shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Read shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video 17 life hacks for cleaning from popular mothers with many children. Basically, people do the cleaning in their apartment or house no more than once every seven days. On the third day after cleaning, the apartment already becomes dusty and dirty, therefore, the conclusion is that one cleaning a week is not enough.

However, there are several life hacks for cleaning an apartment that can significantly reduce the formation of dust and dirt in your apartment and house, with their help, cleaning can be done once a week, and there will be time go away much less.

Toys in boxes

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Children's room becomes very dirty almost every day due to the presence of a huge amount of various plastic, wooden, plush products (toys).

Dust, dirt, lint, and so on fill the room every twenty-four hours, especially when your child is playing with toys.

We are also talking about order in the nursery, because if toys are scattered throughout the room, then something should be done.

For example, toys should be categorized and packaged in boxes. Firstly, it is very convenient, and there will be no excess dirt from toys on the floor, as they will be in a convenient container. Secondly, if you set aside a corner for toys in the nursery, you can significantly reduce the scope of work, and you will only have to remove that corner.

Baskets for toys under the bed, sofa, wardrobe

You can also use the space under cabinets, sofas and beds (if any) to increase free space. By increasing the space, it will be more convenient for you to clean it without being distracted by various little things in the room. For this you need simple baskets. In them you can put all unnecessary and unnecessary items in the room, including unnecessary toys. Thanks to this cleaning life hack, you can clean a large room in five minutes by simply wiping the floor and clearing dust from tables and shelves.

Boxes on wheels

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video There is an opportunity to make life easier for your child, because when he plays, he needs some toys, to which he still needs to crawl and find the necessary one. If you have a very fluffy carpet or just parquet, you can use simple drawers on wheels. They will not leave scratches on the floor and touch the carpet pile, which is also important when cleaning the room, that is, there will not be a huge amount of fluff that should be swept or vacuum cleaned.

Office paper holders and towels

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Think of the office paper holders that stand upright. If you look closely, they are very convenient for storing towels, for which there is no room in the bathroom.

These coasters are called trays for papers, they are simple and very convenient, which is very good, because they can reduce the space on the shelves. Place them on one of the bathroom cabinets, and hang robes and other large towels from the hooks.

Transparent bags

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video If your child does not have many toys, and it is very easy to sort them into categories, then clear bags, bags and sacks are perfect. The child will immediately see which toys he needs.

Side shelves

Probably, everyone had such a situation when you need to find some thing, but it doesn't work out.

Things can be completely different in size and type, but if they are for everyday use, for example, charging from a laptop, phone, the same towels and other things, then they can be placed in special wire baskets. These side shelves are very convenient, and with this home life hack you will always know where your personal and important things are.

Wardrobe for a child

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

When a child is born, new things appear in the apartment, and every month there are more and more of them. You should be prepared for this. For example, purchasing a separate children's wardrobe would be a great idea.

All your shelves in the closet will still be free for your things, and the child will immediately have space for his personal. This option will be very economical in terms of space, and will also be very useful in the future.

Freezer and food labeling shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Some more advice save space, but not only in the apartment, but already in the refrigerator, more precisely in the freezer. It is very convenient to pack all products into packs, bags and containers and describe what is where. We also recommend that you sign the date when you put this product in the freezer, so you will save yourself time and space in the freezer.

Toy cabinet

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

It happens like this that toys becomes at one moment just an impossible number. Simple wardrobes with shelves have been created for such moments. With their help, you can save space and, accordingly, maintain order in the children's room. These cabinets are very easy to use and compact.

Cabinet under the sink

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

In general, the place under the sink is free not by chance, there are plans for this space.

Someone puts a trash bin there, to save space, someone puts heavy large dishes. We advise you to save space for storing chemicals, namely, place all household chemicals in this place. Thus, you free up both space and time to find what lies where. You will immediately know that for cleaning various surfaces, all the tools in one cabinet. If you have children, we recommend using padlocks for protection.

Small room

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

There are apartments with very small rooms, for example, the same children's room, or a small room made for a dressing room. For such rooms, wardrobes with drawers are perfect. Such a move will significantly save space, which is always critically lacking.

Construction set for children

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video Children have many different construction sets , which is given to them or bought by the parents themselves. At one moment it becomes very much, and there are all the colors of the rainbow.

In order for the child not to suffer every time he collects all the toys in one pile and disassembles them again, we recommend purchasing separate boxes. In them, fold the entire constructor by color, it is very convenient both in terms of the time spent on a certain part, and in the space itself.

Ironing board

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Ironing board in use in all houses and apartments. However, there is one drawback, this is that the board is very large in itself, and there are not even ideas where to attach it. But there is an option to place it behind the closet, or on the balcony.

Such a life hack for home will help you not to lose space, and it will always be at hand.

Creativity corner

Every child loves creativity, various pencils, plasticine and paints, felt-tip pens and colored paper. When a child creates a work, it should be saved, for this it is best to use a wall with a large board called "Creativity Corner". The board should be hung with hooks, shelves and holes so that each piece can be put, glued and hung on this board.

Hair dryer

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

Very often girls have a problem with a hairdryer when they get to work in the morning.

He is very far away or close, and sometimes tangled in knots. However, this can be avoided by attaching the hairdryer to the bathroom cabinet from any convenient side. You can attach the baskets on the right side, and place the curling iron and hairdryer in them. Thus, they will always be there, and are easy to use.

Functional bed

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video

If your bed has a simple design, that is, you can put something under the bed, then this is another plus.

You can place various objects of your choice under the bed, make the entire floor with boxes that will not interfere with anyone, or build shelves for things and books in this frame. It is very convenient and everything is at hand.

Door and toys

Children, as you know, have a large number of not only things, but also toys, and in some cases things are in toys, but toys, respectively, in things. There is not enough space for anything, but you can use the door. From the side of the room on the door, attach hooks with large, roomy bags for stuffed toys.

shared life hacks for cleaning the house + Video This method greatly saves space in the nursery. You can also turn this from the side of the cabinets.

Workplace in the closet

Sometimes you have space in your dressers and wardrobes, but there is still nowhere to attach the equipment. There is an option to combine. If your chest of drawers has a large section, then you can put a printer in it, and at that moment bring the wires to the background.

It will also save you desktop space.And if this chest of drawers is close to the work table, then you can use the printer without any problems. You can also place other kitchen appliances in such a cabinet: mixers, combines, hair dryers, irons, and others.