Sink location options in the kitchen

Sink location options in the kitchen The correct location of the sink in the kitchen - advice from the pros and photos

The kitchen sink is one of the vertices of the famous working triangle, which also includes the hob and refrigerator. The convenience of cooking will directly depend on how you place the washing sink, because movement in the kitchen should not cause chaos due to a lot of time spent on unnecessary movements.

Depending on your kitchen layout, the location of the sink in the kitchen may be different. What are the options and how to choose the right place for washing in your own kitchen, you will learn from the article.

Please note that an ideal working triangle in all respects has sides from 0.

6 to 1.2 meters, and the size will largely depend on the area of ​​your kitchen.

Popular ways of placing a sink in the kitchen

During the design process, most people often start asking the question: "Is it possible to place a sink near a gas stove?" but at the same time nobody is confused by the close proximity to refrigerators. Opinions are divided on this issue, and if you are also thinking about such an arrangement of furniture and other household appliances, we suggest that you consider 3 pros and 3 cons of this option.

Advantages of the proximity of a gas stove and a sink Disadvantages of a close location of a sink near the stove
You will have much less useless movements, actions, which means that the hostess will be much less tired during the cooking process.

With such an arrangement, you will have everything at hand - you have washed the vegetables and you can immediately throw them into the pan.

With such a neighborhood, all the "chemicals" that are used for washing dishes can get into food. Everyone knows about the dangers of these components, and there is even no point in mentioning it.

It is much easier to control food preparation. While you are washing and drying the rest of the vegetables (ingredients), you can stir the dish in parallel, make sure that it does not boil away, etc.

Only a few drops, which in theory can get into a frying pan with hot oil are capable of causing ignition. According to statistics, this is one of the most popular causes of a fire in the kitchen.

It is very convenient to keep the kitchen clean at all times. It is the stove and the work wall that are the dirtiest parts in the kitchen, and the fact that there is a water source nearby (faucet and sink) will greatly facilitate cleaning. It is imperative to ensure that there is a distance between the sink and the stove for a hot pot or emergency placement of kitchen utensils (according to all rules, this is 0.

6 meters). But keep in mind that such a space can be on the other side of the plate.If there is a complete lack of space for the dishes, then the kitchen will be considered "problematic"

After that, when all the pros and cons are compared, it will be much easier to solve whether the sink should be placed closer to the stove. The main thing is that you know what the consequences of such a neighborhood can be. And then you should talk about how to choose the location of the sink for the kitchen, taking into account the layout, consider recommendations from masters and housewives who have already experienced the delights of certain combinations.


Sink installation locations

Sink in the corner of the kitchen

Such an arrangement is suitable for a room of any size and layout, and at the same time the kitchen set itself can be angular, and standard linear, and L-shaped. You can buy special corner sinks on the market, giving you the chance to choose a sink for every type of interior and layout.

The main advantages of the location of the sink in the corner are as follows:

  • Great savings in free space on which additional furniture or even household appliances will be installed.
  • The under-sink cupboards will be deep thanks to the corner, and there you can place all the kitchen utensils.
  • The corner behind the bowl is perfect for storing detergents, and they will not interfere with the wash process.

  • A variety of colors, shapes, sink sizes can diversify the design of the kitchen and harmoniously fit the sink into the overall composition.

When choosing a corner sink, experts recommend determining the diameter of the bowl, as well as the cut-in method. There should be enough space to carry out all the usual duties. If before that you doubted exactly how to position the sink in the corner kitchen, now all doubts will be over, because for maximum ergonomics of the room it will be enough to fill the corner.

Installing a sink near the window

Washing near a window is spectacular, but most people choose such an arrangement for rational reasons - a lot of natural light will make it possible it is better to control the cleanliness of food and dishes, while saving on electricity.

There are other advantages, which are also important to mention:

  • View from the window - of course, not every person outside the window will have a magnificent view from blooming gardens and lakes, but such an overview while washing dishes will help train your eyesight, watch a child play on the street, or even look out for a bus so as not to be late for work.
  • Additional work space - to put the sink, you need a table top near the window, and this way you have much more free space. The table top can be moved slightly under the windowsill, or even combined with it.

But keep in mind that this placement method has its drawbacks.The main ones will be the need to spend additional funds on installation work, because according to the classical layout, the water supply and disposal of used water are located exactly not under the window, and another disadvantage will be the private washing of windows, because the spray from the mixer will very often fall on the glass surface.

To place a sink near the window or not is an individual decision, and although it is very beautiful, it will not be advisable for every family.

Exotic kitchen islands

Furniture items, including a sink, in the middle of the room can only be placed in spacious rooms or even in the kitchen, which is part of the studio. Most often, the island in the center is both a dining table and a built-in sink, which makes it possible to communicate with household members when preparing food, peeling vegetables or washing dishes. This arrangement of the sink in the kitchen will resemble a modern restaurant in which the chef cooks right in front of the guests.

When choosing such an option, it is imperative to know about certain nuances:

  • Communications will need to be carried out under the floor surface, or rather, remove the coating, perform installation work, and again put everything as it was.

    This is a waste of money, time, and there will still be a lot of dust in the kitchen. It is best to design a different layout during a rough repair to keep the inconvenience of rework to a minimum.

  • It will also be necessary to extend the countertops on the other side of the sink (more precisely, behind the mixer). This will help add space to the table and will not interfere with the rest of the family in the kitchen.

The only reason people usually refuse to wash on a kitchen island is because of the mountains of dishes.

It is not so important whether it is clean or dirty, dries after washing or something else - the utensils will clutter up the spaces, but if you have a separate drying, then the problem will disappear by itself.

Built-in version (in furniture set)

Sink location options in the kitchen This arrangement is most often used for linear kitchen sets, when the stove, sink and dishwasher are located under a single countertop panel. But most people are concerned about the question, how is it more convenient to place a built-in sink in a corner kitchen? At your choice - you can take a free corner or install it in the countertop between the stove and refrigerators, which stand in one line. It is often required to purchase a separate cabinet with an already built-in sink.

With this option, you can use bowls of different shapes, and a round bowl with small sides looks advantageous, as well as universal sinks with side "petals" for drying dishes after washing.

Dimensions of the corner sink

Choosing a sink of the required size is not so easy, although at first glance there may be no problems with this.Firstly, it must necessarily correspond to the size of the room, and also meet all the requirements of the hostess. Alas, it is not always possible to combine both requirements, because kitchens built in Soviet times do not differ in their large area. In this case, it is worth starting from the size of the room, because a very large sink on a small kuna will be inappropriate, and it will also take up a lot of space so that it will not be possible to work with food on the countertop.

Do not forget to pay attention to the depth of the sink, and the optimal depth will be from about 15 to 18 cm, and if this figure reaches 20 cm, then along with the large capacity as a gift you will receive a lot of inconveniences - you will need bend over more, and if you wash the dishes often, you will sooner start feeling back pain.

Sinks with a depth of less than 15 cm are not very spacious, but if the kitchen has a dishwasher, then this option is enough for you.

Material for making sinks

We offer to consider the line of materials from which sinks are made for the kitchen, as well as learn about all their pros and cons.

  1. Granite. Such models are made of material that is artificially made and will be 80% quartz and 20% granite chips. They are resistant to chemicals, and a large range of colors will be a definite plus, which makes it possible to choose products for each interior.

  2. Ceramics. The most common are earthenware models, and porcelain ones are much less common. Ceramic sinks are spectacular and will help show guests that you have great taste. Also, the material is resistant to chemicals, but they also have disadvantages - high weight and high degree of fragility.
  3. Stainless steel.

    Stainless steel models are in incredible demand, because the list of advantages is very large. Such products are inexpensive, can be of various shapes and sizes, so you can choose a kitchen option with different dimensions and design in different styles. The disadvantage will be that the surface gets dirty easily, and therefore you will need to regularly clean it from fingerprints, water drops and other things.

Sometimes the choice of product material will depend on the location of the sink in the kitchen - in the corner, or near the window.

Accessories for corner sinks

There is space and financial possibilities, then an ordinary kitchen sink can be made more functional thanks to the use of such accessories:

  • The automatic valve makes it possible, with one press, to close the sink drain and turn it into a small bathroom, so that it is convenient to wash vegetables.

  • Side wings for drying vegetables, dishes and herbs.
  • Cutting boards that will be the same size as the sink. With their help, you will be able to increase the working area, and this is especially true when two people are cooking in the kitchen at once.
  • Colander is a special bowl-shaped tray that is equipped with many holes and is required to defrost frozen pieces. This option will be relevant for sinks with two or more bowls.

  • Sink location options in the kitchen The basket for washing is also a way to repeat the shape of the bowl and has many holes, but it differs in that it has a greater depth than at the colander.
  • The tap for drinking water makes it possible to supply filtered clean water, and at the same time the resources of the filtration device will not be spent on purifying the water that is used for washing dishes. Very comfortably.
  • A dispenser for dishwashing detergent with a dispenser under the sink will significantly facilitate the process of washing dishes, but you will need to allocate space in the nightstands and constantly add detergent to the dispenser.
  • The waste shredder is also a great thing to be installed under the sink and this makes it possible to reduce the risk of clogging the sewer.

    At the same time, he will rid the kitchen room of unpleasant odors, because organic waste can be simply crushed and sent to the sewer, and thus there will be no situations when the waste lies and rot in the trash bin, and it stinks.

In the end, I would like to note that it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the manufacturer's name.

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