Small bathroom - sentence or conciseness

Small bathroom - sentence or conciseness Arrangement of a small bathroom + photo and examples. It is a real pleasure to carry out renovation work in the bathroom, because you can choose beautiful and new plumbing, carefully arrange all the cabinets, hang the shelves and install the washing machine that previously "lived" in the kitchen. But the technology process for the construction of residential buildings has become somewhat different. At the moment, many have to be content with small bathrooms.

Few people know that even in a room with an area of ​​only 3 square meters.

meter, you can embody the most unusual projects.

Fashion trends

Small bathroom - sentence or conciseness Yes, modern bathroom space almost not designed to fully relax, and also enjoy this process to the fullest. In addition, the rhythm of modern life is practically not designed for this. But with the help of a successful design in a small-sized apartment, this will be possible, since all the essentials, as well as the most popular this year, will be concentrated in the bathroom. The main styles of bathroom decoration are loft, fantasy, hi-tech and neoclassic, which have become incredibly popular in recent years.

Each style has its own flavor to accentuate small bathrooms.

Note, that white still predominates among the colors in the plumbing palette. As for the decoration, the decision to make the bathroom in light colors will still be indispensable

As a rule, light shades make it possible to enlarge and visually expand the room, which is important to achieve when planning a small room. The play of contrasts also helps to significantly influence the appearance of the room, as well as create a kind of inner infinity. Confidently do not give up positions and nautical motives.

The fact is that reliefs in the image of waves and aqua, as well as scaly tiles, imitation of the bottom of a reservoir or glare on the surface are very relaxing. All this can be reflected in the modern color combination for the bathroom.

The interior filling of the room (plumbing and furniture) is not always able to be correctly located in a small area. But sometimes you really want to make the bathtub really full. So that in such a place everything was at hand, and also there was no discomfort, they began to create suspended models of toilet bowls, as well as overhead structures.

This helps to hide the pipes and make practical use of the free space. Ergonomic washbasins, clear-sided showers and rain showers have gone beyond design thinking. They have become generally available and help bring order and organization to bathrooms.

The best designers have recently started using ceramic tiles to a minimum. If they use it, it is only to emphasize a certain area or create a smooth transition from one point of the room to another.

In the first place now are paints and varnishes that are resistant to moisture, as well as wood and stone of natural or artificial origin. Sustainability comes first. In order for small sanitary zones not to be a heap of plumbing fixtures and devices, you should carefully consider the design and style of the room.

It is also important to take into account the unity of style in both filling and decoration (we are talking about decorative elements). You can choose shades and colors depending on their effect on the visual perception of the area, but you can use no more than 3 in the bathroom.

In order to use a new generation of sanitary ware, it is recommended to buy a toilet bowl that will "float" in the air and small sinks that are installed on the countertop, on top of the washing machine or in the corner of the room.

Options for different areas

Small bathroom design should be thoughtful, so take a look around your bathroom and determine what should be left in it of furniture after the renovation is completed.

There are things that definitely cannot be removed even from such a small room, namely:

  • Small bathroom - sentence or conciseness Washbasin.
  • Toilet bowl.
  • Bathtub where you can take a shower.

  • Washing machine.

Everyone can determine for themselves in advance the filling of the room. The same list is required to indicate all the required items. In this case, you should consider whether your sanitary unit is combined or not. Standard "Khrushchev" ways to "please" the bathroom and toilet, which are separated and have an area of ​​2 square meters.

When each room had such an area, they did not think about comfort and usefulness. Today, people are trying to put forward more practical and specific requirements for such premises.

Naturally, when renovating a large-sized bathroom, there is room for imagination. But if you do not stop in time, then there is a possibility that the room will become an additional storage room, in which there will be a bunch of unnecessary trash "for better times" or moving to a summer cottage / garage. Small self-care rooms help keep the owner of the apartment in good shape, as they are selective and demanding about what should be placed inside and coexist with new finishes and plumbing fixtures.

Small bathrooms are wonderful because they can be placed so neatly that all morning rituals will be quick, comfortable and relaxed.

Interestingly, small bathrooms are not a sentence, and this does not mean that you will bang your elbows on all objects or sit on the toilet and rest your knees against the locker.Such an area becomes an excellent quest in order to install all the items conveniently, mobile and without putting anything superfluous.

Stylish solutions

In order to be able to somehow figure out what useful opportunities there are with small bathrooms, it is worth pay attention to several options for solving a similar problem. At first, it may seem that doing something adequate and intelligible would be a complete fairy tale and even unrealistic.

But believe me, you can always find a way out.

Combined version

If we talk about how to place plumbing fixtures and furniture in separate sanitary facilities, it is even meaningless. The fact is that everything is already clearly arranged there and has a certain structure. Nothing could be otherwise, although nuances are possible. What if the proximity of the bathtub and the toilet are ways to prevent each other from functioning normally? It is important to remember that combining a sink and toilet may not provide the privacy that is possible in different rooms.

This will especially affect you if you have small children.

But here a competent renovation may come up, which, even in apartments located in standard nine-story buildings, will put everything in its place. In such a situation, sanitary facilities with minimal but acceptable dimensions for all family members, a corner bath or shower stall, which will harmoniously fit into even the smallest rooms, can come to the rescue.

Typical Project

Small bathroom furnishings and standard finishes usually depend on the sewer and water piping that the builders made. They did everything according to the construction plan, but sometimes it does not fit at all with dreams of a practical and beautiful room design.

Most often, apartment owners leave the same wiring, thereby giving consent to a typical sanitary unit project. But, as practice has shown, do not lose heart. The fact is that a large selection of modern plumbing makes it possible to choose exactly the model that will be suitable in all respects.

For Khrushchevs

In old 5-storey houses, which are called Khrushchevs, everything is thought out even during the design. The sanitary unit is divided into two rooms with a thin material partition.

In one room, ordinary snow-white toilets were installed, and in the second, sinks and bathtubs of similar color. The decor was standard.

The main design errors are as follows:

  • Tiles on the walls and floor.
  • Tubes and pipes that stick out from everywhere.
  • A partition that steals usable space.

In such rooms you can really retire, and the only window that gave daylight overlooked the kitchen. Most often, the owners repaired it and used the updated section of the wall in order to hang hooks, shelves or cabinets. This is exactly how they clogged, narrowed the already tight space.

Please note, that if you want to change such typical rooms, you should first try to start with the partition, if it has no function.

Next, you should take a closer look at the plumbing benefits of civilization of unusual sizes and shapes.

  1. Sinks. They can be both suspended and overhead with a minimum diameter (for example, 0.3 * 0.2 meters or 0.25 * 0.

    15 meters), it is possible to use corner structures.

  2. Toilet bowls. For suspended and small-sized models, additional bulky equipment will need to be installed - an installation, but it can be hidden along with pipes behind a fake wall.
  3. Bath / shower. To keep plumbing to a minimum, a modest corner bath or radial shower with frosted / transparent sliding doors that will not divide the room will do.

    In addition, there are many bathtubs of unusual geometric shapes on sale, which also help solve the problem of space in small bathrooms in Khrushchevs or studios.

Further, we propose to consider one more option.

With a corner-type bowl

Yes, more and more often they began to use corner structures in miniature sanitary facilities. Today you have the opportunity not only to create a radial shower. Hanging bathtubs, toilets and sinks are quite convenient, practical and hidden in the corners of small bathrooms.

In addition, the rounded edges make it possible to use such items as safely as possible.

The corner bath has a number of advantages that cannot be disputed:

  • Takes up very little space - an important requirement that must be adhered to.
  • Has a low weight, which allows you to save when loading on the services of loaders.
  • Ease of installation - even a person who has never done anything like this can handle the installation.

At the same time, when improving a small bathroom with the help of such a bowl, there are some disadvantages:

  • It is almost impossible to sit in full growth with the comfort of an adult.

  • It is difficult to choose curtains that will cover a person when bathing. Water will spray all over the bathroom.
  • There is not enough space on the surface of the plumbing to arrange personal hygiene products.

And yet the listed nuances help to increase the usable space, and also make it possible to fit even a washing machine in the sanitary unit. As for the corner bowl of the sink, everything is much simpler here.

There are also standard wall-mounted washbasins that can be attached to the corner of the room, and special surface-mounted models. The advantage of the latter option is that an additional work surface will appear on which all the tools can be placed, and it looks like a countertop.In addition, there are unique sinks that can be installed above a floating toilet, and they are installed in a single installation - a false wall, behind which all communications and pipes are hidden.

With shower

Small bathroom - sentence or conciseness Currently At the moment, professionals are increasingly trying to advise installing showers in small sanitary facilities. There are more than enough variations on this theme.

Naturally, it makes no sense to opt for large hydroboxes, since in this case there will be no space saving. Showers, as well as their bowls, can be of very different shapes and sizes. They are closed and open, oval / semicircular / rectangular / square, medium / shallow / deep. Their functionality is difficult to overestimate, but it is quite possible to make the bathroom practical and attractive.

It has become very fashionable to install shower stalls without bowls.

This makes a rain shower. A simple drain system is installed in the floor, and a special diffuser-watering can is attached to the ceiling. Most often, such structures are equipped with transparent glass walls or doors. The trick of such shower cabins is that you can zone the space without stealing the usable area. It will be very beneficial to use a mosaic made of ceramic tiles to combine the washing and bathing area.

Note, that the unity of space and style will help distract and transform an imaginary bathroom into a spacious room.

With a washing machine

Until now, experts disagree on where the washing machine should be - in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They never came to a consensus, but in any case it is necessary to install it. While theorists are coming up with something new, practitioners have come up with many types of combined lavatory design, where the machine will be a bright accent, or it will be hidden under the sink behind a fake cabinet. In any case, the arrangement of a small bathroom with a washing machine no longer seems like something incredible, impossible.

More details and different planning methods are discussed using the example of specific areas of sanitary facilities.

Interior of the room for 5 m 2

Place everything you need on 5 sq. meters as easy as shelling pears. But even in this case, you should adhere to some subtleties and rules. There are already much fewer restrictions in terms of the number and type of furniture, as well as plumbing.

But a custom look can be given to a room if you choose materials, style and color palette. For a small bathroom, it's best not to use more than two different colors. In this case, it is desirable that they be close to each other, although in certain cases the play of contrasts is encouraged.

Here it is possible to put a separate shower stall, bathtub, stationary washbasin and even a washing machine. But here, too, one should not overdo it.

Depending on what will play the role of the central exposition, you should choose the filling of the room, as well as its color scheme.

Finishing a small bathroom can be done using a variety of materials:

  1. Ceramic tiles - be careful here, since it is important for the floor to select a surface that will not be slippery, and the squares should be located diagonally so that the room is visually larger. Do not be afraid to decorate the interior with bright colors. You can choose beautiful accents with unusual colors and repeat in design elements of furniture, bathroom fixtures or flooring.
  2. Moisture-resistant paint - this material took the second place, and although it is practically not inferior in cost to tiles, it is less traumatic.

    If the experiment is unsuccessful, you can change the main color of the room at any time.

  3. Wood - Yes, oddly enough, you can't do without it in the wettest room of the apartment. wood panels for wall decoration, flooring and simply decorative elements from such an environmentally friendly material look rich and simple at the same time. All surfaces are usually treated with a moisture resistant compound, due to which the material will serve for a long time.
  4. Stone of natural or artificial origin - it is less often used for finishing the surface of the floor, but sometimes it is needed for laying out a drawing or ornament on the wall.

    The floor in a shower stall, which does not have a bowl, is also often made of this material. In a sanitary unit with an area of ​​5 sq. meters, it is very convenient to install mobile stone countertops, into which an overhead sink is built.

Important! In such premises there is an opportunity to roam, but you should pay attention to the fact that violent imagination does not deprive the room of functionality and practicality.


Now you know how to make a small bathroom really functional and fit everything that is required in it - a bath / shower stall, washbasin, toilet and even a washing machine.

Among the many options offered, you will surely find what is right for your apartment.