Septic tank "Tank" Types and dimensions of the treatment plant: Reviews about it + Video

Septic tank Septic tank "Tank": reviews of the owners, varieties, installation. The owners' reviews of the septic tank device are mostly negative. And, nevertheless, this type of wastewater purifier is quite popular with property owners outside the city. Let's take a look at why such commonly used equipment has been criticized, and to what extent it is justified.

This type of septic tank is made of thick, durable plastic using a technology that does not imply the presence of seams on the surface of the product.

The design looks like this - a one-piece body with small compartments that are interconnected.

The walls of the body are made using a large number of stiffeners, and this in turn provides excellent resistance of the material to ground pressure. Most often, three compartments are desired, which are interconnected at the top of the device by overflows.

Installation device and functioning

In addition, along with the septic tank, there are infiltrators included, which can be from 1 to 4 pieces or more. They are made in the form of a container in which water is passed through the layer of earth, and this contributes to the complete purification of various impurities.

Manufacturers believe that the outlet water is 98% cleaner. This makes it possible to use it for technical purposes. A check valve is installed in the pipe between the septic tank and the infiltrator, which prevents water from returning back when the filters are overfilled.

From the sewage system, sewage and water enter the first chamber of the septic tank Tank, where settling and precipitation of solid components take place. After that, when raised to a certain level, the liquid is poured into the second compartment, where additional purification takes place using special bacteria that work to decompose organic matter.

After that, the water is relatively clean, and it enters the third chamber, in which suspended particles are precipitated.

Only the liquid that needs final purification gets into the infiltrators. It is when using infiltrators that a huge number of negative reviews appear. When using such devices, a septic tank takes up a lot of space on the site, and this does not suit everyone.

Technical characteristics of "Tank" devices

The main characteristic of each septic tank is how efficient it is.

When choosing a device for your summer cottage, this parameter should be taken into account first. The Tank device is produced in five types, which differ in size, cost and performance.


  1. Tank # 1 can be used for 3 or fewer people, has a capacity of 600 liters per day, costs about $ 400, and sizes 1, 2 * 1 * 1.7 meters.
  2. Tank # 2 is suitable for a family of 4 people and has a capacity of 800 liters per day.

    It costs about $ 560 and measures 1.8 * 1.2 * 1.7 meters.

  3. Tank No.

    2.5 is able to process wastewater from 5 people living in the house, since with dimensions 2.03 * 1.2 * 1.85 meters it has a throughput of 1 m 3 per day.

    But the cost of such a septic tank Tank for a summer residence is impressive - $ 730.

  4. Tank # 3 can process 1200 liters of runoff per day, that is, it is suitable for 6 people with dimensions of 2.2 * 1.2 * 2 meters and will cost $ 850.
  5. Tank No.

    4 is the most powerful septic tank, has dimensions of 3.8 * 1 * 1.7 meters, which makes it possible to process up to 1800 liters per day. It should only be installed when 7 to 9 people live in the house. The price of the device is more than $ 1,000.

As you can see, almost any family can buy such a unit. By the way, negative reviews are very often due to the fact that people choose a device with the wrong performance that is required in their particular case.

When people set themselves the goal of saving at any cost, they rarely think that cheap septic tanks are designed for fewer people in the house, and they simply will not cope with the task.

Septic tank and negative reviews

If you study the opinion of buyers about the septic tank Tank, then you will notice that the devices are often criticized. Let's look at the most common device reviews and try to understand what is the reason.

Is it really necessary to clean the tanks?

Nikolay, 45 years old, Saratov : "The septic tank Tank 2 has been used for 4 years , which works flawlessly. But it has to be pumped out every year, and this is troublesome. Our site is located far from the city, and it is expensive to call a sewer to this place. Of course, there is an option of pumping out using a drainage pump, but it is also expensive, and where then put the waste? "

What can you say about this claim? Yes, any device requires care and maintenance. This is written in plain text in the passport of the device.

Moreover, the frequency should in no case be violated, since solid sediments can be compressed to such a state that it will be simply impossible to pump them out. In any case, calling a flusher once a year will be cheaper than calling twice a month when using standard capacity as a drive.

Good advice! If you buy a drainage pump, then the substrate processed by bacteria can be pumped out of the septic tank straight to the garden. This mass will be an excellent fertilizer. Do not be afraid that there will be an unpleasant odor, since it is minimized when treated with bacteria, and when it gets into an open space, it will completely disappear after a couple of days.

Septic tank dimensions

Septic tank Eldar, 28 years old, Petropavlovsk : "My father-in-law has a septic tank at his dacha. I also recently built a house and decided to put a similar device in my dacha, but when I calculated how much space would be required for it, was horrified.It's not a hindrance to my father-in-law - after all, 20 acres, but I have only 4 acres. I think that the need for a large area is a significant disadvantage.

Indeed, to install a septic tank, you need a lot of space, since it will be equipped with infiltrators.

Depending on the number, they can be up to 6 meters long. To this you also need to add a septic tank and pipes, and you get an impressive area. If there are trees on the site and outbuildings, installation may not be possible.

Interesting, that there is still a way out of this situation. You can negotiate with a neighbor and buy a septic tank in a club.

If you both have small areas, then when you combine you will find a place for cleaning devices. In addition, you will also carry out the pumping out in turn.

Impossibility to use with a high occurrence of water in the ground

Marat, 33 years old, Tyumen : " a year I installed a local purification plant Tank next to my house. Even when digging at the bottom of the pit there was water, but this is not a hindrance? The neighbor, of course, said that the container could be squeezed out, but I did not think so. This spring it happened - the septic tank floated to the surface and completely broke the entire system.

I do not advise buying these fragile plastic barrels.

It has been repeatedly said that before installing a septic tank, you should carefully study the geological features of the site, in especially the water level in the ground. A natural twist was that the light tank surfaced in the spring, when the water table rises. In this case, you should equip other types of septic tanks, for example, from concrete rings.

Note, that in order not to get into the same situation as Marat, the Ta septic tank nk with a high seasonal rise in water must be anchored.

To do this, arrange a drainage in the pit and lower a slab with reinforced concrete hinges there. For these heat, the container must be tied with a sling. After the container is covered with a mixture of crushed stone and sand.

Violation of operating conditions

Evgeny, 60 years old, Omsk : "Last year he buried a septic tank for a summer residence Tank 2.5.

My wife and I live on our own, without children, this volume is enough for us. About a couple of months ago, children and grandchildren came to visit, there were only 7 people. On the 5th day, everything was flooded. I called the foreman, who said, that the pipe was damaged due to overload. Is the material really so low-quality that it could not cope with such a load for less than a week?

In this case, the situation speaks for itself.

You can not use devices with low performance under heavy load on the system, as this will certainly lead to flooding and overload. In this case, there will be breakdowns. If you live together, but you often have guests (or rarely, but in large numbers) - buy devices with higher performance.


Most of the reviews on the forums are negative, and this is due to a violation of the operating conditions or the wrong choice when buying. Therefore, before you buy a septic tank, weigh all the circumstances, and when using, adhere to all manufacturer's recommendations.