Seven ideas - how to place everything in a small hallway. How to make it look uncomfortable and cramped

Seven ideas - how to place everything in a small hallway. How to make it look uncomfortable and cramped The main task of the hallway is to meet guests, in which, moreover, outerwear, shoes, etc. should be accommodated As a rule, hallways are constrained in size. How to place everything in a small hallway - 7 ideas that will help you with this, we will describe in our article.

Before us is not an easy task of creating a comfortable and functional interior in a limited area, but it is quite solvable.

Non-standard solutions, redevelopment and a well-organized storage system - all this must be used to create a cozy and multifunctional room from a small hallway.

General order

First, you need to make an accurate calculation. If it is possible to expand the space at the expense of the next room, then first consult with experts, how realistic it is.

Then think over the design and colors very carefully.

This is a very important point, because color can correct flaws and visually expand the space.

It is better to try not to litter the room with unnecessary things and furniture, everything should be minimalism. Be sure to focus on smoothing the corners. This will reduce the possibility of injury and expand the space.

How to decorate a small hallway?

Tips from designers for decorating the hallway so that it does not look uncomfortable and cramped:

  • Seven ideas - how to place everything in a small hallway.</p><p> How to make it look uncomfortable and cramped Dark graphite ceiling combined with mirrored dressing room. The mirror expands the space, and the dark color visually raises low ceilings.
  • Diagonal flooring with striking walls. With the help of diagonal laying of the floor, a narrow room is expanded.

    The vibrant blue walls add to the mood.

  • Neutral walls with mirrored doors. Painting the walls of the hallway in white. An entrance door with a mirror expands the tight space. The furniture is completely absent so that the space is not overloaded.

  • Using a plywood-slatted box, on one side of which you can arrange books, and on the other to store seasonal items.
  • Built-in wardrobe. All outer things and shoes are removed into the built-in wardrobe, thus the already small space is not overloaded with a bunch of things.

Note: A small space should not be overloaded with color. A neutral finish with bold accents will detract from the modest space.

How to place everything in a small hallway. Seven Expansion Ideas

For a small space, multifunctional furniture is the best option. Or as it is also called 2 in 1. Floor hanger with umbrella compartment, bench with storage system, built-in hallway - these multifunctional pieces of furniture can save the day.

  1. Seven ideas - how to place everything in a small hallway.</p><p> How to make it look uncomfortable and cramped Make the most of the space, including the corners, where you can arrange a hinged corner shelf or seat.Seasonal shoes can be accommodated in the walls.
  2. Bulky cabinets are best replaced with consoles or small hanging shelves. Try to choose options with lower shelves, drawers or drawers.

  3. Let's fill the hallway with light. Here it is necessary to correctly arrange artificial lighting. Do not be limited to one lamp - you can hang a sconce on the wall, place an additional lamp on the console, the main chandelier can be replaced with two smaller ones.
  4. Try to ensure the correct storage so that everything is in its place. If there is no separate closet for outerwear, then whatever the piles of jackets hung on one hook, they can be made more.

    For hats, gloves, you can put small baskets or a box.

  5. Redevelopment. Expansion of a tiny hallway with the help of a universal plywood-slatted box, which can later be used as a storage rack.
  6. Minimum amount of furniture. A small wardrobe and a sideboard are all you need in the hallway.

Mistakes made when creating the design of a small hallway

When arranging a small interior, there are some points that are best avoided:

  • Complete rejection of furniture. At least a narrow shoe shelf, but it should be. If there is even the slightest opportunity to use the furniture, you should not give it up. Without furniture, the room will look like a hospital corridor.
  • Inconvenient layout.

    When planning to leave the house, it is convenient to look in the mirror on the go, especially when in a hurry. Therefore, the mirror in the hallway is very convenient and should be. Wear your shoes while sitting comfortably, which requires a small seat. And what would be, where to store it, you need a shoe shelf.

Note: Shoes can be wet and an open shoe rack is a great solution.

This also applies to open coat hangers.

  • Overloaded design. It can come from a large amount of furniture, as well as patterned wallpaper, tile panels, vibrant colors, and many different material combinations. To all this, you need to add outerwear, shoes, keys, etc.

Even from the most uncomfortable and cramped hallway, you can make a visually spacious and bright space, upon entering which you immediately create a pleasant impression about the apartment and its tenants.

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