Stained wood - how it is obtained and the scope in the interior + Video

Stained wood - how it is obtained and the scope in the interior + Video Stained wood - how it is obtained, scope, Video. End of the 70s of the last century. ...

That time was eventful, but the news was especially impressed by the builder George Goodwin, who lived in Florida. His life changed quite by accident - when he was building a house for himself, George wanted to do something unusual, and once his friend, a fisherman, instead of the standard treat in the form of a fish, brought him a pine log that had lain under water for several decades. Goodwin was amazed at the quality of this wood, and also realized that not only he was a connoisseur and people would pay for this discovery.

He invested $ 100,000 to buy a piece of land along the river and started looking for logs, and then cleaned them, dried and sold them. This business is still popular, and it brings in $ 3,000,000 a year.

Now George's company produces all kinds of stained wood products ( furniture and parquet), which become a real decoration of hotels, universities in America, galleries, as well as the homes and offices of famous personalities, in in particular from Paul McCartney and designer Ralph Lauren.

Advantages of stained wood

Today, many have heard of such material as stained oak wood, but there are many other species, the main feature of which is that they have properties that are radically different from the standard options.

The price for such materials is too high, and they are used only in the production of luxury finishing materials and furniture.

Let's take a closer look at what this option is.

First, let's figure out why this group of materials is so valuable, and there are a lot of reasons for popularity:

Unusual structure

The woods have a different color from the standard versions, and this effect will be difficult to achieve artificially.

Of course, not a single wood darkens as it will, but pine and birch also get a unique look that will become an ornament in any interior. As you can see, this material is not in vain used when decorating elite buildings.


The material is many times more hard than ordinary wood, so you can find all kinds of stained wood products, which were made many years ago, and at the same time look as if they have not been in the water for long. There are no exact indicators and characteristics, since it depends on many factors, but there is no doubt that they are many times better.

Resistance to negative influences

As experts note, the resistance of such wood to water is quite high, and therefore use it for garden sculptures and furniture will be the right decision - the products will stand for more than a dozen years.

Another plus is that the material cannot be damaged by pests, and this only positively affects the durability.

The uniqueness of the material

The color of each log will depend on the conditions in which it was found, as well as on the ratio of minerals , water temperature and so on. It turns out that each element is unique and it is impossible to find exactly the same, and each product made of stained wood can be equated in value to antiques.

Important! In addition, we note the fact that stained wood becomes more expensive every year, and therefore buying products made from this material will be an excellent investment, since the products will not deteriorate over time and retain their excellent characteristics for several decades.

Another option is stained birch, which is mined from the bottom of water bodies and used to create various products.

What you need to know?

First, we will tell you about all the subtleties and stages of extraction / processing of the material, and then we will consider for what purposes it is used. But we note right away that all the advantages described above are inherent only in the case when the material was mined and processed according to technology and without deviations.

How the material is obtained

First, figure out how exactly the material gets its unique properties, and this can happen in two cases - either the swamps growing along the shores fall and rivers, trees, or individual elements fall out and go to the bottom when rafting logs along the rivers. Usually at the bottom they are from several tens to hundreds of years, and there are also oak logs, which are more than 1000 years old. Everything is simple here - the older the material, the better and more expensive it is.

The material, which is more than 1,000 years old, is a truly unique phenomenon, and oak stained wood is the rarest wood on earth. As for the extraction of raw materials, it is unlikely that it will be possible to cope with this on our own, and the reason for this is the technology that is quite difficult to use.


  • Note that the largest deposits of wood were found on the territory of Russia, then industrial production has not yet been properly adjusted and only a few companies are engaged in such work. This is due to the fact that the process is costly, laborious and for the extraction of 100 m 3 of really high-quality material, it will be necessary to raise from the bottom at least 1000 m 3 wood.
  • Stained wood - how it is obtained and the scope in the interior + Video From the moment of extraction to the sale of the finished material, the production process takes more than one year, and this requires a large investment of capital, while everything will begin to pay off in at least 3 years.

    For this reason, even large companies cannot afford to start mastering such jobs.

  • First you need to do a survey at the bottom to determine where the wood is.With the help of special echolocation means, the process is simplified, but it still takes a lot of time, since it is required to explore from 300 to 400 kilometers of the channel.
  • After that, professional divers work, who examine the bottom of the reservoir and establish the exact location and number of logs, which makes it possible to draw up an approximate production plan. The services of workers in this class are not cheap, and this also raises the cost of the material.

  • After that, timber begins to rise from the bottom of the rivers, and this will require productive equipment, as in rare cases, elements of incredible size can be caught. It is unrealistic to lift some trunks with a crane, especially considering that the density of the material is 1,500 kg / m 3 . Imagine what its physical mass is. Therefore, a selection of equipment is required in accordance with intelligence.
  • It is also important to understand that the work on lifting the logs to the surface must be carried out very carefully so that there is no damage to the elements, and at the same time, due to pressure drops, a caisson effect can occur, in which the material literally begins to crack before our eyes.

    For this reason, logs are often lifted and left on the surface of the water for the material to stabilize.

Extraction is a complex and extremely responsible process, it requires accuracy.

  • After that, the elements should be delivered for sawing as soon as possible, since when exposed to air, even for several hours, the quality of the material decreases sharply. For the same reason, during transportation, you can moisten the wood or transport it in containers with water.
  • As for cutting stained wood, it is carried out using special equipment, in which the working elements are soldered from carbide to ensure efficient cutting of material of high hardness.

    Once the wood is dry, it will be more difficult to cut, and therefore it is imperative that this work be done on time.

  • Finished boards should be stacked in a room out of direct sunlight and with adequate ventilation, and everything should be done while the wood is damp in order to lay on a flat surface and prevent the wood from warping.

In order for the material to acquire normal humidity, it should be kept in a well-ventilated area for 2 to 4 years. When the drying has passed, the elements will need to be carefully sorted (this is done by the black wood craftsmen), and it will be possible to use the tree for any of your purposes. As you can see, the technology is difficult to implement.


The finished material is extremely popular and is used in the following areas:

  1. In the manufacture of high quality wooden furniture, which can decorate any interior, and at the same time its service life is more than 100 years.If you look at it, then in rooms with a microclimate that is stable, they can serve for an unlimited period of time. Due to the fact that the complexity of processing is high, only highly qualified specialists who have all the necessary equipment can carry out projects. Hand-carved pieces of furniture are a real work of art.
  2. These raw materials are also used to make staircases, finishes and floor elements of incredible beauty.

    Of course, the cost of such products is high, but true connoisseurs do not take into account the cost, although it will take a fortune to buy stained wood. This kind of finish is rarely found in houses and apartments, and most often it is only found in royal palaces. Such designs can decorate even the most luxurious interior.

  3. The material is also used to make souvenirs and small things - from the handle of a knife to a box, a figurine and more. The variety is so great that it makes no sense to list everything.

    And here's an interesting fact - you can order products according to your drawings or project, and get a unique product in a single copy.

Please note, that production from stained wood is practically waste-free, since a high quality wood corner is made from scraps, and its output per cubic meters is much higher than with using ordinary wood. This is a good way to take advantage of the unconditioned and profit from it.

Although some manufacturing companies claim that they were able to master the technology of staining by an artificial method, but at the end it is a completely different material that resembles the real one only in appearance.


Stained oak wood is a material that is rightfully elite, and it is not only beautiful, but also reliable, and therefore you can use it for any purpose.

The video in the article will give even more information on the topic.

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