soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video

soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video The Baroque style is simply impossible to imagine without stucco molding and fanciful ornaments in a golden hue. The main focus of the room's design is considered to be Baroque furniture, which is distinguished by curved and flowing lines. The variety of models is incredible - chairs with upholstery and various elements, huge lacquered wardrobes. In order not to be mistaken in Baroque furniture, you need to pay attention to its types and combinations.

Since ancient times, people have tried to show off all their wealth.

To do this, they made the rooms exquisite in style, one of which is baroque. According to history, this style was born in the distant interiors of palaces, and has successfully survived to our time.

At the moment, the Baroque style is capable of carrying modern features, but the essence will not change, this is a luxury. Baroque rooms are incredibly beautiful, with expensive, natural and vibrant materials and elements. The walls are decorated in sand and gold tones, and the floor is created under the walls.

The ceiling is made as light as possible, however, stucco molding and rosettes must be decor.

Features of the style

The main place is given to the baroque style in furniture, in particular, excesses are always emphasized here. In such rooms there is simply no way to find any strict forms or the same minimalism; absolutely every corner is rationally furnished with furniture elements.

Let's highlight the main features of upholstered furniture of the Baroque style:

  • soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video Furniture is made of wood without fail.
  • For sideboards and showcases, it is appropriate to use mosaic masonry facades, and glass is decorated exclusively with colored stained-glass windows.

  • Tables have an iridescent marble top, often with a glossy surface.
  • Pictures, mirrors are completely finished with graceful frames, which in turn are luxurious and attract attention in the first place.
  • Upholstered furniture is finished exclusively with tapestry and jacquard (expensive materials).
  • Finishing materials for products are created in golden or silver shades.
  • All items are decorated with carvings.

All Baroque furniture requires huge financial investments from its owners. This should be taken into account when planning the overall budget for the decoration of the premises.

Baroque style is suitable for spacious rooms. It is very easy to arrange living rooms, dining rooms, corridors, bedrooms in it. However, baroque is not used for cramped rooms with very narrow passages and lack of space.


Baroque actually sounds "quirky" that completely characterizes this style of furniture. Let's take a closer look at the types of objects that furnish the premises:

  • - Display cabinet or sideboard , in general, they differ in very thin glass, which quite often framed by a golden graceful pattern. Instead of glass itself, stained glass is sometimes used.On the shelves of such sideboards, elite expensive dishes are mainly stored, which speaks of the luxury and rich life of the owners. On the sides of the shop windows there is an imitation of wooden stucco molding;
  • - Armchairs and sofas , this style pays more attention to upholstered furniture.

    The main color palette is gold and shades close to it. In this it is very easy to find tapestries in beige, cream and sand shades. Jacquard upholstery materials must have a sheen. White is often used in decoration, but it is also complemented with mother-of-pearl inserts. The legs of sofas and armchairs are equipped with figured cuts, and the backs have a curved shape;

  • soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video - Soft pouf , which is placed mainly in living rooms and bedrooms.

    It is designed to sit in front of a mirror or at bedtime. Poufs are mainly upholstered with materials that match the color of other furniture;

  • - Dressing table , the main emphasis is on the mirror, or rather on how it is decorated. They are covered in very expensive baguettes for pretentiousness. The table is completed with a pouf and a chair.
  • - Bed , with such furniture the first thing that catches your eye is a massive headboard.

    The edges are decorated with carved ornaments, often depict pictures with smooth lines. The beds are not made too high, and bedside tables have been invented on the sides for sleeping.

  • - Chairs , you can often find lions in the upholstery drawings of chairs, because they are the kings of animals. Chairs are mainly placed near the dining table, and there are also around the dressing table.
  • - Table , very graceful and beautiful.

    Such tables can be divided into two groups: dining and coffee tables. The dining rooms have a large table top made of expensive wood. At such a table they have lunch and dinner, and also gather friends. The coffee table has a low height, as well as a table top, which is made in a wooden or marble style. The legs are designed in a curved style, gilded with various elements.

  • - Wardrobe , a feature of such wardrobes in Italian baroque furniture is precisely the curvature of facades and lines. There is practically no room for straight shapes, because all cabinets have rounded corners. Surfaces can be concave or convex. Wardrobes have only hinged doors, if there is a desire to buy a baroque wardrobe, it must be made to order.

The selection of Baroque furniture must take place according to the environment.

Contrasts are rarely used, which is why it is very important to choose monochromatic products.


It is appropriate to lay out accessories of the same type on luxurious pieces of Baroque furniture. These mainly include candlesticks, vases and various figurines. Accessories need to fit into the surrounding interior in such a way that the room looks like an antique shop.This style also implies moderation.

Let's highlight the main types of decor for a room decorated in the Baroque era.

  1. Pictures are also framed with expensive frames, where there are plant patterns. The frame is covered with silver or golden paint and set off with antique varnish. On the edges of the baguettes, figures of people can be located, which are also an element of style.
  2. Figurines - often imitate people of the past era.

    The manufacturing company depicts women in simple dresses, children, horses, castles, a palace, carriages and men in military uniforms.

  3. soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video Carpets - always on the floor, in the bedroom or living room under the coffee table. They have a very complex ornament with elements of luxury; often light shades are mixed interspersed with bright ones.
  4. Services - put only on the shelves of showcases and sideboards, for demonstration to guests. Basically, these are very expensive sets of elite ceramics and glass with thin rims of different shades along the edge, as well as subjects from the Baroque era.

  5. Vases - can be floor or cup-type. Floor-standing ones have a high height and a narrow throat.
  6. Clock - curly lines along the edge, with the presence of imitation of grapes (bunches), as well as the image of various animals. The dial is not that big, but round. They are performed mainly in floor and table form.

  7. Candlesticks - can be table and wall. They are distinguished by a high leg and beautiful candle cells.
  8. Caskets - are made mainly in light colors, and the lids have the peculiarity of being decorated with figures of people, curved handles and locks. There is often a floral pattern on the surface.
  9. Mirrors - always finished with a gilded inlaid frame.

    A little more luxury of such mirrors will be given by inserts made of Swarovski crystals sparkling on the surface. The frame can be carved or solid. It is made mainly of metal, wood, and other expensive materials. Only rounded shape.

In a room of this style it is possible to place neo-baroque furniture, this is one of these types of style, but with features of modernity.

With this combination, it is very important to carefully and correctly choose the color palette so that the room does not look huge.

Rules for combinations with design

When decorating a house in the Baroque, you need to buy the same furniture. If you buy furniture of a different stylistic direction under the luxurious decoration of the ceiling, walls, floors with stucco molding, then the room will lose its idea and become unattractive.

In order to properly arrange your premises, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • soft and wooden - style features in the interior + Video A sofa with curved legs and tapestry upholstery will look great in the living room. A console for storing services and a display cabinet will complement the living room.

    You can also add a coffee table for receiving guests, as well as some chairs with comfortable backs.

  • In the bedroom, you only need cabinets, a pouf, a trellis and a bed, because too much will only spoil the room.
  • We recommend placing a huge lacquered wardrobe in the hallway. The cabinet must be made of white oak or walnut. In addition, you can put a huge mirror in the hallway, which will be in a gilded frame.


We advise you to give your preferences to furniture in the Baroque style from Italy, because the highest quality furniture of all possible is produced there. Correctly and carefully selected interior items will constantly delight you, and if you take care of it in a timely manner, they will serve you for a very long time.