Specifications and Step-by-Step Instructions + Video

Specifications and Step-by-Step Instructions + Video If a person is the happy owner of a suburban area, then sooner or later there is usually a desire to acquire a garden house. This is not a very large-scale building, so many people want to build a garden house with their own hands.

How to start building a garden house with your own hands? In our time, there are a huge variety of technologies for the construction of garden houses. The market is replete with proposals to build a garden house from logs, bricks, cinder blocks and more.

Many experts suggest using sheets of plywood, foam blocks, beams, etc.

during the construction of a house

The most popular are garden houses made of plywood

Their popularity is due to the fact that plywood has amazing technical and operational characteristics, in addition, this building material does not have a very high market value, and working with it will not be difficult. But the most important thing that makes a plywood garden house good is that you can build it yourself!

If you want to build a garden house out of plywood, you need to know that such a house will have its drawbacks: this building material is quite vulnerable in relation to aggressive environmental influences. Therefore, you will have to take additional measures in order to protect your house, which will lead to an increase in the construction budget.

It is important to note that plywood is by no means a safe material for a garden house, or rather for its inhabitants, from the point of view that uninvited guests can easily get into it. In order to hide the main material from which your garden house is built and thereby protect yourself, you need to carry out external finishing work, for example, sheathe the house with siding.

Garden houses made of plywood are built using frame technology. This technology has a number of advantages for construction:

  • Specifications and Step-by-Step Instructions + Video No need to rent additional special equipment;
  • There is no need to build a powerful and expensive foundation;
  • Fast construction speed;
  • Such a house will not shrink due to the lightness of the building material and the structure as a whole.

Please note that the wood (wood) that you will use to build the house must be dry, and the plywood must not have chips. It is important to subject all construction materials made of wood to a special treatment to make your garden house fireproof and moisture resistant.

What stages does the construction of a garden house consist of?

  1. It is necessary to build a foundation.

  2. Next, we proceed to the construction of a frame for the walls and revet the house with plywood sheets.
  3. The next step is the construction of the roof.
  4. After that, the resulting structure must be insulated.
  5. After the first four steps, the house is ready, all that remains is to make the interior decoration.

In order to build a garden house on your own, you need to acquire the following tools:

  1. Specifications and Step-by-Step Instructions + Video Level;
  2. Marker;
  3. Roulette;
  4. Screw gun;
  5. Hammer;
  6. Saw;
  7. Drill.

Step-by-step instructions

The first step is to build a foundation

The frame garden house is very lightweight , so there is no need to make a massive and expensive foundation. Most often, in the construction of such houses, a strip type of foundation is used. What is required for the construction of the foundation?

  1. Sand and crushed stone;
  2. Concrete (preferably ready-made);
  3. A pipe that will provide ventilation in the floor;
  4. Rebar rods.

The next step is the construction of the frame itself.

The construction of the frame is a step-by-step process.

On top of the base, it is necessary to put a waterproofing layer (usually I use roofing material). Next, you need to make the bottom strapping and fix it to the foundation reinforcement. After that, you need to install the racks and fix horizontal jumpers between them. After that, you will need to install the upper garter (just like the lower one).

After the frame is ready, it is necessary to sheathe it from the outside with plywood sheets.

After that, the entire structure must be insulated (you can use a vapor barrier film).

How much will it cost to build a garden house.

The final price for each consumer may differ, because it all depends on the materials used, on the size of the structure, on whether you are making a house yourself or hiring builders. The approximate price of one square meter of such a frame house varies from two to four thousand rubles.


A neat and beautiful garden house is convenient for both temporary and permanent residence.

Usually, such a house is quite spacious, and many owners use it to store household equipment. It will not be difficult to build a small garden house on your own, the main thing is to follow the instructions and follow the technology.

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