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Stages & Decorating + Photo & Video The owners of country houses strive to create comfortable conditions for recreation on their land. It is impossible to imagine a private house without a cozy gazebo in the back of the garden. It can be a small house with a roof or a spacious octagonal gazebo. A similar design will brighten any landscape. It can be made of any material, as well as be both open and closed, everything depends on your capabilities and desires.

An octagonal gazebo is the most successful design in terms of accommodating a large number of guests.

The main distinguishing feature of such a gazebo is its octagonal structure. The roof has several slopes at an angle, which will not allow precipitation to accumulate on the roof.

The main point in creating such a structure is a carefully thought-out project. If he is thought out to the smallest detail, then you can easily build such a gazebo with your own hands.

Design of the gazebo

It is necessary to draw up a detailed construction scheme.

It consists of the following moments:

  • Stages & Decorating + Photo & Video Determining the location ... The place is chosen taking into account good lighting.

    It also needs to be protected from wind blowing and prying eyes. The most suitable place is an open elevation of the site.

  • Design selection and dimensions. It needs to harmoniously fit into the general style of the personal plot.
  • List of required materials.

    The best material is wood. It is easy to work with and it is environmentally friendly.


Certification of the project in a special organization will be required. If this is not done, then in case of violation of any points, the structure can be demolished as illegal construction.

When designing, the main point is the exact construction of the octahedron.

This is achieved in one of two ways:

  • Build a square, divide it into nine identical parts. Then the corners of the figure are cut off.
  • A circle is made, which then needs to be divided into 8 sections using four diameters, then connecting straight lines at the ends.

If you yourself cannot draw up the drawings, then you can use the services of specialized firms. You just need to purchase the necessary materials and start assembling.

Choosing a location

There are several rules for placing a gazebo:

  • If you plan to conduct water supply to the gazebo, then rather, it should be located not far from the well, if there is one.
  • First, the selected place must be leveled, so that in the future there will be no difficulties with aligning the supports.
  • It is better to place the gazebo on that part of the site where water does not stagnate after precipitation. This is important, because if the structure is constantly being washed away, it will not last long.
  • The location of the gazebo should be away from the edge of the site so that the rest takes place in a comfortable environment, far from prying eyes.

  • The construction of the gazebo should take place in accordance with the prescribed purpose of the area of ​​the site. Otherwise, penalties and demolition of the building are possible.


To build a wooden arbor, you will need the following materials:

  • Timber;
  • Edged boards;
  • Sheathing boards;
  • Roofing material.

And also prepare: a saw, a jigsaw, a level, a square, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a rope, pegs, a pencil, screws and bolts, a ladder.


The type of base in the gazebo can be any, it all depends on the soil and your capabilities.

In an octagonal gazebo, the width of all sides should be the same. To do this, you need to qualitatively mark the foundation.

First, this place needs to be mowed from the grass and leveled.

Since the main load will go to the floor, great demands are placed on the base. It is better for him to choose planed boards of coniferous or deciduous species.

Any type of foundation is suitable for an octagonal gazebo. For example, pile, which is notable for its low price and fast reproduction. For its construction, 8 piles are screwed into the corners of the structure and one more in the center. The immersion of the supports occurs at a distance below the level of freezing of the ground in your area.

Important: In advance, you need to outline on the support to what level they will be immersed.

After the supports are installed, use a level to check them. All supports are level, for which the heads are trimmed. Then you need a grillage device, and a gazebo is mounted on top.

It is possible to use concrete or brick supports instead of piles. Also, a more reliable slab foundation can be arranged under the gazebo, but it requires large investments.

The tape may also take place, it all depends on your desire.

When marking the foundation using the square method, in order to get perfectly flat sides, you need to use pegs driven in at the corners and a rope stretched along them. Their correctness is checked using a construction square. Then each side of the square is divided into 3 equal parts and stakes are driven into them. By connecting with a rope all the stakes in the center of each side, we get a beveled square.

Installation of support posts

The gazebo supports are installed on the elements of the pile foundation, there will be nine of them - 8 in the corners and 1 in the center. The supports are deepened by at least 60 cm so that they go beyond the level of soil freezing. This is necessary to avoid extrusion of the structure during the autumn expansion of the soil.

Work on the device consists of the following stages:

  • A sand-crushed stone pillow seventy centimeters thick is placed in the recesses under the rafters, and compacted.
  • A tubular formwork is driven into the soil, filling it with a cement-sand mortar.

  • After the mortar has set, a shrinkage compensator is attached to it.
  • Then the posts are fixed.

When using a strip base, the essence of the work will not change.

For the frame, a bar with a cross section of 100 * 100 mm is selected. Above and below, horizontal strapping is carried out with a bar of 50 * 100 mm.

The floor is held by the lower harness, and by the upper rafters.

It is necessary to treat all wood surfaces with antiseptic impregnation to prolong their service life.

Floor arrangement

The next stage of work will be the laying of the floor, which is laid on top of the log from boards with a section of 50 * 150 mm. Lags are attached to the bottom harness.

Note: The lag system is a cross-shaped connection of the support.

With the help of these lags, the floor is, as it were, divided into separate sectors, each of which is further reinforced with additional struts.

Next, the floorboards are laid on these logs. Each of the sectors must be upholstered separately.

In order to have ventilation, small gaps of five millimeters are left between the laid boards. To prevent insects from getting into these gaps, it is advisable to put a mosquito net made of plastic under the floor.

A plinth is nailed along the perimeter of the installed boards.
Ordinary paving slabs or concrete pouring can be used for the floor. The choice depends only on your preferences.

Installation of uprights is carried out upon completion of floor laying. Racks are made of thick timber at least two meters high.

With metal corners, the posts are attached to all eight corners. In addition, it is possible to carry out fastening using spikes. The racks should be located strictly vertically, which is periodically checked by the level. Next, the upper strapping of the beam is made on both sides.

For the installation of the rafter system, 8 bars are required.

The rafters should be located so that their ends extend beyond the edge of the gazebo by thirty centimeters. This is done so that rainwater can drain to the ground.

The lower part of the rafters is fixed on L-shaped brackets above the end of the rack. And the upper ends of the boards are attached to a pre-prepared octahedron from a bar. As soon as all the rafters are installed, it is necessary to fix the jumpers somewhere in the middle of the parts.

After installing the rafters, the roof is clad with plywood or boards.

Roofing material is laid on the base of the roof, and the roof is installed on top. It can be any, but it is better to choose one that would be in harmony with the roof of the house. The best materials for roof finishing are metal tiles, shingles or ondulin.Of course, a wooden roof can also be left, it will need to be treated with impregnation from decay and painted.

The device of a decorative railing in the case of an open arbor will consist of the following elements:

  • Support posts;
  • Railings ... They are made similarly to horizontal strapping;
  • Balusters. There are various configurations.

    They are attached to the railing.

For your information: Balusters are low figured columns to support handrails of stair railing, balconies, etc.

You can also make a frieze. It is arranged on top of the gazebo.

Note: The frieze is a decorative composition in the form of horizontal stripes that frame parts of the structures.

In order not to see the fasteners fixing the balusters, use a special putty for wood. Then the putty places are sanded and varnished or painted.

This work can be performed even at the stage of the construction of vertical racks. But if you plan to make a closed gazebo, then the wall cladding should be done after the roof is completed.

Closed gazebo

After the roof is built, you can start cladding the walls.

For this, boards are mainly used thirty millimeters in thickness. First, plan where the windows will be located. After the completion of the upholstery, the gazebo is painted or stained. Next, they make an internal arrangement - they install benches and a table.

As a summer option, you can hang a mosquito net on the windows, and for rest in cold months, the windows can be glazed, and an artificial fireplace can be installed inside.

An octagonal gazebo is one of the most common designs in summer cottages and suburban areas. Such a gazebo will be a great place to relax with both family and guests, because it is very spacious. It does not have to be wooden, only the simplest option is presented here. Such a gazebo can be made of brick, forged, chopped.


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