Shtulp plastic windows: design features, advantages + Video

Shtulp plastic windows: design features, advantages + Video Shtulp plastic windows: design features, advantages. For a long time, plastic structures were of the same type and necessarily had an impost - a partition that divides the glass into parts. But there is no impost in the stulp window, due to which it is considered the most promising in the design of modern interiors. Another obvious difference is that relatively recently, windows with solid glass were only deaf, that is, they did not open.

Thanks to special fittings, the window without impost can be opened even in the middle.

It is thanks to the blind that connects the sashes in the center of the window that such an opportunity is available. In addition, such windows can even be opened wide, and the sashes will go out and not take up space inside the room.

General comparison

Construction advantages

Modern plastic construction on a balcony with a shtulp is not easy a full-fledged view of the window, which is not obstructed by a bar, but also a number of many other advantages :

  • Shtulp plastic windows: design features, advantages + Video A completely different appearance of the glazed structure.
  • Noticeable decrease in the central septum when closed (by about 5 cm).
  • Improved anti-burglary protection, as the lock with the shtulp connects the two leaves by snapping and they fit into each other.

    Such a structure is very difficult to open from the street side, and this favorably distinguishes such a window from the usual frame sashes, which are tightly covered with an impost.

  • The locking system can be installed in various variations - the locking strip can be fixed on one leaf or on both.
  • There is no better option if you have windows of the original shape - polygonal or round, in which the central strip will simply be out of place.

Not too high a price for the entire product, because if the window is without impost, tangible savings in material are noticeable, and this cannot but affect the final cost.

  • The locking mechanism is invisible to prying eyes, so people who don't understand much in this area will only see the closing shutters.

  • Ease of maintenance, because the shtulp design has almost no cracks that are difficult to wash or clean. In addition, it can be fully opened inward, making cleaning easier.
  • The bobbin-like latch blades fit snugly against each other for a high level of sound insulation.
  • On a loggia or balcony, such a window will make it possible to significantly save useful space, since it can be opened completely outward.


Shtulp plastic window is still a novelty on the market with a structure made of metal-plastic, and therefore its features have many unconfirmed myths.

In particular, he believes that such a design is very complex compared to ordinary windows - people argue that this type of locking mechanism does not provide high-quality fixation for the sashes. Perhaps this was the case at the time of the appearance of the structure, but at the moment the problem is not urgent - the locking mechanism, well thought out from a functional and constructive point of view, ensures reliability, durability, and tightness of the entire structure.

Shtulp plastic windows: design features, advantages + Video If the process of use seems inconvenient to you, the element can be supplemented with a chain drive, and this will help to use the remote controls to open and close the leaves. You can also install a parallel-sliding hardware mechanism, due to which you can easily cope with even the largest and heaviest sashes.

Note! Shtulp protects the house from outside penetration much better and more practical, as it closes more reliably than a standard window.

In this case, you will not be afraid of drafts, backlash or poor tightness of the joints. But for the perfect result, use the help of a specialist.

But the only real drawback of the shtulpovy window may be a weak fit when installing a mosquito net, but this "defect" will be easy to eliminate if you use an additional layer of sealing material. In any case, all the nuances are not enough in order not to make a choice in favor of such an effective window that provides a gorgeous panoramic view.

Shtulp doors

Shtulp doors to the balcony are often installed in old buildings, in which a double door is provided in a wide double opening.

Naturally, fittings with shtulpas will be a little more expensive than standard ones, but thanks to the design, you will ennoble the room, providing excellent light and the ability to fully open the sash.

Door shtulpovye structures are very profitable and practical, as they make it possible to bring furniture to the balcony or to the courtyard of a private house. In such a door, a lower mechanical lock is provided, but there is simply no handle. It turns out a gorgeous opening without imposts, completely free and wide. By the way, a double door can be additionally decorated, for example, by lamination, or made in the form of an arch, or with blind doors.

Nuances of construction

So, what is a shtulp? This is a special plastic profile, which has the following purpose - to connect two window sashes. The shtulp needs to be attached not to the frame, but to the sash, and this will make it possible to get a completely open window opening with the sashes open. By the way, this type of window consists of a passive and active sash. The active one can be swing-out, swing-out, or simply swing, and the passive will open only after the active one has been opened.

There are several types of shtulp window mechanisms, but the simplest and most economical is the bolt.

Such fittings will be installed in the lower and upper parts of the dependent sash. Due to a special handle (as in a standard window), the active sash will be set in motion, and for the passive one is used to close and open the latches.

If the latches are open, the sash will be free to move, and if closed, it will be locked in a secure and sealed position. The passive sash can also be opened by means of a pull, which is located on the rebate - in this case, the locking points will be both at the bottom and at the top, and the sash will be activated in one movement.

Also, the shtulp connection is a guarantee that you will have a panoramic wide view and the plastic construction will be reliable.

This element, which is independent in a non-standard interior, is decorated with triangular, multifaceted and oval windows. In addition, it is the best option for balconies.


By installing a shtulp plastic window, each interior can be made aesthetic and individual. With regard to use, this type of construction will be distinguished by incredible practicality and resistance to burglaries, since the locking system is reliably hidden from strangers. All qualities are provided by high quality fittings.

It is clear that double-glazed windows will also be excellent, and therefore do not refuse installation by specialists in order to prevent distortions, not to damage the window structure, etc. A window without impost will be an ideal solution not only for balconies and city apartments, but also for cottages.