Soft TWO for decoration and house insulation

Soft TWO for decoration and house insulation Soft fiberboard for noise insulation and insulation - the best choice for home

When choosing materials for building your home, everyone wants to save as much as possible, and at the same time build a reliable and high-quality structure. In modern construction, there are many different options, due to which it is possible to build a reliable and warm house, and during this time to profit from building materials.

Frame-type construction in Russia appeared relatively recently, but in a short time it was able to win recognition among the population. Such structures are made from a frame base and a material for thermal insulation.

The best option for a frame-type house is fiberboard sound insulation, which has all the necessary characteristics and parameters.

The house, built on the basis of MDF boards, is distinguished by its sound-proof and heat-insulating properties.

General information

Soft fiberboard, the characteristics of which are excellent, is a material made on special equipment using environmentally friendly wood components. Manufacturing technology foresees the crushing of wood chips to a powdery state. Next, the raw material is mixed with water until uniform and poured into special molds.

The finished product can be used in various industrial areas and private construction of frame houses.

Even due to the characteristics of the material, it can be used in the form of interior decoration.

Soft TWO for decoration and house insulation Main parameters of soft fiberboard. When creating MDVP boards, adhesives that are of synthetic origin are not used. The binder of the soft material remains the natural adhesive composition released by the plant, and this is a resin. It should be noted that it is for this reason that coniferous waste is considered the main raw material for manufacturing.

There is a huge amount of resins in the branches and stem of a coniferous plant, and therefore, when processing wood chips, an environmentally friendly binder type substance is obtained. There are no harmful components in the construction of soft-type fiberboard (that is, in slabs), and therefore the material can be used to decorate buildings for allergy sufferers. It turns out that this noise insulation is the same wood, but in a different form, which is fully reliable and safe. This material is supplied in the form of sheets or plates, depending on the thickness and other dimensions. The thickness of the sheets can be from 0.

5 to 2 cm, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable material.

Interesting fact! Wood material has effective thermal and sound insulation qualities that can create a comfortable environment inside your home.


Composition, features

Features and advantages and material

Among the huge variety of materials for home decoration, sheets of soft MDF are perfect.Due to the structure of the material, the slab will provide a high level of sound protection and thermal insulation. today, when choosing building materials, they mainly look at environmentally friendly ones that cannot harm the family and everyone who lives inside the house.

adhering to this criterion, it should be noted that MWPP is an ecological and clean material that will not support combustion and will not release harmful components.

Please note that the thermal insulation properties of soft fiberboard will largely surpass fiberboard, and in many ways exceed certain manufacturers of synthetic analog materials.

The service life of MDVP boards is at least 50 years, and the products still do not lose their characteristics and quality. In addition to this, it is important to note the fact that the product is protected from the formation of fungus and mold, and this is important when applied in the living area. To work with MDVP thermal insulation plates, specialized skills or special knowledge are not required, all types of work on sound and thermal insulation can be carried out independently.

Noise insulation with such a material is an excellent value for money. The price segment makes it possible to purchase thermal insulation at a favorable price. Having spent money once, it will be possible to forget about problems for decades and have a comfortable home. Thanks to high-quality thermal and noise insulation, your home will be warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.


Soft fiberboard for noise insulation has a special composition, and it contains only natural ingredients, due to which the product is environmentally friendly harmless and clean.

The creation process involves the use of wood shavings, which are crushed into a homogeneous fine-grained mass. Raw materials need to be poured with a solution of an aqueous type in order to obtain a homogeneous suspension. Further, the composition will be cleaned from masses of sand and other debris at the adsorption unit. With the use of electromagnets, elements are removed from the metal, and then the solution enters the pressing shop. The manufactured plate will dry out and become reliable and durable, which has all the qualities and parameters.

There are no harmful components in the list of components of wood-based noise insulation material, and therefore it can be used in residential premises, as well as in children's rooms. The binder will be resin, which is in the wood chips. It is because of the resins that coniferous wood will be the best material for creating fiberboard.

Types of material

Such material can be classified according to size, technical parameters and density. It should be understood that wood fiber material can be used for different types of insulation.

Depending on the slab density, you can choose products for sound and thermal insulation of walls and roofs, as well as for the ceiling and floor.

There are different names of boards that are used for finishing structures on one floor:

  • Board for thermal insulation.
  • Wind protection.
  • Decorative function.
  • Laminate underlay.

Depending on the needs, one or another type of material is selected. Due to the base of the porous type, the boards have a low level of thermal conductivity. Moreover, this material can absorb sound waves, which is excellent for sound insulation and improving the acoustic quality of the room. When buying one material, you can replace several with it at a time and create ideal comfortable conditions in the house.

What is the use of the material

Soft TWO for decoration and house insulation С the use of fibreboard, a number of measures can be carried out that improve the characteristics of the structure several times.

Firstly, using MDVP boards, you can make high-quality thermal insulation of a residential building. Due to the composition of the material, the slabs will not release harmful components, even as a result of combustion, and therefore they can be considered ideal thermal insulation. Depending on the density of the material, there are products that are intended for exterior facade decoration. With the use of such wind protection, the thermal insulation property of the building can be significantly improved. Sound insulation will also be considered an equally relevant material.

The porous slab structure perfectly absorbs airborne noise, and this creates ideal conditions for comfort in the house and apartment. If wood-type boards are used as a substrate for a laminate, then it will be possible to walk barefoot in the house, because the material perfectly retains heat inside the room.

Scope of application

If we talk about the physicochemical composition of the material and its parameters, then we can say with confidence that these products are perfect for a large number of works in the field of construction. Dense fiberboard panels can be used to form roofs, interior partitions or furniture. As for the soft material, it is the ideal solution for soundproofed rooms.

The sound insulation of the material reaches up to 18 dB. MDVP proved to be excellent in the role of thermal insulation and substrate for floor-type coating. Due to the quality of the material, it is not subject to the appearance of fungus, bacteria and mold. Making it comfortable and cozy is not difficult, especially if you use the appropriate materials.

Characteristics of sound insulation values ​​

Soft fiberboard insulation also perfectly protects against sounds.

The high porosity of the fibreboard makes the material an excellent sound insulator. As shown by studies in the research institute NIISF soft fiberboard boards fully comply with the requirements of SNiP 23.03.2006 (highly effective noise protection). Speaking about the efficiency of the material, the noise absorption rate is 23 dB.

Using wood fiber boards to isolate from sounds, you can effectively protect your own home from air noise. After processing, you will no longer hear the conversations of neighbors or even music that plays loudly. Coming home from work in the evening, you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Thermal insulation qualities

One of the main features of the material is its degree of porosity, which will give high thermal insulation characteristics. According to the classification, soft fiberboard can be classified as class A, which means a highly efficient material.

The thermal conductivity coefficient corresponds to the values ​​of 0. 039-0. 046 W / m * K. In other words, using this material, you can protect your own home from cold weather in winter and from heat in summer. In terms of its parameters, this material can be equated to fiber boards, which have high thermal savings rates.

Unlike other materials for thermal insulation of a fibrous structure, it is fiberboard sheets that are the most natural and environmentally friendly.

Environmental friendliness

The material is based on wood chips and natural resins, and therefore it can be called environmentally friendly. Noise insulation can be used both in residential and public buildings, thereby providing effective protection against weather and sound conditions. The material is produced without harmful components applied. The formation of the product will take place thanks to the resins that are in the plate structure, they are natural and do not have harmful components.

The structure of the porous type of product is perfect for noise and thermal insulation. If the goal is to choose a heater that is environmentally friendly for the ceiling and walls, MDVP is the best solution.

Fire protection and vapor permeability

Wood fiber soft board has many pores that can allow a lot of steam to pass through. Due to the weak resistance to vapor permeability, the material will almost always remain dry. Condensation begins to collect in the remaining layers, where the temperature is much lower.

The vapor permeability coefficient will be 0. 19 kg / (m * h * Pa). Such an indicator will indicate that moisture in everyday life passes through the material perfectly. When creating plates, a special component must be added to the raw material, which makes the material resistant to fire and does not undergo combustion. Taking into account the characteristics of the material, it can be used in various buildings and in places with an increased fire hazard, such as flammable liquids and fuel and lubricants warehouses.

Today, there are a lot of sound-proof and heat-insulating materials and everyone can choose exactly what they need. If you need an absolutely safe and high-quality insulation, then soft fiberboard is the optimal ratio of cost and quality. The products can be used to insulate apartments, houses and public premises.The service life of the product reaches 50 years, and therefore once installed insulation from noise and cold will create comfortable conditions for the life of loved ones and family for a long time. Why do you need to buy synthetic materials for insulation, if soft fiberboard plates are much better than analogues.

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