Septic tank from Eurocubes: how to do it yourself: Advantages and disadvantages + Video

Septic tank from Eurocubes: how to do it yourself: Advantages and disadvantages + Video Septic tank from eurocubes. In the houses and cottages located in the countryside there is a wonderful vacation. But without a comfortable and convenient septic tank, this is almost impossible. After all, the sewerage system undoubtedly plays an important role, especially in large families with small children. After all, it is children who constantly need to wash their hands, face and constant hygiene products.

Most manufacturers offer the sale and installation of a septic tank, however, the prices for these services are exorbitant and many cannot afford it. From this article you will learn about installing a septic tank from eurocubes yourself.

General information

Eurocubes are plastic (polyethylene) containers with a wooden or metal pallet designed to store or move liquids. The eurocube itself is placed in a special metal case, protecting it from damage. The weight is about 67 kilograms.

Maximum holding volume of liquids 1000 liters. A septic tank is a design for cleaning, it consists of two eurocubes, the same size. They are placed in pipes for air removal (ventilation), pipes at the inlet for liquid to enter the septic tank and at the outlet.

A check valve is installed on the branch pipe at the exit from the pipe, so that the liquid after cleaning could not penetrate back into the septic tank. For more efficient work, both septic tanks are rigidly fastened by slightly shifting them vertically.

How to build a septic tank with your own hands

Features of a homemade septic tank

Self-assembly of a septic tank from eurocubes is one of the most economical options. But with the correct installation of such a septic tank, it will very effectively cope with its duties. But it is worth taking into account that before installing such a septic tank yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with all its features and nuances, and that its installation will require enormous efforts and costs.

It is almost impossible to install it for one person, so you should take helpers for this. This is due to the fact that it will be necessary to dig a lot of land for the pit in which the eurocube will be placed.

It is very large, despite its relatively low weight.

Remember that the installation of a septic tank will be successful only if the installation rules are followed. Otherwise, the maximum in a year, it is lost under the influence of many factors.

At the stage of drafting the project, do not forget that additional cleaning is needed, since euro cubes for a septic tank are not capable of 100% purifying water. A third container and filtration will require a sufficient amount of space.

Designing a septic tank

Septic tank from Eurocubes: how to do it yourself: Advantages and disadvantages + Video Installing a sewage system using eurocubes is a very economical process that is very often used. Some residents of private houses are simply delighted with this design, while others regret this installation and say that the miser pays twice, since this system was crushed by the load of the soil in the shortest possible time.In this situation, both one and the other will be right.

The most important thing depends on the correct installation of this structure, the type of soil covering. If this is not taken into account, the Eurocube may simply be squeezed by the soil, and everything will be in vain.

First of all, you need to calculate how much fluid you use per day and how much water will go down into the sewer system. It is very convenient to count by the meter, but if there is no one, the calculation can be done independently. We multiply the result obtained by three, it is this amount of liquid that should accumulate in the septic tank in 3 days.

After calculating the volume, the next step will be - determining the location of the future structure. It should be noted that the pipes from the septic tank should be located straight, without bends, otherwise you will have to constantly clean out the blockages.

After the trench is dug, a pipeline is laid from which the waste will fall into the receiving, reserve tank. Next, you should dig a pit for the system, making a calculation from its volume and dimensions. But it is necessary to add about 15 cm on the sides for the correct installation of the septic tank.

Pipes are laid at a depth of no more than three meters, but not less than the level of freezing of the ground. Since the septic tank itself is not able to purify the liquid by 100%, the next step is to select additional filtration method :

  • Filter well,
  • filtration field,
  • filtering mound (mounds).

At the next stage, we will make a septic tank out of the Eurocube. But it must be supplemented with pipes, tees and other materials. Due to its composition, it is able to withstand compounds with many toxic chemicals and create absolutely no reaction. After going through this stage of installation, you should carefully close the drain points on all Eurocubes so that the liquid cannot get into the ground.

Rules for connecting pipes to a septic tank 20 cm below the top of the tank.

Next we cut holes for a pair of tees, insert them. After that, the holes are carefully closed and covered with a waterproofing material. It is best to use plastic pipes, as they have a longer service life.

We connect the pipe upward for cleaning and the inlet pipe to one tee, and a pipe connecting and an additional ventilation pipe is connected to the other tee.

Installation and installation

After completing all the previous steps, you can make a septic tank from eurocubes.

The type of soil plays a huge role in this. For example, in clay soil, you should thoroughly tamp it, make a sand and gravel cushion, make a cement screed upward so that the soil probably does not "float".

Septic tank from Eurocubes: how to do it yourself: Advantages and disadvantages + Video The next step is to lower the eurocube into the dug pit, it is advisable to fix it well too. Next, we connect the pipes to the inlet and outlet of the septic tank. It is recommended to insulate all this with foam or other heat-insulating material.

We fill everything with sand and fill the container with water.

If the water table is high enough, it is necessary to arrange additional protection for the septic tank. Reinforcement is installed in the space between the pit and the cube and concrete is poured there, if you follow all the rules and are very careful, the walls will not change their shape.

Whether or not to cover the top of the excavation with concrete depends on the location and the earth cover. If suddenly the pipes protrude above the surface, it is necessary to organize protection for them so that no debris gets inside the container.

Further operation

A homemade septic tank must be thoroughly cleaned from time to time if you want it to serve you for a very long time. Built-in, larger pipes will help you with this. On the surface of the waste in the septic tank there may be some elements that are not subject to decomposition, they should be removed. The frequency of cleaning a septic tank depends on how often you use the sewer system.

Every autumn you need to inspect if there are any remains of solid masses at the bottom.

If there are any, it is recommended to call a special service or pump it out. In the spring, the condition of the septic tank should be checked, if there are any breakdowns or malfunctions, it is necessary to eliminate them. Never run the sewerage system in the event of a malfunction, this can lead to waste falling into the ground covering, it can be dangerous.


  • Septic tank from Eurocubes: how to do it yourself: Advantages and disadvantages + Video Low cost,
  • Easy installation,
  • Simplicity and reliability,
  • Possibility of installing additional units,
  • The system is independent of energy,
  • Installation does not require additional skills.

One of the most important advantages is the ability to function without being connected to electricity.

Most often, it is this factor that affects the choice of a septic tank from Eurocubes.

Also undoubtedly an important quality is the ability to install additional blocks, this will help increase the volume of the sewer system. For this, additional pipes are installed at the initial stages of mounting.

In general, Eurocubes are able to serve you for a very long amount of time, but if the frame of the septic tank is destroyed, the plastic container of the Eurocube can be destroyed due to corrosion.


Pay attention to the fact that it will take you far more than one day to independently install a septic tank.

But if done correctly, this system will delight you for years. The disadvantages are:

  • Difficult installation,
  • Fragility,
  • Requires constant monitoring,

The longest amount of time is taken by digging a pit ... This is a very hard physical activity.

It is also not worth saving on material for a septic tank, since if you choose good products, it can last for more than a dozen years.