Siding for interior decoration + photo

Siding for interior decoration + photo Siding for interior decoration of the house and application features

Usually siding is used for house cladding, but the area use is not limited to outdoor work only. Although this material is considered one of the types of ventilated facade, the characteristics of the material use make it possible to use siding for interior decoration of the house.

There are many different imitation log panels and real stone. Products are made from PVC, natural wood, metal and other materials.

And the only thing that limits the application is the imagination of the owner of the apartment or house.

What are the operational and technical features of such a material?

Technical parameters, dimensions of panels

As you can see in the photo, the siding, which is used to decorate the room from the inside, is almost completely at least identical in pattern and texture to natural materials that it is able to imitate.

Depending on the type of panels, as well as the material of manufacture, the dimensions of the siding (width and length of the material) may vary:

  • Length 2-6 meters, with the most popular option has a length of 3 meters. Here there is a working and net length of the strip.
  • Width - this ratio fully depends on which panels you use. So, standard vinyl stripes are 2 * 0.

    3 meters, 3 * 0. 3 meters and 6 * 0. 3 meters. Siding with imitation stone and brick for facing in width can be up to 0.5 meters.

Good advice! When calculating the amount of material for interior decoration, it is necessary to take into account the working area of ​​the product, as well as possible surplus of material.

Details of finishing

What siding is used for interior decoration

For interior finishing works, all siding is used mounted on the facade of the building. The following types of such finishing material are widely used:

  1. Siding for interior decoration + photo Vinyl - this material has an optimal ratio prices, performance parameters and quality. they are made of polymeric PVC mass, and it can be easily installed, and with modern technology, almost all patterns and textures can be applied to the panels. For this reason, PVC siding with imitation of wood, brick or stone texture is often used for interior decoration.

  2. Metallic - used for interior balcony decoration with the need for wall insulation, and you can even purchase such a siding with a print imitating a natural stone or log.
  3. Wooden - it is made by pressing wood that has been recycled. It is also widely used to decorate a room with a high level of humidity, especially in the case where the interior emphasizes the use of natural materials.

Please note that there are other types of siding that have not received the same popularity as those listed above.But, as a rule, finishing work can be done using the main types of material.

Advantages of using PVC siding

One of the most popular types of siding will remain PVC or vinyl profile, and this is not surprising, because this material has such advantages:

  • Light weight - this makes it possible to use it for wall decoration and for the ceiling in the room.
  • Appearance - with the help of modern technologies, it was possible to achieve the application of a material texture, which is an ideal imitation of materials of natural origin - natural stone, frame, wood and brick for cladding.
  • Possibility of insulation - PVC itself perfectly retains heat, but due to the fact that the panels are attached by hanging them on the surface of the crate, it is possible to additionally insulate the walls by means of mineral insulation.

Interestingly, if you consider all the proposed options and take into account the quality, performance and price of finishing materials, it will become an obvious advantage of PVC siding.

Features of ceiling mounting

The siding for interior decoration, the photo of which is attached, is almost identical to that used for wall cladding inside the room , but there are some nuances.


  • Siding for interior decoration + photo When measuring, it is necessary to take into account that to cut the strips it will be required not just in width, but also in length.
  • A prerequisite for starting work will be to check the ceiling diagonal. This makes it possible to smooth out irregularities to the maximum.
  • To create the lathing, you need to use a metal profile, and in this case, the use of a timber bar would not be the best option.
  • The distance from the ceiling must be made sufficient for the installation of recessed luminaires.

Good advice! When attaching the starting corner together with dowel nails, it is better to use self-tapping screws, and this will make it possible to increase the durability and strength of the structure.

You should see interesting variations of imitations and colors of siding, which has been tested by time of high-quality material, perfect for interiors. Siding not only makes the design of the premises stylish and original, but also perfectly retains its appearance for many years. When decorating rooms with siding, sometimes even windows need to be sheathed with siding, and the correct colors of the material in the room and on the windows help make the interior more spacious and interesting.


The price will be influenced by the material from which the siding is made, its texture and color.

One of the cheapest will be white vinyl siding, which will cost around $ 5. With an imitation of a material of natural origin, the cost of PVC strips reaches up to $ 11. Metal siding will cost from $ 8 to $ 21, and for a timber profile, you will need to pay from $ 17 or more.

If we compare the prices with the technical and operational parameters and installation features, it will become obvious that the purchase of PVC siding would be ideal for interior decoration in a room. In the apartment, you can also often find the walls of the loggia or balcony sheathed with siding from the inside.

Detailed installation instructions are perfectly shown in the video.