shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly- Review + Video

shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly- Review + Video Blockhouse made of profiled timber: shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly. A house built of profiled timber is more than a roof over your head. This is a place of endless comfort, which has attractive looks and excellent characteristics.

This is due to the fact that only natural materials are used without glue and harmful impurities. Thanks to this, the house will have an unusual atmosphere, and you will always be comfortable in it.

The main advantage of a log house from a profiled bar


  • Naturalness of the material.
  • Low thermal conductivity - due to this, even in the cold season, the rooms will always be warm.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • Uniform and fast material shrinkage.

Construction of a house from a log house

Key stages of construction from a log house of a profiled bar

Hand-made construction - the process is very complex and time consuming, which cannot be carried out without special skills.

The first stage of work, where difficulties are encountered, is the choice of material. The profiled bursa must have a cross section of at least 200 mm. But if you are building a 7 * 7 log house, which will be used only in the summer, you can take material with a smaller section.

Do not forget that when assembling yourself, you should take into account the shrinkage, which will be from 10 to 15 cm. The process of assembling a log house from a profiled bar 7 * 7 is divided into five parts.

Process :

  1. Drawing up a diagram, design.
  2. Pouring the foundation.
  3. Assembly.
  4. Roofing works.
  5. Internal and external work.

Main processes

shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly- Review + Video Before starting the assembly, compose project of the future home. After that, you should start pouring the foundation. For construction, you need a tree. The choice of the type of foundation should be based on several criteria, one of which is the height of groundwater. Since the foundation is the foundation of everything, make sure that it is reliable and strong.

Do-it-yourself assembly of a log house from a profiled bar is a laborious and not at all easy process, since you will spend a lot of time and effort. They begin to build a house from a bar, laying a row, which will be located on a leveled foundation. For a 7 * 7 log house, use only the timber that has been treated with an antiseptic. After the first row is laid, you can start installing the floor logs, which are laid only with an edge.

Still logs can be attached to the foundation, and installed to the walls of the log house.

For the best effect, leave them indoors for a few days to get used to the temperature. You should also place one lag on two opposite walls. ...

Next, we pull the nylon thread between them. Its purpose is to indicate where the rest of the lags will be located.

But that's not all. When assembling a log house from a profiled bar, it should be noted how and where the walls of the log house will pass.We retreat from them by 2 cm, after which we place the first row of boards along the line.

One board should be prepared for each of the lags. If it turns out that there are gaps between the wall and the floor, you can mask them with skirting boards or brackets. The floor, made for rough, should be covered with thermal insulation on both sides, and for this we need a bar with a section of 25 * 100 mm.

Lay the floor without displacement. To do this, first place the first layer on which the wood flooring will be.

In this case, it would be wise to use polyethylene as waterproofing. In the final stage of installation, cover the material that will complete the floor.

Building the Walls

The creation and construction of walls is a very important process that must be performed with great care. We lay out the rows of timber very carefully. Each subsequent one must be fastened with the previous dowel.

Thanks to this action, the timber will not move to the side. To install the pins, you will need to drill holes that are 40 mm in diameter. This is ideal for the pins to fit easily into the hole.

Important : If you set out to build a house for year-round use, do not forget about the sealant. To do this, in one of the bars you will need to cut out a ledge, and in the other cut out a groove with similar dimensions.

Beam layers can be alternated with grooves and spikes. Such a structure will make the overall structure more reliable and stronger. You cannot make mistakes in the installation, as you will have to disassemble everything and start over.

If the size of the log house from the profiled bar will be more than 7 * 7, at least one partition should be installed on the first floor. This will be a kind of support for the flooring on the second floor.

Finally, when erecting the walls, you will need to cut down the window openings. Determine the location for the windows and cut openings. When the material dries, it is important that they are well ventilated. After shrinking the frame made of profiled timber, you will be able to start installing windows.

Last work during the assembly of the frame

This is the final stage of assembly.

You only need to insulate the building and do the finishing, as well as roofing. After everything is done, the construction will be officially completed. Mineral wool / glass wool can be used as insulation. For interior decoration, drywall or lining is perfect, but the first option will be much better.

A ready-made blockhouse of a bar - to order or to make it yourself?

A blockhouse from a profiled bar is an excellent construction with a huge list of advantages.

In order for him not to lose his wonderful qualities, it is recommended to order or buy a finished building, since with his own hand construction there are many mistakes and problems, due to which the final version of the dwelling will not be comfortable.

When self-assembly, many questions will surely arise, the answer to which even not every specialist will give.Many people, for lack of experience, make serious mistakes, and this is a consequence of errors and violation of the integrity of the structure as a whole. In this case, the good old saying comes into play: "The miser pays twice", because you have to redo everything, hire a specialist and purchase additional material. To avoid such mistakes, there is some common sense to order or buy a ready-made log house from a reputable company.

Ordering and buying - advantages and disadvantages

It is much easier to order a set or buy a log house from a specialized company than to build a house yourself. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly- Review + Video The specialists you will pay have a lot of experience, and they will cope with a 100% task.
  2. If you do not know exactly which log house is right for you, you can choose one of the ready-made options. If you have clearly defined what you want, this will be taken into account when developing the project.
  3. Companies choose only high-quality materials, or order from those firms that have positive reviews.

    When choosing materials without assistance, you can be wrong and all the waste will be wasted.

  4. Experienced builders will do everything on time. In addition, development companies provide a guarantee for all built houses.
  5. Since builders are constantly improving their skills, they use the latest equipment and developments, which significantly improves the quality of the structure.

Well, the main advantage of ordering a log house from a profiled bar is savings.

Indeed, it will be much cheaper for you to buy a ready-made building or place an order.

If you want to engage in construction on your own, it will be more expensive for you for several reasons:

  • The material will be purchased from specialized firms. But the same firms buy timber at a cost several times lower than they sell.
  • Material consumption. Do-it-yourself construction has never been without mistakes.

    A groove that you cut out incorrectly or something else will lead to the purchase of new material. Experienced specialists are unlikely to make such mistakes.

  • It is impossible to assemble a log house for one / two people, so you will have to hire a team. The handymen who will help you will also have to pay.

Such costs usually exceed the payment for the order of the same log house in the company.

Additional advantages when ordering a log house from a profiled bar

shrinkage, do-it-yourself assembly- Review + Video Advantages specified above are not the last ones on the list. When ordering or buying a ready-made log house, you will save time and effort. Even if you manage to save on materials (which is unlikely), it will take you a lot of time for assembly, and you will also have to expect shrinkage of the log structure from the profiled bar. Contacting a company is a great option if you want to receive a house in the shortest possible time and want it to meet all quality parameters.

Still you will not be able to do the construction yourself in the winter.

But this is not a hindrance for companies that, even in winter, assemble pediments, walls and partitions in production workshops. Then they leave it to shrink and manage to do both internal and external finishing by the beginning of spring.

Glued laminated timber construction has the following advantages:

  1. The material of manufacture is a winter forest, and it has a dense structure.
  2. A log house built in winter has a plus in the form of freezing moisture from the walls.
  3. This will ventilate it much better, thus ensuring good shrinkage.


The price for the construction of a log house will depend on many factors, which include the quantity and quality of the timber, as well as its section and the complexity of construction.

Prices are approximate.

Manufacturer 150m 2 in rub. 300 m 2 in rubles
Bar House 53 1,290,000 3,356,000
IVA 1,060,000 3,190,000
CONDITION_STROY 1,155,000 3,070,000
BUILD set-C 1,240,000 3,270,000
THREE builders 970,000 2,500,000


Do not forget that you should order sets only in well-known and time-tested firms. Do not forget that different companies have different construction prices.

So, an order in a popular company will be much more expensive than in a less popular company, but the quality of work will be the same.

Do not forget, that when choosing a log house, you should carefully examine it and notice all the details. Before buying, study all the characteristics and evaluate the quality. The finished product can be placed and immediately start finishing work.

A log house made of profiled timber is a good housing for both seasonal and year-round living.

All houses made of this material are very beautiful and attract everyone's attention.

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