Standard sizes of garage doors

Standard sizes of garage doors Dimensions of garage doors (height and width)

At the time of construction of such a structure as a garage, one of the most important indicators is the size of the garage door, which is in every such structure. Such a value will depend on a large number of subtleties and nuances, and if you miss at least one, then you can harm the structure and make the building unusable. What are the dimensions of the gate and how to correctly calculate the optimal size?

This is what the article will discuss.

Typical dimensions of garage doors

First, consider the standard dimensions of garage doors that are used to store one car, and on average it is 225 cm, sometimes and all 250 cm. The minimum allowed door height is 2 meters.

As for the maximum permissible sizes, they are not limited by anything and they cannot be regulated by any of the standards.

Good advice! In order for you to find out more accurate dimensions of the garage even during the planning of its construction, you should measure the car and add 50 cm on each side.According to average data, the width of a car excluding mirrors is 1.8 meters. If you add 0.

6 meters here, you get a size of 2.3 meters.

Width standards are for garage doors, and they will directly depend on the type of transport you use, which will be located there for storage:

  • If in the garage it is supposed to store such a vehicle as a motorcycle / scooter, then the gate width must be at least 1.85 meters.
  • 2.

    5 meters wide enough for a car.

  • The width of the garage doorway, where it is planned to store the jeep or minibus, must be at least 4. 85 meters.

As for the construction of a garage in which it will be possible to store two cars, the regulations and building codes do not have clear boundaries, as well as the size of a garage door for a car in the amount of two pieces. In this case, as practice shows, the ideal gate size is 4.

85 meters. The space for the vehicle to enter will be less than the opening itself, and the frame structure of the gate will take some place. This point should be taken into account when designing a house and an extension in the form of a garage.

In addition to the dimensions of the frame for the doors themselves, care should be taken to ensure that there is space for the drive, guides, and if the garage has sectional doors, then the project provided for door leaves.

In the manufacture of any type of door for a structure such as a garage, the following indicators should be taken into account:

  • Height and width of the opening.

  • Availability of free space for closing and opening the leaves when it comes to swing gates.
  • Headroom height is the distance from the ceiling to the opening.
  • Minimum allowable clearance from the opening to the side walls.

Now it's worth considering another type of gate.

Dimensions of sectional doors

There are a huge number of sectional types of garage doors, and they differ from each other in the specifics of creation, as well as installation requirements.

But still the minimum allowed height in such models is 1.8 meters. And here it should immediately be indicated that it will not be comfortable for a tall person to pass through such an opening every time, so it is better to make structures with a height of 2 meters. Sectional mechanisms will work according to this principle - the flexible roller shutter curtain moves in due to the fact that it has hinges for the ceiling of the room.

This dictates the size of the structure:

  • Sufficient space under the ceiling is required to accommodate the lifting mechanism.

  • The gap between the opening and the ceiling must be at least 12 cm.
  • At least 10 cm must remain from the sides of the opening to the walls of the room.

After as the required dimensions of the door opening will be selected, you should proceed to the choice of the model. There are more than enough of them on the construction market.

We suggest you consider the best options:

We also note that each of the manufacturers chooses models and makes them according to certain technologies that will dictate the operational characteristics of the product and the installation method. The general requirements are as follows - the size of the lintel should be from 12 to 19 cm, and the sidewalls should be at least 10 cm. In addition, the standard size of sectional garage doors can also be regulated by the technologies of each manufacturer. For example, DоrНаn has not one, but two series of products, and devices from the first type have a large height, i.e.

2. 7 meters, and all 3 meters wide. The size of the lintel and sidewall is 10 and 12 cm.

The second type of models is performed with extended dimensions, namely when the size is 5.5 * 3 meters, and the sidewall is at least 10 cm and the lintel is 12 cm.

Even during production it is possible to order according to your size. True, in this case, the price of the product will be overstated.

Dimensional features for roll-type doors

This type of door leaf consists of thin lamellas, which are usually made of aluminum. The mechanism for the production of works is that the canvases rise and little by little it is twisted onto the shaft, which is located under the ceiling of the garage. As a folded mechanism, garage doors are made as a roll that is hidden in a box, and this helps to keep it protected from dust, dirt and moisture.

Dimensions for overhead gates

Swing-over doors are characterized by a heavier structure than the models as a whole, which were considered earlier. They are distinguished not only by their high weight, but also by the need to equip the system with a powerful electric drive, as well as high-strength hinges.

Please note, that such structural elements require extra space inside the premises, which means that it is planned to install similar gates in your garage if you have a place to place the mechanism ...

When the garage doors are opened, the sizes of which can be very different, the shutters will rotate and rise upward, to the very ceiling of the room. In this place, lifting mechanisms will be placed, for which a place for installation work should be provided. It is also important to leave space not only under the surface of the ceiling, but also in front of the structure itself, because this is due to the specifics of the work.


At the end of the article I would like to summarize:

  • To get it right the size of the garage door, many factors should be taken into account. The size of the car or other vehicle that is in storage in the garage, the opening system, the ability to use a remote control, the likelihood of selling an old car and buying a new larger car.

    This will help you with all the responsibility to approach the choice of a specific gate option that will satisfy all your needs to the maximum.

  • The width of the gate should be calculated simply - measure the dimensions of the machine and add to the value from 0.6 to 0.8 meters. The resulting number of meters will be sufficient to carry out indoor maneuvers and will not interfere with entry and exit.

  • Typical sizes are between 2. 8 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. But we cannot exclude the possibility of individual projects where garage doors with unusual dimensions are needed.
  • If, according to the plan, at least 2 cars will be stored in the garage, then such a structure should be equipped with a double type of entrance threshold.

    In this case, the entry should be calculated depending on the type of vehicle, but according to the standard scheme. If we are talking about GOST, then a garage with a double exit should have a gate with a minimum width of 6 meters.

Several factors can affect the size of a garage door. For this reason, do not underestimate everyone, since even with the slightest mistake or flaw in the calculation, a violation of the operating characteristics of the product may appear, and because of this, the functionality of the structure as a whole will decrease. Taking into account all the recommendations and when approaching the process of selecting such an element, you can create an excellent garage equipment and make the most suitable gate.


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