Small kitchens with washing machine

Small kitchens with washing machine Washing machine in the kitchen: all pros and cons, questions, how to install

Planning a kitchen space is not an easy task. When an apartment does not differ in a large area, then you often have to choose non-standard solutions to get out of the situation. For example, what if there is so little space in the bathroom that you can't install a washing machine? Naturally, install it in the kitchen. Indeed, a kitchen with a washing machine is not uncommon.

We suggest that you consider convenient options for placement and all the nuances of the layout features of such an installation.

Advantages and disadvantages of placement

The main argument in favor of installing a washing unit in the kitchen is the fact that the device in such a case will not be exposed to moisture around the clock, as in the bathrooms. Due to this, it will retain its original appearance for a longer time and an excellent level of performance.

There are many other pluses:

  1. Security. This advantage is also associated with a large amount of moisture. The point is that moisture is not friendly with electrical energy.

    When the equipment is installed in a sanitary unit, you can notice mild electric shocks when you touch the machine, especially if it is not grounded. Even such manifestations can be dangerous, and if you put a washing machine in the kitchen, then it should be grounded.

  2. Nice appearance. In the kitchen, it is possible to hide almost all equipment behind the facades of the headset. In this case, there will be no dirty linen in sight, because in the bathroom the machine is always installed in a conspicuous place, which means that the dirty linen that is prepared for washing is also.

    Moreover, when the washing machine in the kitchen does not work, its door should be kept open, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Such nuances can be correctly hidden.

  3. Ability to install a full-size machine. Installing such models is not possible in every bathroom, but in the kitchen it is very useful. Why is it more convenient? Because these machines hold more laundry, and the washing will be of better quality.

    Moreover, this option can last much longer, and thanks to the large counterweight in the typewriter, the models are more stable and create less vibration, which means less noise.

  4. Free space in the sanitary facility. Space is precious in this room.

Open placement of the washing machine is the simplest solution, convenient and beautiful. it is worth considering the disadvantages, although there are much fewer of them.

First, the washing machine at the forge is quite difficult to fit into the kitchen set, however, like dirty linen and washing gels, they do not harmonize well with food.Open doors will not add aesthetics to the interior, but if you think over the facade and special convenient storage compartments, such troubles can be avoided. Before deciding to install the machine in the kitchen, you should weigh all the pros and cons, as well as familiarize yourself with the experience of other people, and only then make a decision.

Variations in Embedding a Washing Machine

There are many different methods for installing a built-in washing machine in a kitchen. Many are aimed at ensuring that the technique is hidden from a prominent place and does not violate the integrity of the style.

Before buying a unit, you should definitely check in a hardware store - suddenly the model you like does not fit into the niche that will be provided for it. There are both simple and non-standard options for washing machines for kitchen design. For example, the body can be hidden in a niche outside the window. One of the best options would be when all the equipment requiring connection to the water supply is near the kitchen sink. To choose the right place,

there are three main aspects to consider:

  1. Distance from dishwasher, refrigerator and oven.

    Their vibrations can have a negative effect on the operation of the compressors and the built-in fan of the machine.

  2. Availability of free space for unloading and unloading things from the washing machine (not less than 1 m 2 ).
  3. Availability of space on the side of connection of branch pipes and hoses for repair and maintenance of the device.

Placing a washing machine and a dishwasher near each other makes it possible to make a common water supply, and this will save both time and money. Some of the models of built-in household appliances are produced with special hinges on the front, which are needed to attach decorative doors.

Incomplete embedding

Small kitchens with washing machine In the case when the kitchen area is not very large, there is a way not to occupy the place with the unit that can be allocated for cabinets, but to create a separate niche for installation or allocate a free part of the room for installation.

Stationary placement

This fixed mount option is the best for heavy dual chamber models. Such a variation involves the installation of the unit on the floor, and not integration into interior items / furniture. It is also important to take into account the fact that the more massive the unit body is, the more rigid the base for installation must be. The most suitable option would be the corner of the room.

There is an option with vertical placement of two washing machines in the corner of the kitchen, decorated in a classic style.

Full embedding

Here you need to think in advance how exactly the built-in washing machine will be hidden in the kitchen, and you can do everything in advance when you design all kitchen furniture. You just need to measure the dimensions of the equipment and take this data into account when designing a set of furniture. This will make the washing machine invisible.The most popular way for models that have a side loading hatch and those that are vertical is to hide it in the table top.

The machine can also be placed under the countertop of the kitchen island, if you are not afraid of the problems associated with the installation of utilities.

Installation in a cupboard

A rather popular technique will be the arrangement of kitchen furniture - dividing the set into two parts. In this case, the wall cabinets, countertop, hob, cutting surface and oven become one part, and the cabinet-cabinet with sink and washing machine will be located on the side and become another separate part. This method will be the best when it comes to ergonomics, ease of connection and durability of household appliances. Under the sink, you can also make shelves for storing washing powders and other household chemicals.

Under a countertop without a door

An extremely common option would be to install a washing machine in a special "pocket". In other words, this is the part of the space that is specially prepared for the washing machine in the kitchen, and there is a pocket under the worktop, closed on both sides. In this case, the washing machine will not stand out against the general background if you choose it in the color of the kitchen unit facades.

The great advantage of this option is that no cardinal alterations and interventions are needed. If necessary, the equipment can be easily moved, put and pulled out to the same place.

It is not at all necessary to choose the center of the kitchen space as the location of the machine, which is very important for planning. If the vehicle model is small, then the building is 0.6 * 0. 6 meters can be placed at the end of the kitchen set.

Design of small kitchens with a washing machine

More and more often you can find kitchens that have washing machines.

It is very simple to explain this - in most cases there is very little space in the bathroom, and even more so for household and utility spaces. It turns out that there is nowhere to put the machine either. Silver models of washing machines look especially good. But it should be understood that when it comes to a small space, then most of the shortcomings become more significant. Unfortunately, this is the only way to locate, so come up with a clever disguise system and you will be happy.

Installation in a small room

In order to reduce the importance of certain room imperfections and make the use of the device more pleasant and convenient, be sure to adhere to certain installation rules.

Consider all the most basic:

  1. It is definitely not necessary to put the typewriter near the oven, hob or other heat source.
  2. It is important that there is a small gap of several cm between the furniture and the walls of the appliances.
  3. Make sure that the length of communications is not more than 4 meters.This includes a hose for supplying and draining water, as well as a sewer.

Khrushchev's kitchen room near the window, with a full-fledged gas stove and washing machine is possible. To make the process of unloading and loading laundry convenient, the front door must open at least 90 degrees. If you take such recommendations into account when planning, you can avoid inconvenience in use, and also do not violate the aesthetics of the interior.

Accommodation in the corner kitchen

Small kitchens with washing machine Corner kitchen models make it possible to comfortably place both the work area and household appliances in small areas, and sometimes it even turns out to carve out a place for the dining area. Sometimes, due to the small size of the bathroom, such a kitchen also needs to fit a washing machine.

In the installation and placement of large household appliances in a kitchen with a similar layout, there are certain features, nuances that are important to consider.

The best option for placing a washing machine and a gas stove would be on different sides of the corner sink.

Consider the rules for ergonomic design and design of a corner kitchen with a washing machine:

  • The best option would be to place the sink in the corner of the kitchen.
  • In this case, the washing appliance must be placed symmetrically about that corner or at a ratio of 2/3 with other large objects. The first option is more suitable for ovens, and the second for the refrigerator.

  • An excellent solution would be to distinguish between a bedside table with a sink and a drawer-like arrangement. It will meet all safety requirements, and it also looks beautiful and stylish.

All these rules can be summarized by a single recommendation - proportions are always required, especially when it comes to a room measuring 6-9-12-15 m 2 .

Next, we propose to consider different mounting options relative to other elements:

  1. Installation relative to the oven. Most often, this option uses a symmetrical version relative to the sink.

    If the area of ​​the room allows, then it is advisable to make the oven located at a greater distance from the sink than the machine. This will make sense in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The gas stove will be separated from the sink by means of a narrow kitchen unit. In other words, the options for placement relative to the oven are as follows - at an equal distance from the sink, or at a distance of 1: 2 or 1: 3 from the sink to the oven with an indent from the sink to the washer. If you have built-in appliances, then the distance can be reduced, because such units are already closed by facades and only functionality should be taken into account.

  2. Installation relative to the refrigerator. The kitchen must fit the washing machine. Large items of household appliances should be installed on different sides of the headset, even if we are talking about built-in models.The refrigerator usually becomes a closing element along the long side (applies to rooms with an area of ​​9-12-15 m 2 ).

In the photo you will see how to rationally place the washing machine.


Installing a washing machine in the kitchen is for the most part a necessary measure, and therefore this option has not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. Despite the fact that the kitchen room is not the most suitable for installing such a unit, you can make the location so that the use of the equipment is as comfortable as possible, and the appearance of the space of the main room itself in the entire apartment is not spoiled.