandalous situations, it is desirable that the toilet room be separated from the bathroom.

    If many people live in the apartment, then the sanitary unit should definitely be divided. For example, we can talk about a large family, or if you have pets that need to put trays in the restroom. For a large family, the activity of each person who lives in the apartment should be taken into account, and it is already possible to make a decision on dividing the premises into two separate ones.

  2. The owner of the apartment is a person of retirement age . More often than not, people of the "old school" have their own opinion about what exactly the sanitary unit should be like.

    They are guided by the fact that they are much more comfortable when the rooms are divided according to their immediate purpose.

  3. Kitchen and bathroom are located next door . No matter what anyone says, no modern air fresheners can 100% help to cope with the spreading "aroma". Most often, odors reach the kitchen area.
  4. Private house or living in a large apartment .

    In a large space, you can not stint and make two sanitary facilities at once. One will be located near the bedroom, and the second in a combined bathroom. If necessary, you can always use the guest option.

The owners of the apartment, who live in it permanently, independently decide which plan is to install a sanitary unit. The design can be ordered from a company with an excellent reputation, where employees will help think over the layout, as well as take into account all stylistic possibilities.

All about the combined room



  1. Save space. Some apartment owners still decide to make redevelopment. In this case, attempts begin in any way to carve out additional square meters in order to expand the kitchen or dressing room, or it is required to install a built-in wardrobe. It is for this reason that people often go to combine the toilet and bathroom.
  2. Reduction of expenses for repairs and finishing.

    When carrying out redevelopment, you will need to contact the BTI for the project to be legalized.A document for one room will cost you less than two. In addition, the amount of finishing work is also reduced, and by at least two wall partitions.

  3. The result of the work will be a successful redevelopment. With a combined sanitary unit, the location of the plumbing completely changes, since the most convenient placement points are selected for it.

    For example, you can install a washing machine or even a bidet.

Disadvantages :

  1. In order to get to the toilet, another person will have to wait until the whole room is free . This problem is especially true for large families. Such congestion can easily ruin everyone's schedule. It is unlikely that in such chaos it will be possible to lie down calmly and enjoy a bubble bath.

  2. Unpleasant odors . Even if the room has a wonderful extractor hood, or you only use high-quality and expensive air fresheners, you still won't be able to cope with the unpleasant aroma right away.
  3. Small size . So, which is better - shared or separate bathroom? Usually the sanitary facility is combined in order to save space. The bathroom can be stuffed with various plumbing items, the bathtub can be replaced with a shower stall, and dirty things will immediately fall into the drum of the machine, and not into the laundry basket.

  4. Wet room. When bathing, no matter how hard you try, there will still be a splash area that can even get splashed on the toilet lid. Still, it is not very pleasant to take a bath after one of the residents has gone to the toilet before, and sprays with the aroma of berries and violets will not save here.

Let's talk about the possible difficulties.

Possible disadvantages

Although there are many advantages in both a combined sanitary unit and a separate one, remember that combining space can even bring inconvenience.

This is especially true when friends or relatives often come to visit you, because for any of them there will be a "duck" who loves to splash in the bathroom for a long time. Due to the combined layout, difficulties will be created for the rest of the people living in the apartment if a situation with the relief of needs happens. The way out of this situation is to create a "guest toilet", namely a second separate toilet. True, this option is suitable for large apartments or private houses.

separate or combined? Review + Video The second reason will be the need to obtain a permit from the BTI if you plan to dismantle the partition wall.

Such events are quite long, take a lot of time and effort, as well as nerves and money. The problem is that employees will personally verify that the removable partition that is located between the toilet and the bathroom is not a load-bearing wall. If there are no complaints, then you will receive permission to demolish the partition. In a separate version, when installing a wall, you will not need to take permission from the BTI.

The third factor will be the ventilation system.

If the bathroom is combined with a toilet, then it is important to make sure that powerful forced ventilation or an exhaust hood is installed in the room so that sufficient ventilation is provided. In addition, there are no windows in the combined room for hygiene procedures. An excellent way out of the situation would be the installation of a built-in type of hood, or you can even use an electric fan. Various fresheners are completely unable to absorb unpleasant odors in a room where there is no normal air circulation.

Agree that when there is no air circulation, it turns out completely unhygienic, since there are wet terry towels and other accessories for bathing and personal care in the room.

If you plan to share a combined space, then take care to create good ventilation. In addition, if there is no proper flow of fresh air and its circulation, then there will be a high probability of active reproduction of harmful microscopic organisms throughout the room. It is desirable that toothbrushes are stored in closed boxes under these conditions.

The fourth factor will be the presence of debris when walls are destroyed. Before dismantling the partition, you should think in advance about how you will take out construction waste.

Usually, hidden electrical wiring also runs through the wall, so unforeseen work may be required.

How to divide a combined room

If you have been planning to put things in order in the bathroom, but you did not have the finances, talents, then now everything -so the moment has come to start solving this problem. When dividing rooms, it is not at all necessary to install brick walls. You can make a small partition that will separate the toilet from the shower or bath. She will play the role of a delimiter.

You can also separate the wash area from the restroom in a similar way. When you have finally decided on whether you need a separate or combined bathroom, let's talk about the results.

P After the separation, the layout may look like this:

  • On one horizontal line there is a toilet bowl and a washbasin, as well as a washing machine.
  • The second line will be occupied by a corner bath or shower stall, and near the bath you can attach a towel dryer, which is made of chrome.

We offer you to consider all the main stages for dividing space:

  1. Preparatory work.

    The day of the beginning will need to remove the old coating, inspect the concrete floor, and if there are subsidences, large cracks in some places, then all this must be eliminated.

  2. separate or combined? Review + Video Water supply. Start replacing rusty pipes with plastic ones.If the cast iron components in the sewer system are in excellent condition, not damaged by corrosion, then it can be left unchanged. Plumbing pipes are best hidden under stoves.

    To do this, you will need to cut grooves in the wall using a punch or an angle grinder.

  3. Gender. It is not at all necessary to use building mixtures for the screed, because the concrete floor can be poured from above with a mixture that, with uniform spreading, will independently level the surface.
  4. Walls. If you do not want to build partitions from bricks, then you can make a fence from a moisture-resistant drywall sheet.

    If, for some reason, the walls are not as flat as we would like, then the problem can be corrected with the help of a sand-cement mortar. for plasticity, it is worth adding a little lime in the form of a powder to it.

  5. Tile. When the plaster coating has a good grip, then it should be walked on with a chaotically sharp object, for example, a large nail or knife. Such a maneuver will help the tile get excellent adhesion to the plaster.

And how to properly lay the tile covering?

Laying the tile

Let's consider everything separately:

  1. First, make marks on the surface using plumb lines. It is on them that you should focus on placing tiles on the surface of the walls.
  2. Laying should be started only from the upper corner, and the bottom row of tiles will rest on the nailed rail
  3. It is worth laying the tiles on the Cerisite layer, and after a couple of hours you can remove and put the next row.
  4. The first row of tiles will determine how even the next rows are. Laying is not that easy, and for simplicity, you need to focus on vertical markings to get the job done faster.

  5. If the tile will be on the surface of the wall, then the solution can be applied to the tile even pointwise. Floor plates are completely lubricated with a mortar mixture.

When all construction work is completed

… then you can start installing plumbing fixtures. If the family has up to 3 people, then it makes sense to save money with the help of a combined sanitary unit. For large families, a separate option will be preferable, and it is desirable that you also have a "guest" toilet.

An equal number of advantages and disadvantages were able to collect both variants of sanitary facilities, and therefore each will independently decide in favor of preferences. You should also take into account the living space and the number of residents on it.


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