Sliding wardrobe: design ideas, photo

Sliding wardrobe: design ideas, photo Sliding wardrobe: design ideas, photo

Recently, sliding wardrobes are almost complete to the extent that they have supplanted classic pieces of furniture, as they are more comfortable and practical. All your clothes and more (blankets, pillows) can be hidden behind the sliding door of such a stylish wardrobe.

And at the same time, he himself will take up much less space than other pieces of furniture that are designed to store things.

It is not at all surprising that designers make many non-standard designs of sliding wardrobes that are perfect for all kinds of interiors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sliding wardrobes are a practical option for both a city apartment and a country house.

they can be made of all kinds of materials, which is one of the main parameters that affect the appearance of furniture. At the moment, there are a variety of design options for wardrobes. For small apartments, built-in wardrobes are ideal, which are placed in wall niches and make it possible to save a lot of space. If you want to put a similar wardrobe in your room, then it is best to mount it when planning or redeveloping an apartment or your house. in this case, you do not need to change anything or even demolish the walls.

Usually, such designs are made to order in such a way as to fully fit into the dimensions of such a niche.

As a rule, built-in wardrobes are not supplemented with rear walls or even a floor - here the house part itself will serve as a frame. Such pieces of furniture are supplemented exclusively with shelves, simple partitions and doors. Such cabinets are built into the interior, which will really help save space. There is another, no less functional option - a corner cabinet.

They are usually placed in a room that has a lot of space. They will perfectly fit into any modern interior, as well as sliding wardrobes with a non-standard facade shape, for example, arc or radius. This option will take up much less space. Practicality and corner diagonal cabinets also differ. They are usually installed in the corner of the room, but due to the beveled walls, they take up much less space.

And the last option is a wall-mounted classic wardrobe. It looks great in the hallway and in the bedroom. The dimensions of this cabinet are very different, depending on what exactly the room looks like.

General details

Internal arrangement

Sliding wardrobe: design ideas, photo When you figure out the type of wardrobe that you want to buy, you can move on to the choice of its interior arrangement, and the inner filling of such a wardrobe is very important, because it will depend on it how much it will be convenient for you to store all your personal belongings. There are many different options for combining hangers, shelves and drawers.

There are also static options that in no case can be redesigned, and also those that, if required, can be changed. So, for example, the popular Ikeev cabinets can be assembled from scratch, like a designer, choosing exactly those parts that you like and need. There is another extremely important part of interior design - lighting. Well-chosen lighting makes it possible not only to see yourself perfectly in the mirror, but also to create unusual visual effects.

Classic light bulbs or even strips with LED diodes can be used to decorate interior cabinets in the interior.

When installing additional light sources inside a personal wardrobe, it is imperative to think about exactly how you will replace bulbs or carry out other repair work. At the moment, spacious cabinet designs are popular, which resemble small dressing rooms in their appearance. When choosing such pieces of furniture, you can save space, and also fulfill your dream, having received an almost complete dressing room. There are also deep wardrobes, in which, behind each row of clothes, another can be hidden, which makes it possible to store all property in one place. The most popular option would be rows of shelves or even racks that are installed behind a hanger bar.

On such convenient shelves it will be convenient to put everything that you do not wear or do not use at the moment.

The modern design of wardrobes is very important for a fashionable apartment. Such deep cabinets make it possible to place a row of shelves behind the hanger bar. Thus, in the back, behind the main row of clothes, you can place things that you do not wear in this season or bed linen. You can also put baskets with jewelry or boxes of shoes and bags that are not currently being worn there.

Even inside such a cabinet, you can place an installed ironing board along with an iron. For this purpose, even most purchased wardrobes have built-in compartments. This makes it possible to save space and at the same time not spoil the appearance of the room with such trifles for everyday life.

Non-standard design of doors

But if we talk specifically about beauty, then pay more attention to the exterior finish specifically on the door for the wardrobe. At the moment, both monochromatic designs and those covered with various patterns are popular.

Practical wardrobes with a mirror surface of one of the doors are in fashion now. This option is ideal because such a mirror is not just a part of the decor, but also the opportunity to consider your outfit in a mirror image at any time. It turns out that you do not need to install an additional mirror in your apartment. This is especially good for small rooms. The fact is that, among other things, mirror surfaces will visually expand the space.

The only drawback of sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors is that they need to be cleaned often, because any fingerprints and other small traces are immediately visible on this surface. For this reason, this wardrobe is better suited for a bachelor or young couple than for an apartment in which children live. In general, there is also a variant with well-processed glass, which not only will not be subjected to mechanical shock, but will also remain clean for a long time, since dust does not accumulate on it.

There is another beautiful option, which has recently become more and more popular - a wardrobe with frosted glass doors. For the production of this material, either a special chemical treatment or finishing with sandblasting machines is used.

If you are looking for a more budgetary variation of a wardrobe, then it is better to opt for the second option. Although the low cost also has certain disadvantages - fingerprints and various stains will remain on the matte surface of this cabinet, as well as on the mirror.

The combination in the design of one compartment of an insert made of ordinary and frosted glass also looks great. These can be the simplest geometric combinations or non-standard patterns that adorn the surface of the cabinet and inserts made of contrasting glass. If we talk about the methods of decorating glass, one cannot fail to note the stained glass technique.

Unusual stained-glass windows currently adorn not only the windows of churches, as well as other significant structures, but also the doors of ordinary wardrobes that can be found in any apartment. Painting using the stained glass technique is a very difficult job.

Such patterns are applied to the surface of the cabinet door by means of specialized paints and varnishes. however, you can find a cheaper option - special multi-colored films that are simply attached over the doors. In the second case, you can even independently make compositions that you specifically like.

But the first design option looks much more expensive and even more luxurious.

Sliding wardrobe: design ideas, photo There is another exquisite design option - the use of patterns from transparent or colored crystals. As a rule, rather cheap and simple crystals are used to decorate wardrobes. Over time, they are able to fall off, which ultimately will not look very beautiful. But in general, decorated wardrobes with crystals look very beautiful.

When choosing a design for a personal wardrobe, it is important not just what materials the door is made of and how it is decorated. It is advisable that the wardrobe chosen by you fits organically into the room where it is installed. Even if you have a small room, it is better to give preference to cabinets that are made in light colors. This makes it possible to visually expand the space, and in general, in such a room there should not be many dark spots - massive leather pieces of furniture or carpets.Depending on what materials the wardrobe is made of, its appearance will change.

This will determine how organically the wardrobe fits into one of the modern styles.

There is another design option for the built-in wardrobe - a new wardrobe made of solid wood / chipboard will look great for a hi-tech or modern interior. Cabinets made from combining wood with glass or mirror look great in a similar style. If you choose this particular option, a light color is allowed, or a darker one. In a modern and small studio, such a wardrobe will look style and quite appropriate.

In an ecological style, they will look great from bamboo or rattan with eco-leather that decorates the surface of furniture items.

In order for such pieces of furniture to serve as long as possible, it needs to be treated with special compounds. Externally, these surfaces can remain unprocessed, or be covered with paints and varnishes / mirror surfaces, as well as other materials that are used in the manufacture of wardrobes. Admirers of the classics love the extraordinary novelties made in the art nouveau or art deco style. In such coupe designs, classic style is combined with something unusual and modern.

It would be appropriate to paint monochromatic doors with ornaments made of golden or even silver paint.

For country style, you can choose a wardrobe in dark wood or its imitation. Such a wardrobe will outwardly resemble pieces of furniture from old westerns, but it will really delight you with its compactness and functionality. For a large country house with a huge wardrobe, you can choose an unusual design option with photo printing. This is a budget option that can be used to decorate large surfaces.

Moreover, this way you can add a touch of individuality to the interior, choosing for printing exactly those images that will fully meet your wishes.

Fashion ideas from the best designers

If you are looking for inspiration to equip your space, then you can consider various projects made by popular designers ... So, for example, you should just look at the collections exhibited by Ikea or Commander in furniture stores, which even in their stores present unusual options for assembling furniture, or flip through the corresponding collections with models.

Regardless of the size of the room in which you install your wardrobe, there is always a chance to make interesting projects. We suggest considering a couple of stylish options that can be partially recreated in a residential environment.

Minimalist cabinets with a minimum of colors and straight lines look great for the Art Nouveau style. A great example is a square, neat wardrobe made of a material that is stylized as wood."Boards" with a large width look great, and dilute the simplicity of the piece of furniture with a small niche in one of the lower drawers, in which you can put various decorative elements.

This wardrobe goes well with the light design of the room, which is complemented by curtains and pillows with geometric patterns. Another version of a stylish wood-look wardrobe is a classic sliding wardrobe, the sliding doors of which are decorated with laconic ornaments applied to frosted glass. This painting looks interesting and even fits organically into the two-tone bedroom interior with coffee-white tones. There is another example of pieces of furniture that will organically look in the style direction of the modern or hi-tech style. A simple snow-white wardrobe in the entire width of the walls almost merges with the tone of the ceiling and walls.

the built-in TV in the center of the cabinet will add practicality to it. This helps to significantly save space.